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Sometimes life only makes sense in retrospect. Two months ago, Jolene and I stepped out in obedience to lead a prayer movement shifting us from confinement to freedom. It is amazing to ponder all that transpired during this time, and the prophetic foresight that propelled us all into forerunning prayer. Here are just a few highlights.

Russian spies caught! This was prophesied four weeks earlier in the post “In a Time of Spies.” Amazingly, the timetable was exactly according to what the Lord showed us. “Watch how in the next four weeks I begin to expose the spies in your midst, America. Watch as that which is right in front of you becomes uncloaked and exposed. For I will not allow the interjections of the enemy to sabotage the turnaround I have ordained for My covenant people!” To read the post CLICK HERE.

Supreme Court Seat Opens! This caught most of us completely by surprise—even though we were praying for His justice to be released. The Lord had focused us just nine days earlier with the word, “I will overcome the deficit of justice” in America! To read the post CLICK HERE.

Turnaround Verdict Released—and Boulder Falls! On April 22, while praying at the Western Wall, the Lord granted me a vision of Heaven’s Court in session above the Temple Mount. His gavel was falling, sealing the next phase of execution of His Daniel 7:22 turnaround verdict, including the release of the revised Divorce Decree from Baal. His gavel moved through the Temple Mount, including the caverns below. Three months later, on 7-22 at the Western Wall, a boulder weighing 220 pounds inexplicably became extracted and tumbled to the ground. To read the post CLICK HERE. 

Freedom Movement Released! We had the privilege of completing the “Circle of Covenant” prayer project on 7-22 with onsite prayer at the State Department. Ambassador Sam Brownback was preparing for the first-ever global Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, and we had been asked to intercede! So, what are the chances our Lamplighter family would be engaged for two solid months on a prayer project focused on shifting from confinement to freedom just before this global summit was held! 

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. Ambassador Brownback mentioned to us that this summit was put together in exactly 65 days. Which means they decided to host the global summit almost exactly at the same time we launched our Circle of Covenant Prayer Project!

Now that’s unmistakeable synergy in forerunning prayer. Can’t make this stuff up. Seriously. To read the post CLICK HERE. 

The Seed Becomes Your Deed. A final note. Another unexpected event held the hearts of the entire globe as Esther Moore made her ultimate ascent into God’s eternal glory. Please keep her husband Will and the Ridings family in prayer. This morning I sensed the Lord reminding me of a covenant principle which openly defies—and ultimately turns—the worst of hell’s onslaught. The Deed became a Seed, so that the Seed can become a deed which defines your future in Him. You’ve passed the test—and the seed becomes your deed. To read the post CLICK HERE.

Jolene and I are looking forward to sharing more on tonight’s call.  And lets always remember. The circle of God’s covenant trumps, triumphs over, and prevails against the circle of Baal meant to confine us. From Washington to Washington to Jerusalem!

Note from Jon
What an honor to focus on releasing God’s “Turnaround Verdict” from Dan. 7:22 in Washington DC this year! At the Lord’s leading, we really limited our travel schedule to accommodate this focus. And at the culmination of two months of prayer, we were delighted to host the Gideon Group for onsite prayer at the State Department, the Capitol, and other key areas in Washington DC. The Lord has met our leap of faith with incredible results—as the tip of your spear!

Behind the scenes, we are now in preparation for the upcoming “Rome to Jerusalem” project and tour. More soon!

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And covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene