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Friends, l’Shana Tova. Happy Rosh Hashanah! Our Glory Train launch through Georgia was profound beyond words. God’s fire marked the meeting, just as promised. There were more people than chairs. Many reported healings, breakthroughs, and personal encounters with the Lord. 

And together we “knew” we were somehow forerunning this freedom movement for the nation. All of which made the prophetic declarations, the unexpected commissioning of “Midnight Riders” with fresh oil from the Dalton GA revival, the special time of communion, and the late-night firewater baptisms more impacting than words can convey. 

We crossed over. And I believe our nation crossed over! By the hand of God, an American Passover has begun.

Remember Georgia is the Reconstitution State. It was interesting how the Lord chose where in Georgia we were to cross over as a nation. Because on Sunday evening we discovered Kingston was the actual town where Civil War General Sherman decided to set fire to all of Georgia—from the mountains to the sea. Kingston was the first town set ablaze. 

We didn’t know this. Rocky Abernathy chose Kingston because it was the exact location highlighted by Bob Jones some 30 years ago for the Glory Train journey to begin. God chose to come to Kingston that night, and take the lead of this freedom movement called the Glory Train focused on enthroning Jesus as King. Can’t make this stuff up.

The fire is coming back! The Glory Train is coming again! The fire is coming! It won’t be like the Civil War, a fire of destruction like Sherman set from town to town during the Civil War. But it will be a fire of glory. There’s a fire that’s coming through north Georgia, Kingston and Cartersville, and will light the tracks as it goes through Atlanta all the way to the coast. You’ll know then the Glory Train, with the fire of God, has come across the nation from Georgia!Bob Jones, Glory Train prophecy 30 years ago, as recounted by Rocky Abernathy.

Call Tonight! Entering an American Passover
Tonight marks the final evening of Rosh Hashanah, launching us into the Jewish new year 5780. Join us for a special call! We will be receiving communion together, so please be ready with bread and wine. 

As further preparation, please review today’s posting with great care. Because I feel the Lord is setting the course for the freedom movement in America. A new way forward, just as prophesied.

Courts of Heaven, Thrones of Earth
According to Daniel 7, a river of fire flows from God’s Throne of justice. According to Jewish tradition, on Rosh Hashanah God “pencils in” His verdict over each person, over institutions, and over nations to set their course for the coming year. This is conveyed even through the change into the new month of Tishrei, symbolized by scales of justice. 

From Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, the Courts of Heaven are open for us to obtain a better verdict through realigning with God’s heart and covenant. Three aspects of teshuvah are emphasized to receive God’s best for the year. First, by returning to covenant with the Lord by seeking His face and repenting of any breaches. Second, by reconciling with people and forgiving. And third, by restoring generosity through offerings and alms for the poor. 

Then on Yom Kippur, at the close of the National Day of Atonement, His verdicts are sealed and destinies established. 

I will say that by God’s design, the Glory Train journey from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur is bearing witness to this process. We are literally laying the tracks to our future as a nation. 

It’s so interesting how the Lord spoke that Rosh Hashanah 5780 marks the beginning of an American Passover. Passover marks a moment in history where God’s people were delivered from oppression from thrones of government tied to idolatry and open defiance of the living God. And it all came through a courtroom judgment. 

Moses was 80 when the hand of God came on him to bring this deliverance. And 5780 marks a similar moment. The events of 80 years beforehand, when Moses was born, are chronicled in Exodus 1 and 2. Four hundred years of slavery took an even harsher turn as Pharaoh mandated the merciless slaughter of Israel’s firstborn. Note that 80 years ago this time marked Hitler’s invasion launching World War II, bringing the merciless slaughter of the Jewish people in the Holocaust. 

Exodus 2 chronicles how God rendered judgement in Heaven’s Court. He heard their groaning and remembered His covenant. In other words, He held a courtroom hearing where He reviewed the midnight cry, the suffering of His people, case by case. And He remembered His covenant. The Hebrew word zakar implies much more than what we understand as “remember.” It means to take to heart and set a course of action. A turnaround verdict, similar to the Daniel 7:22 judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom, was granted.

A midnight deliverance. Exodus. Justice, even for the unborn. Let My people go!

Revelation 19:11 records how the same God who renders judgement makes war to enforce His judgment in the earth. That’s exactly what transpired during Passover, as recorded in the records of Exodus 12. Let My people go! The thrones of the earth shook in response in a midnight turnaround. The gods of Egypt and government of Egypt were judged (Exodus 12:12). 

Courts of Heaven, thrones of earth. Turnaround verdict enforced. A freedom movement birthed. And a nation within a nation set free. 

Daily Communion—New Year to New Year!
As preparation for this moment, God’s covenant people were instructed to eat the Lamb in haste, and mark their thresholds with the blood of the Lamb. This threshold covenant invited the Presence of God into each home even as the angel carrying out His judgement on Egypt passed over them. 

But they had no idea how their testimony would bear witness to the greatest deliverance in history—when the body and blood of the Lamb was given for all mankind to enter freedom. 

