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Now more than ever, we can see the difference between freedom governance and governance tied to captivity. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

And friends, that begins with us. 

As we continue watch over unfolding events, and to celebrate once again the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth, I want to revisit the prophetic word the Lord gave regarding breaking out of the enemy’s confinement. This word began to be formed in my spirit a few days before leaving for Israel, as I was circling the White House in prayer. This was followed by a pretty dramatic revelatory experience at the Western Wall a week later, which essentially completed the sentence—and added a book! 

“The circle of My covenant will trump—prevail against—the circle of Baal meant to confine you!”

The Lord is so intent on bringing us out of captivity. Remember how, as recorded in Daniel 9, the governmental prophet watched and prayed over the scrolls of Jeremiah after perceiving that after 70 years the Lord would restore His people from captivity. By the unexpected witness of the Spirit during prayer at the Kotel, I saw how we are now in this season! 

Please don’t miss the significance of what I have just shared. God often uses Israel as a time-clock for His work in the body of Christ. Daniel perceived how the Lord was bringing a “freedom movement” at the close of 70 years of captivity. In a very real way, Israel’s 70th anniversary demarcates a new season where He is moving in a very similar way. Time for the saints to possess the Kingdom!

As part of this… It is clear He is moving to expose and dismantle the boundaries of darkness which have been imposed upon us. At the Kotel, Jesus spoke very clear to me what has already been decreed by His own body and blood. The boundaries empowered by darkness must no longer define us! He desires to move us beyond the confinement of the enemy. The circle of His covenant triumphs over, prevails against, the circle of Baal!

For so many, the enemy’s imposition has actually become part of our identity. A major aspect of the struggle is actually to recognize these places of confinement, and break our agreement with them. 

Beloved, it’s time for God alone—the God of Israel, Messiah of mankind—to define our identities afresh, to define the true boundaries of our lives and even our borders! By this you will step into a new freedom in this hour.  This is part of a GLOBAL FREEDOM MOVEMENT centered in Zion, from Zion to America, the Isaiah 19 highway and the nations and back to Zion. LET MY PEOPLE GO!