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“Now you write to the Jews as you see fit, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king’s signet ring may not be revoked” (Esther 8:8).

Tonight we enter into Purim. And as mentioned yesterday, I believe the feast this year has become a “time gate” into the next phase of God’s turnaround. It’s like by God’s orchestration, the new year actually starts now.

Ten months ago, after the National Day of Prayer and celebration of Israel’s anniversary in Washington DC, Jolene and I were among many who experienced an unusual visitation from an angel of the Lord. It may sound absurd, but it was literally a steakhouse visitation. Friends of ours had just brought Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets and myself on a tour of the Pentagon, including the chapel which had been built on the very site where the airline struck this fortress on 9-11. Cindy and Mike, Dutch, and Jolene and me were joined by Chuck Pierce, Chad Foxworth, Ramiro Pena, Lourdes Aguirre, Eve Nunez, Jolene and myself and a few others for dinner at Morton’s in nearby Crystal City. 

Lourdes began to pray, thanking God for our freedom as a nation. A freedom movement. Talking my language, friends. 

Suddenly the atmosphere became charged with God’s presence. In a steakhouse. Cindy Jacobs immediately perceived that an angel of the Lord with jurisdiction for America—whom she had seen previously during the 1999 School of the Prophets—was among us again. 

It’s important to note that 1999 visitation significantly launched the movement we are now in today. Cindy Jacobs was given specific, detailed warnings to pray through coming events, including the Columbine tragedy which occurred four months later. Dutch Sheets lay flat on the floor for at least an hour, encountering God’s heart for America and power for change. I know because I was by his side taking photos. And more importantly, experiencing the overflow, much as with Joshua during Moses’ visitation with God. 

Back to the steakhouse. Someone asked what Chuck Pierce was perceiving. Chuck essentially replied, “ten months of turmoil will be followed by three years of peace.” Counting out the months it came to right around February 22, or 222. Cindy later prophesied over Dutch to relaunch the Appeal to Heaven movement with a DC gathering on 2-22. 

The Turnaround Verdict
Amazingly, Dutch decided to call the gathering “the Turnaround.” Longtime Lamplighter readers will remember how Dutch and Chuck joined us for an incredible gathering on 7-22, 2014 at Faneuil Hall Boston, where we welcomed in Daniel 7:22 as God’s “turnaround verdict” for our nation. Looking back, from Israel with Netanyahu to the 50 state Glory Train-Turnaround Tour and Donald Trump’s victory, history turned profoundly within context of this verdict. Lamplighter family, it has been so exciting to bear witness to this together every step of the way!

The prophet Daniel saw a day coming where a beast would prevail against the saints and overpower them. They would step forward in spiritual warfare and societal engagement, only to be defeated by overwhelming resistance. Their values would be mocked and repudiated. They would be persecuted. Until the Ancient of Days is seated, and judgement is rendered in favor of the saints, and the time would come for the saints to possess the Kingdom.

One day they were defeated, the next day they were released to possess their covenant promise—with governmental authority restored. Now that’s a turnaround!

The Turnaround Verdict and the Deep State
So needless to say, we were very excited about the 222 Turnaround gathering. But I want to make a point here. Dutch is a dear friend and are honored to follow his apostolic leadership in governmental prayer. But I was making no presumptions regarding national turnaround related to our own journey with Daniel 7:22 and the turnaround verdict. 

Then in late January the Lord awakened me to receive a response from Heaven’s Court. “Behold their threatenings, and grant your servant boldness.” As I prayed, the Lord showed me that the justice verdict He granted our nation on 7-22, 2014 is entering the next phase of His execution in this Purim season. Just as with Pharaoh in his day, the execution of His judgement is progressive over time. I knew this would even bring a turnaround in what some have called “the Deep State.” 

Esther, the Turnaround Verdict and the Deep State
And Esther, the hero of Purim, was the first to taste the power of this prophetic word. As I was privileged to briefly share and pray during the Turnaround Conference, this turnaround verdict brought judgement in favor of Esther as she stood before her king in the natural—and King in the spirit. 

The “deep state operative” Haman was exposed—and taken out. Esther was promoted to rule half of the kingdom, and given governmental authority to write decrees in the king’s name. And eventually the children of Israel were literally released to possess the kingdom—to return to their Promised Land.

Now that’s turnaround!

