CALL TONIGHT! Special Pentecost Prayer Call. 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

PENTECOST is an important time to present your offerings to the Lord. Lets honor Him with our harvest! If you’d like to sow into the Glory Train movement, please click here. 

Pentecost begins tonight. Please join us for a brief prayer call with a very special focus. State by state, region by region, we want to welcome together the glory of God into our land. We want to receive together a double portion from His Throne!

Because there’s a double portion available for you by the Spirit of God as of this Shavuot. We have received of the “double portion promise” all the way through the tour, in the same way He showed us the progression of this movement’s birthing all the way through the tour. And just as the “Glory Revolution” was fully birthed on Mothers Day in Atlanta, so the double portion promise has been fully released as of Pentecost.

For real. Please don’t take this lightly. Make sure to read through today’s posting and soak in the blessing Jesus longs to give you. It is one of the most important we’ve ever written for this reason. A double portion Pentecost.

Jolene—Double Portion Kiss
Our Southwest journey started with the double portion. One week ago today in Oklahoma City, Jolene received a dream from the Lord where she received two kisses from the Lord. A double portion. Ending a sequence of dreams over an entire decadewhere Christ was with her, but always at a distance.

Remember this dream came immediately after Chuck Pierce’s message at Tribe Quantum, completing the work in the spirit of seeing the headship of the Bride of Christ reconnected. To read “Kiss of the Reconnected Bride” click here.

As long as I have known her, Jolene has always represented the Bride of Christ in a very unique way. So when the Lord visited her the very night after this promised reconnection was completed, it was a sign. Again, her dream brought to culmination an entire decade of dreams conveying Jesus at a distance from her.

Friends, many of us have been in a season where the Lord Jesus Christ has stood governmentally at a relative distance from His people. Always watching, always affectionate and generous, always releasing clear revelation. But as Jolene’s decade of dreams conveyed, He was enforcing very real boundaries that simply could not be crossed.

Divorcing Baal, Restoring Covenant
I have to emphasize that the primary work of this reconnection actually came with the Divorcement of Baal project led by Apostle John Benefiel, the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. When covenant with Jesus Christ was literally reconstituted. It is this sacred work which has opened the kairos window for a double portion blessing—national turnaround and the restoration of God’s glory. I believe this is why the Spirit of God commanded us to bring the Glory Train to Oklahoma City for Pentecost.

Now in this double portion season, watch how your proximity to Jesus changes. Watch how your effectiveness changes. Because the Lord is kissing His bride with a double portion—the intimacy of His Presence, His glory, and victory in battle!

Turnaround and the Texas Eagle
Our Southwest journey began in Oklahoma City with God releasing His double portion. We then traveled from Oklahoma to Dallas to join with our friend Tom Schlueter, TXAPN leader, to bring the Glory Train through the heart of Texas. Watch this now. In this season of the reconnected Bride, Tom and his prayer leaders became the first people to join Jolene and me on the train journey itself.

And they carried a prophetic message with them. Texas Turnaround!

What we experienced all the way from Dallas and Fort Worth down to Austin and San Antonio was literally the two kisses from the Lord. Intimacy in His glory and victory in battle! Didn’t mean there wasn’t a battle. During onsite prayer in San Antonio, it was like we fought the Alamo once again! But the Breaker prevailed, and by the very spring where both San Antonio and the state of Texas were really founded we saw great victory!

When we boarded the train yesterday morning, the resonance of breakthrough remained with us. Tom noted that we had come in on the west side of town, but were leaving on the east side of town. A turnaround. Only to travel all the way back to Oklahoma City, a week to the day our journey began. We rode the tracks down, we rode the tracks back. A double portion literally completing the loop of this Texas Turnaround!

And you wouldn’t believe the name of the train that ushered us into this turnaround. Texas Eagle. You might remember the prophecy of Bonnie Jones in late April. THE EAGLE HAS LANDED and perched high in His nest… 

Amazing. Especially when you consider that the Texas Eagle is train number 22 Seriously, you cannot make this up.

Double Portion Pentecost! Miracle on the Tracks
Along this journey home, God intervened in an amazing way. Tom received a last-minute phone call from Cody and Cheri LaBrush Clemmons, team leaders from the Waco region. There was a two-minute train stop in McGregor Texas and they wanted to meet us. Two shofars blew. A decree was given. Six flag pins, a double portion for Tom, Jolene and me, were given. And two fifty dollar bills were put into our hands as we scurried back to the train. Cheri said simply, “a double portion” and hugged us goodbye.

On the train headed to Pentecost, we realized God had just imparted His double portion to us. Pentecost, by the way, means fifty days.

And as we prayed through their decree on the train, my eyes were met with sudden tears. Cody and Cheri wrote in their decree that through this journey, marriage rings were covenantally exchanged between the Bridegroom Jesus and His Bride.

I was stunned. You know that the Lord showed me how our turnaround journey connecting the nation was presenting Jesus with a marriage ring. America, married to the Lord! Suddenly I realized that on this journey through Texas and Oklahoma was a microcosm of our larger journey. We completed a circle within the larger circle, representing the very heart of the work Christ is bringing forth. Glory and turnaround! And all the way through He has been sealing His covenant with His people.

And He is now releasing a double portion for His Bride.

Pentecost Turnaround
That’s really what Pentecost is all about. The reconstitution of Christ’s covenant, made originally thousands of years ago between God and His people. Exactly fifty days after Passover marked their exodus journey from Egypt, God’s unveiled glory visited the mountain and Moses received His marriage covenant.

Our Passover in Washington DC was marked by Dutch Sheets governmentally releasing the “Underground Turnaround.” Only to culminate these 50 days with a literal turnaround from Oklahoma through the great state of Texas and back. Receiving a double portion kiss from the Lord.

You know what I’m going to say here… you cannot make this stuff up. The words of Bonnie Jones keep resounding in my spirit. From Jeremiah 33:11:

“Again there shall be heard in this placethe voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride… “For I will cause a turnaround for the land from its captivity, so that it will be as it was at the first, says the Lord!”