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Startling. I believe I mentioned this would be a prevalent theme for 2018. And it’s proven very true. Especially as a strong wintry mix took down the power in the Brunswick home where we’ve been visiting after ministering Sunday on New Years Eve. My immediate thought was that icicles belonged on Christmas trees, not palm trees. Especially in Georgia. 

Every few minutes a low hanging branch snapped, crashing on the roof, on power lines, and even on our car. Global warming at its finest!

The power outage compelled Jolene and me to seek an early lunch at a local Cheddars. A bunch of Georgia power guys were seated to our left, powering themselves up with meals in preparation for a long day ahead. About ten minutes after we got there, the power went out in the restaurant. The guys got up and left. 

That’s just not supposed to happen. 

Thankfully our meals had already been cooked, so Jolene and I enjoyed a savory candlelight lunch minus the candles. Down the road a local bookstore somehow kept the lights on so I can write you now. I was hoping to engage you with a full, revelation-packed posting but time and weather mandate a simple summary.

The Good News
First, the good news. The angelic hosts of the Lord are very active now. We had a powerful morning on New Years Eve, sharing on the Midnight Cry and the covenant restoration which has made this new season of breakthrough and turnaround possible. Later in the evening we engaged in a midnight cry during a midnight watch to usher us into 2018. 

During the evening service, Pastor Jamie Jackson shared an amazing word on acceleration, and in process described an open-eyed experience he had that afternoon. A huge angel of the Lord appeared to him at the top of a bridge— while he was driving. This angel was several stories tall, with a wingspan that seemed to stretch all the way to the sea. After making his presence known, he fluttered his wings and then vanished before Jamie’s eyes.

Jamie recounted that the angelic visitation was a sign to him and to us all. The Lord is serious about His move in Georgia and the nation. I intuitively “knew” this visitation was a sign from the Lord that just as with Gideon, the angelic hosts are with us in a new way for breakthrough. A window has genuinely opened for breakthrough, turnaround, taking down our enemies and securing our borders once again. 

Now that’s good news. Just as promised. 

The Challenging News
The challenging news is that the heightened activity of the angelic hosts can also indicate the need for supernatural assistance in breakthrough has probably also been heightened. Let me give you an example.

After a month-long book project and a very impacting conference, Jolene and I had been looking forward to taking some down time. However last Wednesday the Lord spoke to us to launch this prayer project a week earlier than planned. Making me wonder just what was up…

On Thursday two urgent messages came in from two prophetic intercessors from two different states. Both they gave essentially the same warning. The enemy has once again targeted Donald Trump, and we needed to pray immediately for his protection. One of the ladies said the Lord had shown her the enemy had previously targeted Trump in the same manner, but prayer had thwarted the attack. 

Each prophet carried a warning to pray against assassination. They both used the same word. Which is why I am as well. Neither was clear whether this meant a further attempt at character assassination—now going on before our eyes—or an attack against his physical being. Maybe both. 

I love to read good novels in my down-time. It didn’t help that I had just picked up a novel by Daniel Silva, I believe the second one of his career. The Mark of the Assassin. 

Over the past week I have touched base with leaders and intercessors from many streams how all felt a similar sense of urgency. We need to pray for President Trump—very purposefully for his protection. Lets also continue praying for the Secret Service and intelligence agencies tasked with overcoming plots before they materialize. 

Lets also pray for wisdom for our President. A breakthrough of revelation from the Lord that advances him beyond any entanglements or traps laid to take down his presidency. Pray for wisdom in responding to national crises as well as Korea, Iran, Israel, etc. 

We began the year by sharing eight keys for 2018 from our new book The Midnight Cry. I want to share another excerpt from the first chapter. In a way we barely perceive right now, our nation is in the beginning stages of a midnight crisis. I believe many of the challenges can be lessened or averted. The Lord is with you, mighty man or woman! His angelic hosts are with you. That said, it’s clearly time for us all to engage in a midnight cry. Looking forward to tonight’s call, the first of 2018.

The Midnight Crisis
Here’s some real-time divine intelligence regarding a midnight crisis. Just after Hurricane Harvey struck the shores of Texas, our friend Lynnie Harlow released the following word.

“On Monday night I had a dream. In the dream I was asking God to protect our President. I also asked him help our President start to say things more diplomatically. I heard God loud and clear tell me “NO” to the second one. He then said, “I am using the foolish things to confound the wise. And over the next 3 months there will be a huge shaking back to back to back on a National level.

“But then breakthrough WILL COME. And through the hard places a CRY will come forth in this Nation and the flood of MY spirit will not cease.”

Lynnie prophesied huge shakings would occur back to back to back. Amazingly, after she prophesied this word two more hurricanes—Irma and Maria—formed and hit our nation. Along with Hurricane Harvey, they literally struck back to back to back.

It is amazing how prayer lessened the impact… But even after the storms, more shakings continued…

Back to back to back. Seeing the accuracy of Lynnie’s word, my greatest hope is that the rest of this prophetic promise will be fulfilled as comprehensively. Preferably immediately. Through the hard places a cry will come forth, and the flood of My Spirit will not cease

What provokes the hand of God to move? What can lessen the impact of coming storms? More than anything, the cry of your prayers… Keep watch! Keep your lamp burning. Your midnight watch can absolutely lessen the impact of the storms of coming challenges. Or avert them all together.