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AS I watched and prayed over Washington DC this morning, a sudden revelation hit me. Today marks Lamplighter Ministries’ eleventh anniversary! It’s hard to believe. All I can do is worship the Lord for the magnitude of the work He is doing!

We are in quite a convergence today. In Gregorian time, the date June 6, 2018 marks the 51st anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration under Israeli sovereignty. The date June 6 was also highlighted in Lance Wallnau’s recent video blog. He noted that it marks a time period important to Esther and Moredecai on the 23 of Sivan. And he prophesied that, like Haman, the Deep State begins to experience greater shaking and exposure.

Sound familiar?

Throwback—June 2007
More on this in a moment. But first, lets take a throwback journey to June 6, 2007. That’s when Jolene and I stepped out on a prophecy by Bob Jones, threw away the safety net, and entered into fulltime ministry. Ministering in Washington state, I prophesied what Bob had told me, that the Lord was honoring Jerusalem’s 40th anniversary under restored Israeli sovereignty by crossing His body over from the wilderness to the Spirit. 

Turnaround. It’s been a major focus ever since.

George Bush was President. But that was about to change. The prayer movement was preparing for the Call Nashville on 07-07-07. The counter-terrorism show “24,” featuring Jack Bauer racing against the clock to save America, was all the rage. Inspiring a generation of forerunners to shake off the norm, press into real-time prophetic intelligence, and move to save America! 

Enter June 2018. Donald Trump is President. The turnaround is in motion. And the counter-terrorism show “Fauda,” featuring Israeli counter-terrorism agents and a heartbreaking portrait of Israel-Palestinian complexities, is now all the rage even globally. Thanks, Netflix. 

Just watch with discretion. Fauda is brilliant, especially in conveying the humanity and struggle of the Arab world. But it’s raw. Brings back fond memories of when Jack Bauer was only allowed to say “damn.” 

Esther’s Breakthrough Today
Tonight through tomorrow, the 23 of Sivan marks the anniversary of when Esther’s newfound authority became implemented throughout the land. In Esther 8:8, the Queen is granted governmental authority to “write the decree, and seal it with the king’s signet ring.” That’s an amazing picture of the covenantal, governmental authority we have all received thanks to our King Jesus. Hallelujah!

And as an aside, exercising this governmental authority by writing the decree is the primary reason why Jolene and I send out so much by postings. Hopefully they equip and inform you and inspire you further to seek the Lord. And they also serve as legal witnesses of the word of the Lord entrusted to us before Heaven and Earth.  

Note that the Lord highlighted to Lance Wallnau that today, June 6, marks a turning point even in regards to the Hamans of our day—the Deep State operatives ultimately aligned with idolatry, seeking to redirect our government covertly for their own ends in violation of God’s covenant purposes. 

I agree. Lance was very accurate when he perceived Donald Trump as a Cyrus for this hour, and I believe his word is accurate for today. May it be so Lord! 

And remember how the Lord spoke to us about the next phase of the Daniel 7:22 turnaround being executed by the Lord in this season. Behold their threatenings. Grant to your servants power. Bring your justice. Even a freedom movement! 

Below is our word again that this prayer project is based on. The circle of My covenant with you trumps, triumphs over, and prevails against the circle of Baal meant to confine you! This June 6, lets press in together to this word and work personally and for our nation. Covenant blessings to each of you. NKBJ!

“The covenant I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods. But the Lord your God you shall fear, and He shall deliver you from the hand of EVERY ADVERSARY” (II Kings 17:38-9).

Apostle Peter and Deep State Deliverance
The Book of Acts records how the Apostle Peter was thrown in prison by the Deep State of his day. Herod “stretched forth his hand to vex certain of the church” (Acts 12:1). In other words, this dictatorial governor employed all the faculties of his government—on the books and off the books—to target and take down leaders in the homeland who did not meet his approval. Why I do not know. Differing agendas, I guess. Herod was most likely dependent on demonic powers for the sustenance of his rulership. He was not pro-freedom and he certainly was not pro-life. I guess this would cause a conflict with followers of Christ. 