Amazingly, Cindy Jacobs prophesied during the Turnaround Conference that God was bringing a turnaround regarding the Deep State. She did an amazing job. Towards the end of her message, asked Jolene and me and a few others to pray. I mentioned then how Mordecai functioned as an intelligence operative, watching at the gates on behalf of the king. He perceived how Haman had sought to destabilize the king’s reign, even while implementing his own holocaust against the Jewish people. 

We MUST REALIZE the importance of the intelligence community in this hour to protect and defend our freedom. THEY ARE NOT THE DEEP STATE. There are a few compromised “Hamans” within the community which I believe God is exposing and dealing with. However the vast majority are fiercely dedicated to preserve and perpetuate the freedoms we’ve been entrusted with, even with their lives. Their frontline victories are rarely celebrated, their greatest challenges often suffered alone. Yet they are our first line of defense. AND WE MUST CONTEND IN PRAYER FOR THEM. 

Mordecai’s watchful diligence as an intelligence agent preserved the king’s reign—and ultimately the Jewish people. You are charged with the same mandate in this historic hour. WATCH AND PRAY! Shut the gates of sabotage. EXPOSE THE USURPER of God’s covenant people!

Two Signs—Billy Graham and the Recovery of the Seals
Final points for today. Remember how the Lord demarcated the entryway into this new season. Billy Graham passed on unexpectedly on 2-21. Prophetic words over decades conveyed how this seed in the ground would mark the beginning of a great end-time harvest. As I write, Billy Graham lies in state at the US Capitol, our nation’s highest honor for the fallen. 

“Today we raise up a prayer, that the Lord would raise up messengers like Billy Graham,” remarked President Trump, “to spread the good news throughout the land!”

Raise up messengers. Can’t make this up. Seriously.

The other sign the Lord gave for this new season was the recovery of the seals of Isaiah and Hezekiah on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The seals of the King and Prophet have been recovered. 

This historic archeological find was announced on 2-22. It was Isaiah, of course, who prophesied about the Key of David, symbolizing the shift and release of governmental authority. 

Keys of Authority—Realigned and Released
That’s exactly what God is doing in this hour marking the next phase of execution of this Daniel 7:22 Turnaround Verdict. God’s expression of governmental authority within His ekklesia is being realigned and released. Nations will shift as a result.

“Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens no one will shut, when he shuts no one will open” (Isaiah 22:22). 

This passage conveys the shift in governmental authority from the disloyal steward Shebna to the faithful steward Eliakim. Now that’s “Deep State Deliverance!”

Again the Turnaround conference was hosted by Dutch Sheets, the man who widely reintroduced the Isaiah 22:22 message to the body of Christ some 18 years ago.  

So to summarize this. The recovery of seal of “nabi Isaiah,” who prophesied the restoration of governmental authority, was announced on 2-22. Just as the Turnaround Conference began, with a focus on Isaiah 22:22. Can’t make this stuff up. No, really!

The Signet Ring Released
As we are now at the threshold of Purim, lets also remember that the release of governmental authority entrusted to Esther is a promise for us as well. Judgement was rendered in Heaven’s Court. Esther faced down Haman and won the favor of her king and husband. And she was released into the stewardship of his governmental authority. Esther 8:8 is a complementary passage to both Isaiah 22:22 and Daniel 7:22 in that they all convey a transfer of governmental authority. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom!  

“Now you write to the Jews as you see fit, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king’s signet ring may not be revoked” (Esther 8:8).

And the next phase of God’s work in this regard is going on now. Keys and seals, even signet rings, are being released. 

Let me share with you a very unique way in which God made this very personal to me. Back in 2013, our friend Una Gere presented me with an Isaiah 22:22 pendant key at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, right by the Eastern Gate. I have never taken it off since it was presented.

And on 2-22, 2018, the night the Turnaround conference began, Cindy Jacobs blew me away. This Esther for our time actually presented me with a beautiful SIGNET RING. It is the only ring I have ever been given besides Jolene’s wedding band. Amazingly, the ring features a menorah, the stones of the 12 tribes of Israel, and a star of David. It’s like it was made just for me. 

But I am just a representation of the Lamplighter family, and to an extent the broader body of Christ. At least those aligned covenantally with Him. And through this action the Lord conveyed that it is now time for His body to receive the keys and seals marking a promotion of authority in this new season. 

Can’t make this stuff up.