TONIGHT! LAUNCHING TURNAROUND VERDICT PRAYER WATCH! Now through 7-22. Lynnie Harlow joining call. CONFERENCE CALL: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Pre-broadcast prayer begins at 8:45pm! 

TURNAROUND TUESDAYS—EVERY TUESDAY we are engaging in focused prayer for sons and daughters as well as for God’s shifts in government across the land. Eliakims arise! 

June 17-19 Key of David House of Prayer, Ft. Myers FL
June 22 Victory Church of His Presence, Sarasota FL
June 24 Centro Christiano El Shaddai, Clearwater FL
June 26 Victory Church of His Presence, Sarasota FL

BEGINNING 7-22! Ancient of Days Tour—Alaska, West Coast

I KEPT WATCHING, and that horn was waging war with the saints and prevailing against them, UNTIL THE ANCIENT OF DAYS came and judgement was rendered IN FAVOR OF THE SAINTS of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the SAINTS TOOK POSSESSION of the kingdom” (Dan. 7:9, 21-22). 

ON THE SUNCOAST, GOD CAME IN. We were in Fort Myers, the last of three nightly services there. During worship the Lord gave Chris Mitchell and myself the same exact passage of scripture, both emphasizing the “free access” promise of Zechariah 3. We prayed. We prophesied. Realms literally gave way to the governmental glory. And the Ancient of Days took His seat. 

I sensed strongly this was not just for the region, but for the nation. And I realized He was granting a turnaround. 

Come Forth on the Fourth!
Lynnie Harlow actually prophesied much of what occurred beforehand. She will be joining us on tonight’s call. Her word is below. 

“I heard the Lord say very clearly to watch the 4th of July. Have had a lot sent to me on the very same line…some almost verbatim to what I’m hearing…so that always gets my attention. The Lord said to me at the end of May that things would start to “turn on a dime” and to watch the next 3 months. We are starting to see evil structures being dismantled. Keep your eyes on the 4th…I believe it’s a turning point for “Independence” from those structures. Something very profound about it this year!!!! Let freedom ring in our Nation!!!! LORD COME FORTH ON THE 4TH!” 

Keep Watch Until…
With God, the name conveys the calling. Whereas the previous 50 state Glory Train journey was called the Turnaround Tour, this tour has been called forth by God as the Inheritance Tour. The legitimacy of our national covenant with Christ has been secured and affirmed before the Throne. We therefore have an open door, as led by Holy Spirit, to possess the inheritance entrusted to us by our forefathers. I

t’s time to pursue, overtake and recover all! 

That said, today’s Glory Train tour is predicated on the verdict from Heaven’s Court on behalf of the saints specifically for this hour. And to receive this dimension of the “Turnaround Verdict” for this hour, the Lord has summoned us to Alaska over 7-22. From now through 7-22, our primary calling is similar to the call of Daniel. Lets humble ourselves, and seek God’s face. Lets contend for turnaround for our sons and daughters, and for the nation. As Throne Room watchmen, lets engage with Heaven’s Court in real-time. 


Turnaround Verdict Prayer Watch
Tonight we launch 30 days of engagement with God, laying the tracks governmentally for future turnaround. Please join us. I also strongly suggest our newest book White House Watchmen, published in July 2020, as a reference. From the introduction to the final page we share key aspects of the turnaround the Lord has brought so far, and what it is going to take to complete the turnaround in our time. From repairing God’s covenant to racial unity, securing our covenantal foundations, securing inheritance, and more, you will gain fresh clarity regarding priorities on God’s heart in this vital season. Most important is actually the chapter called the Turnaround Verdict. It will be a great reference for you. 

Now lets advance from the wilderness to the Promised Land! NO KING BUT JESUS…