America’s government, by the way, was structured by our founders to prevent our respective branches, departments and offices from ever repeating the atrocities suffered by Peter and the early martyrs through abusive, dictatorial governance. That’s  why our Constitution remains a foundational covenant of freedom to this day, clearly delineating the separation of powers and checks and balances which ensures justice ultimately prevails over any attempt of sabotage or Deep State takeover.

And that’s also why the First Amendment guarantees both freedom of speech and freedom of religion to all citizens. 

Peter—How the Apostolic is Rescued from Confinement
But back to Peter. He’s caught up in the Deep State power plays of his day and becomes the ultimate inside man. By that I mean he’s thrown into the deepest parts of the prison, surrounded by four squadrons of soldiers whose very lives depend on keeping him in confinement. 

Prison guards. Just file this imagery away for a moment. 

James—most likely the apostolic leader who was actually a blood brother to Jesus—was targeted first by Herod during this time. Felled by a sword. Peter was the second to be targeted. Amazingly, he survived. As often as I’ve read through this chapter, I can find only one reason why he survived when others were taken down. 

And that’s prayer. 

Angel of Breakthrough
24-7 intercessory intervention by the saints, reminding Christ of His covenant promise of deliverance, is the only effort mentioned in the passage as being a catalyst for Peter’s tangible turnaround. In response, an angel of the Lord was released. This angel of breakthrough broke Peter out of the innermost chambers of the prison—while at  the same time subduing the four squadrons of soldiers. That’s one angel versus the Roman equivalent of Seal Team Six, Delta Force, the Marines and, for good measure, the FBI. All dedicated to keeping Peter locked up—if nothing else because their very lives depended on it!

Read the passage and you’ll discover the gates of the prison chamber opened. The gates or entrance of the prison opened. The gates of the city then opened. In fact, the only gates which did not open immediately for Peter was the gate of the house of prayer! Because those who opened could not actually believe that the man they were praying for was freed, and at their very doorstep! 

So God answered their prayers in an extraordinary way. In process these intercessors learned to streamline their focus and harness their synergy, praying for Peter UNTIL they saw the manifestation of their breakthrough.

Apostolic Out of Confinement
This brought the apostolic out of confinement. The first sign of this was that the gate to the city opened. Remember, we are in a year where God is emphasizing our gateways! Lets see how He releases us out of confinement, and then even opens the gates of our respective cities to His movement as well! This is all accomplished in concert with your sustained intercession friends. 

And the disciples soon saw deliverance from the hand of every adversary. Herod, the Deep State kingpin himself, was taken down! Not by man but by God Himself. 

It will be the very same in our day. Turnaround is not just coming, it is now at hand.  

So lets get with it friends. I hope you see how important interceding for President Trump, for your state leaders, pastors, even for Jolene and me truly is. The freedom movement depends on your fuel!

Make Yourself a List
Part of the word to us was that the enemy was not only trying to CONFINE God’s people, but to DEFINE us through captivity. But God has a plan for your release! I want to encourage you to make a list for yourself of all the areas in which confinement is defying your life and destiny. Don’t file this away as a good idea for the future when you have some time. Get a pen, and start writing now. You can add to the list later. But seize the moment now and allow the Lord to define for you the areas where He is intent on pulling you into greater freedom!

Now… make that list! 

Tending Your Prayer Life
And for almost everyone of us, I bet our own prayer lives makes the top of this list. Because many are sensing incredible resistance right now. I want to encourage you to view your prayer life as you would your spouse or child when under assault. Be aggressive and intentional in your warfare. Speak life and faith. Connect with prayer partners and seek their intercession on behalf of your life in Christ. Resolve not to give up or give in until your prayer life has come out of imprisonment or confinement. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Father God, where our respective prayer lives have been resisted by the enemy even with many being taken into captivity, we declare it is time for our prayer lives to come out of the captivity of the enemy and be restored to the covering, flow, authority and effectiveness of Your covenant protection. Thank you that you deliver us from the “circle of Baal” that has surrounded us. We step now into the freedom ordained for us from the very beginning! Thank you for your restraining order in enforcement against the principality of Baal and all its forces. Thank you for releasing Your angelic hosts to usher us out of the confinement of the enemy, and even subdue the prison guards assigned to keep us down. 

Thank you for freedom Lord! Thank you that the circle of Your covenant with us trumps, triumphs, overcomes and prevails against the circle of Baal in every aspect of our lives! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.