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Awakening the Dawn
O Say can you see, by the dawn’s early light…

Tuesday morning, August 23, 3:45 am. Friends of ours suggested we start our vacation in Williamsburg VA. A brief negligence in emails brought the sudden discovery that we were scheduled for an all night conference-call prayer watch the very morning our long-awaited vacation began.

We drove to Williamsburg, and we prayed.

Jolene and I had just made it back to Washington DC a little over a week earlier, having circled the nation and then traversed the land again from Sacramento to Syracuse with the Glory Train. We came home to an extraordinary three day prayer project with leaders across the nation. Followed by a very key gathering with leaders who had graduated from seminars sponsored by Yad Vashem.

Both gatherings brought breakthrough. Both brought an extreme exertion in prayer. All in all, we were absolutely spent.

But the HAPN night watch could not be passed over. We awoke early Tuesday morning, and prayed our way down the road.

That’s when something unexpected happened. All of the sudden the dawn was awakened! And we saw. The Spirit of God brought a clarity of revelation which spanned our past and present and launched us into the future. I need to give credit to our friends Robert and Annette Stagmer, prayer leaders for Maryland who were responsible for the 2-4am watch but stayed online for another two hours to quite literally awaken the dawn.

The Threshold of Victory
What I’m going to share with you here is more than just pensive thoughts or perceptions. It’s revelation we together have literally laid down our lives to receive. Out of respect for the Lord’s precision in this journey, I’m going to share briefly today and then unpack things in more detail in the weeks ahead.

Which means it’s a good time to announce our upcoming prayer project. Conflict of Thrones! Plan to lock in with us September 11 through November 11. From Washington to Washington to Jerusalem… glory!

OK. Here’s what the Lord showed me on the way to Williamsburg. He was summoning us to Williamsburg, and more importantly nearby Yorktown, to speak to us about the future. Yorktown is where the Revolution was finally won. The Yorktown battlefield is literally the threshold of America’s victory for freedom.

In a similar way, we as a nation, and especially as the body of Christ in our nation, are on the threshold of an extraordinary victory in this spiritual revolution.By no means am I implying the battles are finished. But we have shifted towards victory. And I believe it’s imminent!

Here’s the progression the Lord quickened to me. Please note that  this is our journey, the journey the Lamplighter family has taken together over many years. Others have been positioned by God for victory through their unique journeys as well. We have entered a confluence in the Spirit for national breakthrough.

New Birth of Freedom! America, Married to the Lord!
Summer 2011, the “Nutcracker Prayer Journey” focused on a “new birth of freedom” for America. Teams prayed through Civil War battlefields throughout the south, and historic wells of awakening in the north. We converged together in Gettysburg, where Abraham Lincoln spoke of a “new birth of freedom” to close his Gettysburg Address. We then gathered in Washington DC on July 4, presenting the Lord with the largely-completed work of divorcing Baal and petitioning Heaven’s Court for a renewal of our national covenant with Jesus Christ—a “Declaration of Covenant.”

Fifty days later the Washington Monument cracked in a mighty earthquake as God thundered His response. America, married to the Lord! This has set the foundation for everything that was to come.

7:22—Turnaround Verdict & Revolution
Summer 2014, the Glory Procession journeyed through the original 13 Colonies, the geographic East Gate of our nation, seeking the Lord to restore His glory by way of the gate facing east (Ezek. 43). On 7-22, 2014, the Lord summoned us to Faneuil Hall Boston, the birthplace of the American Revolution, to receive His “Turnaround Verdict.” From Daniel 7:22, His verdict of justice in favor of the saints!

I’ll never forget a declaration by Dutch Sheets that evening. While sharing the Appeal to Heaven message, he declared that the Lord summoned us together at the birthplace of the American Revolution so He can rebirth this nation under God. The flag with the Evergreen Tree was waving. And we knew the Lord was both rendering judgement and waging war to enforce His justice in the earth (Rev. 19:11).

This verdict was confirmed in a dramatic fashion, similar to the Declaration of Covenant three years before. Our journey took us from the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston, to the turning point of the Revolution, Trenton New Jersey. God literally answered with fire from heaven. That night lightning actually struck an Evergreen Tree in the Colonial Revival Garden of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence!

We culminated the Glory Procession at Yorktown, where this Revolution culminated with a decisive, overarching victory. Please note that we journeyed from the Birthplace of Revolution to the Turning Point of Revolution to the Victory battlefield of the Revolution.

Glory Train
That leads us to Summer 2016, the Glory Train—Turnaround Tour. It became clear early on that the primary focus of the Glory Train for 2016 was sealing the turnaround the Lord had promised our nation. It was for this reason we were summoned to literally circle the nation in prayer and revival. Turnaround!

Remember this is the year of the VAV. And in the last phase of the summer journey, we were summoned by the Lord to stake our claim for the future. To VAV OUR TURNAROUND!

That said, watch the sequence here.

  • From 2011 to 2014, we partnered with the Lord for the rebirth of our nation under God.
  • From 2014-2016, we have partnered with the Lord for the turnaround of our nation under God. We have staked our claim for turnaround! 
  • From 2016-2017 and beyond, we are partnering together for unprecedented VICTORY. Awakening, revival, and the preservation of our freedom and sovereignty as a nation under God. 

The Lord has appointed you for victory! Friends, I’ve saved the best part for last. And I’m only going to give you a foretaste now.

But this year, 5776, the Year of the Vav, is about to give way to another year with deep meaning from the Lord built into the Hebrew calendar. The year 5777. Seven, the number of completion and covenant!

Friends, that’s good news. But it gets better. The Hebrew letter for 7 is Zayin. And you won’t believe what Zayin conveys.

Zayin is considered a “crowned vav,” according to the website A CROWNED VAV! It goes on to say, “Just as Vav represents “yashar,” straight light from God to man, so Zayin represents returning light. Just as a woman of valor is the crown of her husband, so Zayin, the seventh letter, is the crown of Vav.”

A CROWNED VAV! Can’t make this stuff up.

What does the next season, the next year hold for you? You staked your claim in 5776. In 5777, the government of God is coming to your vav. GOD IS CROWNING YOUR VAV WITH VICTORY!

Again, I am by no means implying we will have no battles to fight. They may even intensify. There were many brutal battles between the turning point of the American Revolution and the final victory at Yorktown.

But the good news is that as we keeps ready and strong with the Lord, HE HAS APPOINTED YOU FOR VICTORY.

Covenant blessings to each of you. And from the heart, NO KING BUT JESUS! We look forward to connecting with you tonight.