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This one will be quick. Join us tonight for a special prayer call. Lets keep watch. God’s river of fire is bringing redemptive exposure even regarding the true motivation of those behind the incessant “fake news.” 

And don’t try to correct me on the title of today’s post. Yes, to be grammatically correct the title should probably be “Fake News vs the Counsel of God.” But I’m not just talking about lies vs truth, but the governmental mechanisms behind both streams. And the Council of God is being convened.

You might have noticed that rumors last week shot like lightning through the media about President Trump’s supposed lack of trust in Vice President Mike Pence. The fake news warriors not only sought to undermine their present relationship, but the future elections as well.

To some extent that’s expected. Especially in this volatile political climate. That is, until you discover that the rumors were broadcast globally at the very time Vice President Pence was facing down both Chinese president Xi and Russian president Vladimir Putin. AT THAT VERY TIME. Xi regarding the trade war our nations are currently engaged in, and Putin regarding nuclear disarmament treaties.

So much was on the line. And yet due to the targeted proliferation of fake news, rumors of Trump’s distrust overshadowed some of the most vital diplomatic showdowns Vice President Pence had ever been engaged in. Whether purposeful or not by man’s hand, the destabilization was absolutely purposeful in the spiritual realm. 

And I believe Heaven’s Council is set to address the Jezebel-sourced false counsel of fake news. What does that mean? It means that what the enemy meant for evil, God will be turning around for good. The Accuser is being restrained. The media will be held accountable. Americans—republican and democrat—are going to discern where we’ve been duped and discard this force of darkness like a ripped up jacket. Love—saturated truth is beginning to prevail. A culture of honor is being restored. Union is overcoming the vitriol of division. The current of God’s river is beginning to redirect the course of this nation. And the genuine Spirit of America is being restored. 

No King but Jesus… looking forward to tonight.