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First—what a breakthrough in Africa! Wouldn’t have made it through without your prayers. And because of your intercession, almost an entire nation received the word of the Lord this Passover! So amazing. I am in process of writing the highlights, and hope to have them in your inbox by week’s end. In the meantime, I would love to share a few ‘glory stories’ with you on tonight’s call.

Second—many intercessors have recently been alerted by Holy Spirit to pray intensively for President Obama. Yesterday the President embarked on a very strategic trip to Asia—Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. Between the open hostility of North Korea, the increasing aggression of China, and continued tension with Russia, it’s a volatile time there.

Palestinian Unity Government Announced
But the most vital need for prayer might still be in the Mideast. Breaking news—Palestinians just announced a deal has been reached on a new unity government. The Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank, joined with Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, to form this coalition following the breakdown of US-brokered peace talks.

It’s worth noting that the United States classifies Hamas as an Islamist terrorist organization, while Russia and China do not. Hamas has continually aligned with Iran, receiving weapons and finances from the Shiite state.

This morning I felt the Lord impress upon me that “Israel is on the trading floor of the nations.” More on this in a moment.

Ukraine Confrontations
Vice President Biden is now in Kiev, Ukraine, calling for a withdrawal of Russian troops from Crimea. Meanwhile, more than 40,000 Russian troops have been positioned along the border with the Ukraine. The Pentagon has deployed 600 initial troops in Poland, a token gesture meant to send a clear message to President Putin.

Meanwhile, eastern Ukraine especially has seen a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence. Several US columnists have compared Putin’s takeover of Crimea to Hitler’s actions just prior to WWII. And at least one is warning the Jewish community to escape and “make aliyah” while the window is still open.

World War Watch
Jolene and I have continually warned that we are now engaged in a “World War Watch.” Before Russia’s actions in the Crimea, we warned about the “Usurper” and interceded together for this force to be restrained. Just before Purim, we felt to pray for strategic offices in and around Washington DC, and the Lord made very clear that this forerunning prayer was helping to prepare the ground for military victory. I don’t know fully what that means—who really does when obeying the leading of the Lord—but now that Russia has claimed Crimea, the need for this preparation has become all the more clear.

My greatest concern is the potential escalation into another Cold War, where superpowers contend against each other through proxy battles. Ezekiel 38 seems to prophesy an alliance between Russia and Iran. Given the fact that Russia helped Teheran build its nuclear facilities, the argument could be made that this prophecy has already been at least partially fulfilled. But what if aggression continues to be pursued, and tensions continue to rise? More now than ever, a Russian-Iranian alliance could prove an existential threat to both America and Israel.

Israel on the Trading Floor
As the blood moon passes, I feel prophetically that Israel is on the trading floor of the nations. This phrase came to me this morning while watching and praying with the Lord.

Once again, the Lord has spoken something I only marginally comprehend. But my guess is that backroom proposals are being discussed that include the transfer of power of Jerusalem and God’s covenant land in the same way that Crimea has been claimed and overtaken. This scenario was exactly what Israel faced when being confronted by Rabshakeh and Sennacherib. If you remember, these passages from Isaiah 36-7 formed much of the prayer focus of the recent “Gideon’s Torch” prayer project, focused on exposing and restraining the Usurper. Seems to be a prospect in this hour.

Lets remember that Israel belongs to God—the only nation in the earth actually claimed by Him. Friends, I am looking forward to our prayer call tonight. And it goes without saying we need to continue covering our leaders and praying that God expose and restrain the Usurper—in America, in His covenant land, and in the nations.