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Note: The key deadline for the Iranian nuclear deal is tomorrow. We will be focusing on this during our prayer call. 

Key Challenges TODAY
Today we’ve seen a convergence of challenges—with planes grounded, the stock exchange shut down, and more. Please keep our nation’s nation’s digital infrastructure in prayer!

Further, tomorrow is decision day—the most significant deadline to date for the Iranian nuclear deal. The July 9 deadline is mandatory for Congress to move forward with an expedited 30 day review. According to news reports, initial progress has spiraled down, with Secretary of State Kerry arguing—shouting—with his Iranian counterpart Mohammed Jarif in a private meeting.

One of two outcomes will set the course of the future for America, Israel and the nations. Both prospects are daunting.

Closing a deal allegedly lessens the chance that Iran produces a bomb. But it also floods their economy with more than 50 billion dollars, much of it anticipated to further strengthen their terrorism against Israel, the Mideast and nations. Further, if the restraints agreed upon are not perceived as solid enough by Sunni nations such as Saudi Arabia, the deal could actually trigger a nuclear arms race throughout the Mideast.

And if there’s no deal? There’s every potential of an escalation of conflict as America contemplates other options to stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons. President Obama has made it clear that the military option is not off the table.

Further, remember that on July 4, America and Israel entered together into the season of Dire Straits. No matter the outcome, Israel will still perceive Iran as an immediate, existential threat.

What’s the solution? I know no other but to humble ourselves before the Throne and pray—for Iran, Israel, and America.

A Time to Repent of Pride
“You think you’re flying but you’re free falling…” On Friday, we sent you probably our most important posting of the Freedom Watch. We are reposting it for you today. In it we shared what we felt was a clear warning from the Lord that pride comes before a fall.

Until the Lord issued this vision, the issue of pride was honestly not a top concern, especially related to homeland security. It is today for sure—for myself, for the body of Christ, and especially for America.

Ominously, directly converging with our Fourth of July celebrations, tonight through tomorrow marks the beginning of the three week period known to Jews as “Dire Straits.” Unprecedented tragedies have occurred in this same season over many generations. Many calamities were warned about ahead of time as consequences for the sins of God’s people.

Further, defying God through consistent sin opened up “gates of sabotage” generationally to cycles of calamity and affliction.

Is the Lord conveying a message to America through this convergence? Have we as a nation entered a time of dire straits? Have we chosen wrong—and if so, are future generations at risk because of our decisions?

Vision of Heaven’s Court
“At night my soul longs for You, Indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently; For when the earth experiences Your judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness” —Isaiah 26:9.

Earlier this week I saw a vision of the Court of Heaven. The Judge’s gavel was coming down in conjunction with the gay marriage verdict. The sound of the gavel conveyed three verdicts at once, through these simple words.

To the church—Purity.

To rulers—Revolution.

To America, I saw a warning He has given across the board for all of us. Pride comes before a fall. For all of us, humility and brokenness precede honor. Yet open defiance of God—pride—provokes a fall.

You Think You’re Flying But You’re Actually Free-Falling
Jolene saw this warning prophetically last October. From her posting:

“The other day when the Supreme Court refused to rule on the same sex marriage cases, the Lord began to speak to me again about how we deceive ourselves with our blind thinking. He was speaking about how we refuse to be restrained in our behavior even when it is for our own good.

“I saw a picture of our deception as a nation being like jumping from an airplane without a parachute or restraining belt of any kind. In our deception we think we are free and we are flying, but in reality we are merely free falling and the ground is not far away. In my spirit I heard the chorus to the 80’s song “Free-falling” repeating itself over and over again.

“In our deception, we think we are flying but we are actually free-falling… And we’ve cast off the very restraints meant to protect us!”

It is amazing how Jolene’s prophetic perceptions speak to this very hour. We’ve cast off restraints. And we’re free-falling.

Vision—the Airborne Bride
This warning was also pictured in a vision I received more than a decade ago. A beautiful bride, already married, was standing at the top of a very elegant staircase in a wealthy home. Adorned with a sparkling new wedding gown. Hosea’s bride was about to fulfill her dreams and marry the man she had been cheating with.

All of the sudden this bride raced down the stairs and right out the mansion’s door! That’s when she discovered this elegant home was actually the top floor of a skyscraper. She blasted out the door and over the ledge before she even realized what was happening.

She was free-falling.

