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JOLENE’S BIRTHDAY being celebrated these next two weeks! Yes, I mean weeks. I get a day or two to celebrate mine, Jolene gets almost an entire month, including an actual VACATION. Please celebrate with us! 

Davids Tent starts in 3 weeks! Sept.15-Nov. 4. Info at

Rumbling for Ferguson
Wow. These past few days have so encouraged me that the prayer movement in Washington DC is really maturing and accelerating.

Last night Jolene and I joined with Matt Lockett and the JHOP crew for a local/national prayer rally for Ferguson MO. Joining by telephone were Alveda King, Cindy Jacobs, Will and Dehavilland Ford, Faytene Grasseschi and others. It was a powerful time. We’ve all been deeply burdened by the crisis in Ferguson, but after a vibrant time of personal and corporate intercession I came away with a strong sense of breakthrough. Something lifted!

Hard to believe JHOP-DC will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this October! Friends, that is one long rumble. We celebrate JHOP, bound4life, and their unyielding witness for the Lord here in our nation’s Capitol.

Davids Tent 2014! Special Invitation
Today I met with Jason Hershey, founder of Davids Tent, to prepare for the launch this September 15. There’s something very special about this third year. I have an anticipation of breakthrough in my spirit that has not ever been there before. I am sharing this because I sense it.

Here’s something cool. This year a special prayer tent has been added! Jason has asked Jolene and me to facilitate the tent for the 50 days. Prayer warriors, start your engines… seriously, make plans now to come join us this fall! A new move of the Spirit has been birthed, and it’s time to blaze for Jesus. You can combine intercession at Davids Tent on the White House Ellipse with strategic prayer through Washington DC. It’s a great way to get to know and love your nation’s Capitol. And best of all you are part of a group of firebrands praying through one of the most important seasons in our history, and the history of the world.

For real. With turmoil in the Mideast, threats in our nation internally and externally, and the desire of Jesus for sustained breakthrough at the Capitol of our nation’s government… why be anywhere else?!!!

Forerunning Prayer for Davids Tent
Friends, saturating Davids Tent in prayer is a primary assignment beginning NOW. Here are a few prayer points from Jason. Presence, protection, provision, people.

First—presence. That the Lord Jesus Christ would be ever before us, in preparation for Davids Tent and during the 50 days. Genuinely. This ain’t about political agendas, this is about exalting Jesus and manifesting His dream on earth as in heaven.

Second—protection. Please pray Psalm 91 continually over Jason and Kimberlee, their five kids, Ryan and Becca and others on staff. They’ve encountered some spiritual intensity, and together we need to keep watch.

Third—provision. Thanks to a special donation, they are $9,000 down the road towards a $127,000 budget. Imagine the expenses of fifty days on the Ellipse, with tent rentals, live web stream costs, housing, transportation, food, etc. While talking with Jason about all this, I thought to myself “better him than me.” Then I realized it’s our job to cover all this in prayer—until this breakthrough is realized. HELP!

Fourth—people. A minimum of 10 additional volunteers are needed to cover the responsibilities of Davids Tent. Maybe some of you want to take the fall and join us!

BTW Jason and his wife Kimberlee are also celebrating the birth of their fifth child, a beautiful girl named Pillar Dove. They have their hands full for sure. So this will be a great year to be made strong by what every joint supplies. Including some babysitting 🙂

Happy Birthday Jolene!!!
Final note—HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLENE! She turned 22 this Friday… or something like that. Jolene is receiving her birthday present from me—our first weeklong vacation in a decade. A few days here, then five straight Son-kissed beach days. We need it. Amen.

So—we are so grateful again for your love and care. Please celebrate Jolene’s birthday with us, and pray for us as we indulge in some rest and relaxation before adventures this fall begin.

Covenant blessings,

Jon & Jolene