DV Glory Train—Thrones of Glory Tour Purim

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Shalom to all the burning lamps!

Jolene and I are finishing up our last night in Jerusalem before heading home. We’d appreciate your prayers. The Lord spoke to us to travel back to DC via Greece and Rome. It shocked me that we were able to do so for essentially the same price. Please cover us now through the weekend. We know this will prove strategic, but have only a little understanding as to why.

Pray also for our dear friends Terri and Jim Fantasia. Terri has been on our calls many times, and is absolutely cherished by her local prayer community in Pennsylvania. Just before their flight was to leave, Terri developed severe swelling in her leg. Turns out a cyst burst. Terri and Jim found themselves in a Tel Aviv emergency room while most of the crew flew back. They have spent the last two days in a nearby hotel, following doctors orders, and the recovery is going very well.

Our leadership team—Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, James Nesbitt, Jolene and me—felt strongly that we should help cover their additional expenses. Please consider helping. From Jamie Fitt:

We are asking you to do two things.  Number one, pray – pray for their shalom, pray for healing and pray that they get home as soon as possible.  Number two, please consider giving a donation to help them.  They are hoping the airline will work with them because this is a medical situation, but there is no guarantee.  They also have medical bills to deal with.  I know the trip was expensive and many of you gave incredibly generously, but if you are able to bless them, please consider doing so.  You can mail donations to:

PTOD, 3941 Glendale Rd, Huntingdon Valley PA 19006

Or donate online: https://www.phillytod.org/israel-2017/
Go to the bottom of the webpage past all of the updates.
Thank you so much!

Our tour was extraordinary from beginning to end. The last few stops were especially exceptional. Here are a few highlights:

We actually had lunch at Armageddon one day. We then worshiped on top of Tel Megiddo. The mountain overlooks the entire Jezreel valley, so fertile and green. Our guide told us much of the farmland used to be swampland until it was drained by the early settlers. Have you ever seen fire hit gasoline? The guide’s comment was kind of like that to our crew. James Nesbit led us all in a rousing spontaneous song. Yes, we sang and prophesied over Washington DC from literal Armageddon that day. Drain the swamp!

Nesbit the Instigator also felt inspired to lead us all in a fire tunnel. Actually a sound tunnel, as we sang over everyone who came through. All 88. And not inside a sanctuary like normal fire sound tunnels. Instead we were actually on the very top of Mount Precipice, the mountain Jesus escaped from by walking through the multitude who wanted to stone Him.

Anyway, it’s called Mount Precipice for a reason. Suffice to say manifestations were low-key that day. Everybody made it through!

There’s not time enough to tell about our human shofar shouts resounding through the Gates of Hell, or the live worship in the park where Jezebel fell from her tower. Suffice to say we’ve never experienced anything like it, and I mean that in the best way. I’ll chronicle some of the more profound experiences in future postings. Thanks for praying!

Our tour finished Sunday. On Monday evening Jolene and I were privileged to minister at Succat Hallel in Jerusalem with Rick and Patti Ridings. We had no idea how significant the timing would be. It was actually the Jewish new year. There are actually two Jewish “new years” in their yearly calendar. The civil new year begins with Rosh Hashanah. But the Lord also commanded His people to start the new year at the beginning of the month of Passover. We shifted into that month Monday evening.

What a time to minister on 5777 and the Crowned Vav! And what an incredible time to receive a fresh commissioning from Rick and Patti for the Glory Train phase two. Thrones of glory… literally from Zion!

Normally we receive God’s prophetic mandate for the year in September or so, and structure our year accordingly by the new year. But this year was different. He told us to press pause until the Israel journey. Amazingly, without any knowledge of this on our part, we were commissioned for the Glory Train journey—from Jerusalem—on the very night of the Jewish new year!

Can’t make this stuff up. Looking forward to seeing how the Lord orders the rest of 5777 in this seaosn. And Jolene and I are so looking forward to taking this journey with each of you.

Final thought. Rick Ridings gave us a strong prophetic word Monday that more focused prayer was needed to “complete the turnaround.” This went right into the depths of my being. Once again, it’s time to give our all to make sure God’s intended turnaround is fully secured—from Washington to Washington to Jerusalem.