After this same manner, the Lord is wanting each of us to establish His covering as preparation for the Passover of this hour. The dates highlighted to me are the Jewish new year, October 1 through January 1, 2020. Jesus desires that we stand with Him for the justice of His covenant to be released, personally and nationally. It is imperative to cover the Department of Justice in prayer during this time. I believe a word we’ve been praying over for two years—that God will overcome the Deficit of Justice in America—is coming to pass.

Above all we are going to ask the Lord to bring the fire of His redemptive justice to our nation and government, exposing the betrayers of His heart and covenant. Please join the Lamplighter community in receiving the Table of the Lord daily from October 1, the culmination of the Jewish New Year, through January 1, 2020, New Years Day. 

Glory Train, James Goll, National Security Breach, and the Release of Midnight Riders
Lets close this out where we began. An American Passover. Complete with a Midnight crisis. Midnight cry. Midnight turnaround. Midnight fire. And a Midnight train to Georgia…

That would be the Glory Train, coming to Kingston to roll through Georgia in a midnight hour for America.

On Saturday afternoon I saw a vision of this Glory Train while praying for the Sunday evening gathering in Kingston. In the vision it was night. Many people were in line, silhouetted, gathered around an old locomotive. Torches from the locomotive were being distributed, burning lamps from God’s Throne. I knew those gathered represented people being sent by the Lord to light up the nation. Midnight Riders were being released!

As mentioned, we saw the release of this fire Sunday evening, the Head of the Year, as the Glory Train launched from Kingston. The service marked an American Passover. 

Friends, I believe this fire of redemptive exposure, of covenant justice, is being released nationally to light up God’s intended tracks for our future. This will even impact the impeachment crisis and the 2020 election. After receiving the vision of the locomotive I called our friend James Goll to explore this perspective.

On August 20, James joined the private roundtable for the One Voice Prayer Movement, focused on prayer for our government through 2020. Over dinner at our place, he told the group about a dream he had just received the night he arrived in Washington DC. The dream was recounted in our August 21 posting (for full post CLICK HERE):

This warning was reiterated to me last night by our friend James Goll. James was in Washington DC for meetings with the One Voice Prayer Movement when he received an extraordinary dream. He saw a planned attack against our national security somewhere in the northeast. Two high level principalities were attempting to push the attack. 

In the dream the Lord highlighted to James His antidote to shift the crisis. Midnight riders! These midnight riders were riding on horses, carrying lamps of prayer to illuminate a dark night for America. 

Clearly, a major antidote to the enemy’s incursion was the release of His “midnight riders” to light up the night in prayer, awakening God’s people and releasing His redemptive exposure. James’ word impacted me deeply. Our book “Midnight Cry” is centered around a warning of a midnight crisis, bringing a midnight watch, and a midnight turnaround. With midnight riders announcing the awakening of a new day!

Two highlights to note here. First, the dream involved a national security breach in the northeast. Secondly, God’s antidote was to release “midnight riders.” This was his language not ours. Yet we had written an entire book around the theme. 

Maybe you don’t see the dogged pursuit of President Trump’s impeachment by his adversaries, as well as the mysterious circumstances surrounding the means by which the information about the call was obtained, as a national security breach. I certainly do. 

For instance… How did the “whistleblower” really discover the “secondhand information?” Are we sure details of the call were leaked from staff surrounding Trump, or is there a possibility one of the Bidens received backchannel alerts from contacts in the Ukraine? Only to pass the alerts on to contacts in the intelligence community, or even to their contacts in Congress?

Was this all a premeditated trap for President Trump?

Since before Trump’s inauguration, the highest level of American government under the previous administration sought to bring Trump down. For instance, the former Director of National Intelligence and former Director of the CIA both validated false accusations against Trump on Russian collusion. Yet these accusations were proven patently wrong by the Mueller investigation. 

My point is that the targeted pursuit by leaders within government to take down President Trump is itself a national security breach. And this pattern seems to be playing out again. 

So to me this clear violation of national security fit the context of James Goll’s dream. But I did not want to assume the prophet would feel the same, so I called to consult with him on it. I’m not going to comment much on our conversation right now, except to say I would not post this unless he absolutely agreed there was substance to it. 

Here’s the most important point to make. In James’ dream, a movement from Heaven came to counter this breach. In his own words, this movement was marked by the release of “Midnight Riders” carrying God’s torches of fire to light up the night. 

How could “Midnight Riders” turn a National Security breach? This made little sense to James, or even to us. But it caught our attention. Because it was language He had already cultivated with us. In 2017 Jolene and I wrote a book prophetically conveying events through 2020 and beyond which would we new would be a foretaste events surrounding Jesus’ return. It was called the Midnight Cry. And our chapter “Midnight Riders” was its pivot point.

Matthew 25 conveys midnight crisis. A midnight watch. A midnight turnaround. A midnight cry. And a midnight awakening. With God’s “Midnight Riders” riding from city to city, holding out the burning lamp, awakening the Bride and proclaiming the dawning of a new day. The Bridegroom is coming. The time has come for His covenant to be established!

The same events surrounding the Bridegroom’s return also convey a second Exodus, a spiritual revolution to free His covenant people. Remember He judges and makes war (Revelation 19:11). The same passage conveys how Midnight Riders are released with Him to break the power of occult governmental infrastructures holding God’s people in bondage. By decree of Heaven’s Court, the thrones of the earth shake. 

And Jesus is seated as King.