In the vision I realized I was holding a large elastic band, similar to a bungee cord, that was also attached to this runaway, airborne bride. My job was to hold the elastic band while Hosea’s bride fell. I knew this band was uniquely fashioned to lessen the impact of her fall. After falling 28 stories she would indeed experience pain—but she would not die.

Picture of Your Intercession
Friends, that’s a picture of what your intercession accomplishes for your friends and spheres of authority—even for your nation. Due to wrong actions and open deceit, many are racing through doors of delusion—we like to call them gates of sabotage—only to find themselves in a free-fall.

Your job is to not let go of the life-line of prayer the Lord is holding out in the middle of the crisis. Through your intercession the severity of consequences can be lessened, lives can be preserved, and the crisis itself can become a springboard for ultimate restoration in Jesus.

And then equally important, you must obey the Holy Spirit when He tells you to let go. God is the Redeemer, not you. That’s a hard lesson to learn, for intercessors especially.

I personally don’t believe that significant terrorist strikes are going to hit our land this Fourth of July. Instead, I believe the “Dire Straits” we’ve entered into is actually the reaping of consequences made by our recent decisions. We are now in a free-fall. Below are a few aspects of this descent.

Violating Covenant Boundaries. Boundaries are established by covenant. Today our geographic boundaries and our moral boundaries have both been intentionally violated. Just think debt spending. We think we’re flying—but we’re actually free-falling.

God forbid we continue to tolerate this. Because when consistent abuse and deception are tolerated, we are actually choosing our own subjugation.

Robbing Children of Innocence is Abuse. The most reprehensible form of abuse is the violation of children by adults. Yet current agendas are propagating social expressions of human sexuality to our children, even as early as kindergarten!

By introducing expressions of any kind before a child is even cognizant of sexuality, these agendas are robbing a child of precious innocence. The violation of this innocence is called abuse. Know that Heaven weeps. Really, that’s all you should need to know.

Jezebel’s Table and Government Abuse. Elijah observed how the prophets of Baal ate at Jezebel’s table. In his day, taxpayer funding was being channeled to provide for their wants and needs, so Baal’s prophets could retain their influence over society. In God’s covenant land!

We prophesied that 2015 would be a year of demarcation, where Jezebel’s table is emphasized. Today we find that many leaders are actually selling themselves to the agendas of our spiritual enemies. “Bow your knee to me and I will give…”

Glory to God, 2015 also marks the beginning of the Great Return. Where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord!

Coercion of Nations. To a large extent, Jezebel’s table has now become a Table of Nations. Where nations are being coerced into embracing anti-biblical values simply to receive humanitarian aid.

But the Bible declares that “the scepter of the wicked will not long remain on the land allotted to the righteous” (Psalm 125:3). God forbid that, from this land of covenant freedom, a scepter of subjugation ever be imposed over lands seeking to embrace biblical righteousness!

Violating God’s Covenant Land. Prophetically, my greatest fear right now is for Israel. Friends, it’s no coincidence that American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown on the very anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration under Israeli sovereignty. A clear goal of this administration, pursued from the very beginning, is to divide Israel and divide Jerusalem. Even to deny Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Warning! The global coercion of Israel is accelerating NOW.

Violating Freedom to Worship. Freedom to worship is the covenant cornerstone of our land. It’s the reason our forefathers left the shores of dictatorships, and fought a revolution to birth this new nation. “Let My People go, that THEY MAY WORSHIP ME!”

And perhaps this is why our common spiritual enemy is so intent on undermining our First Amendment rights even now. Because there is no true liberty for a nation that cedes this freedom to worship.

Hosea’s Bride—The Great Return. I prophesy to you a revolutionary move of the Spirit of God is coming that will greatly impact Hosea’s bride in all her expressions. A Great Return, where multitudes will disengage from Jezebel’s table and return to the Table of the Lord!

The Table of the Lord is a table of covenant union with Him. A judgement from Heaven’s Court to make marriage with you legal and lasting. Jesus gave His life in exchange for His bride. Your forgiveness and freedom, your new identity, even your union with Him are forever secured by His body and blood.

So often, outward defiance of Jesus Christ actually reflects an inward desire to know Him and be known by Him. To finally find acceptance in the Beloved. If that’s you, please know that only in Jesus Christ personally will you find the security and peace your heart yearns for. Where you’ve been betrayed and abused, you will find in Jesus a love that will help your heart repair, heal and recover.

Above all else, He will never ever betray you.

And America, before God’s Throne you are as Hosea’s bride. Free-falling in every way. It’s time again to embrace the restraints that recover your innocence and greatness.