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THANK GOD FOR THE BLOOD OF JESUS! What a time to be a watchman on the wall. Keep praying. We have begun to see the turnaround the Lord promised. Nobody can figure out why the casualties have not been greater. But the Lord is intervening. CALL TONIGHT!

As Passover closes out tomorrow, our watch now shifts. It will be exciting to enter a new season of revelation. And watch as tangible manifestations of God’s fire begin to manifest as we enter into Pentecost 2020.

I’ve received two clear dreams recently, each showing very different aspects of the coronavirus crisis. The first one should be encouraging. I’m sharing it with you today.

On March 8 I had a significant dream about harvest fields. For some reason the fields were in Alabama. Prophetic forerunner Bob Jones, who went on to be with the Lord on February 14, 2014, was sitting in the back of a dark gray late-model pickup that was moving along dirt roads through the farmlands. The sun was setting. The leaves of the crops were deep, dark green, indicating the harvest was ripening. 

For the record Bob wearing white tee shirt, black pants, white socks, and black shoes. He nodded to me as he called out from back of truck. I do not remember what he said. 

What does the dream mean? Above all else, it’s harvest time. Everyone on earth has now come face to face with our own mortality. People are looking for answers to questions that easier circumstances compelled them to evade.

Secondly, Bob Jones’ journey moved through the harvest fields. Bob’s job was not to pick the crops or to drive the vehicle. Bob’s job seemed simply to evaluate the crops and tend them as needed. And it was actually the toughest job of all. 

Most of the work could be done while the vehicle was moving. But from time to time throughout the rolling fields of harvest, Bob stopped and worked on individual crops. I immediately thought of Bob’s word on the Glory Train, which prophesied the coming harvest in concert with the restoration of God’s glory. His movement is in the fields!

It’s almost sunset. As a clock for the end-times, the hour is very late. But the sun has not disappeared yet. There’s still light! And the softened shining of the late-afternoon light brought a shimmering beauty to the fields. 

It’s almost sunset for many in Bob’s age group as well. That’s the primary group targeted by the coronavirus. Holocaust survivors are succumbing. Entire nursing homes have perished. Other friends recovered from the disease. It’s important to keep praying for the greatest generation among us. Please make sure your friends know Jesus.

Bob Jones himself actually went home to the Lord on February 14, 2014. I had the privilege of finally meeting him in 2006. He told Jolene and me to prepare for a major transition on June 6, 2007. Because that date marked the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem’s restoration under Israeli sovereignty, and the Lord was going to give His bride a gift. 

Bob prophesied that the bride was coming out of the wilderness on that date. I knew part of our calling was to be a “friend of the Bridegroom” for this transition. And following divine instructions, on June 6, 2007 Jolene and I both transitioned into full-time ministry to fulfill this calling.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that as of Passover this year the Lord has emphasized again our crossover moment as a nation. It’s time to possess our inheritance. It’s harvest time!

One more Bob Jones story. We had remained friends since our first meeting. 

At that time, Bob told me, “Son I’ve seen you before. I’ve met you before.” 

My reply was that I had been following his legacy for decades and prayed many times to meet him, but it never occurred until now. 

Bob seemed to simply ignore my answer. He just smiled and said, “I’ve met you before.” 

Not wanting to offend, I just politely nodded. In conversations later what he was perceiving became clear. Bob actually died for a few moments, then came back to life. During this time he saw Heaven. The Lord also showed him a vast number of leaders He was raising up for a period in human history He referred to as the  end times. In the spirit Bob interacted with many of the leaders. He was then sent back to earth to pray for them and help direct them. 

Bob personally mentored many of the leaders. He would recognize them on earth after seeing them in the dream. I never had the privilege of extended personal mentorship, just prophetic counsel, a few impartations, and best of all a friendship. 

But it was stunning to discover that long before I met him, he knew me. He actually recognized me from interactions he had with me which had something to do with the end times. 

And seeing Bob in the pickup truck, nodding and calling while moving through the harvest fields, I believe we are in that time. 

No King but Jesus…