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First, we hope you were inspired by the word shared yesterday on “the Turnaround Window.” Looking back, the Lord gave such clear revelation as we approached 2016. And as we together made the journey in prayer, so much of what was seen and promised has now become reality. Thank you Jesus!

That said, just as grace was afforded us to move into this turnaround window, grace is now being given to complete the turnaround in a way that secures our inheritance in the Lord even for future generations! That’s a primary word and mandate for 2020. We are still waiting on Jesus for His overarching strategy. But for us this movement really began during Revolution on New Years Eve. A move of Holy Spirit broke out. Then precisely at midnight, as we crossed over from 2019 to 2020, we also crossed over from the realm of the wilderness into our inheritance. We established covenant together with the Lord, seeking and receiving His hand in marriage as a nation. We sealed this covenant with communion. And we built an altar to the Lord—with stones of remembrance from every state in the nation. 

Tonight lets remember. Lets align with Jesus and His covenant to spring forth into the fullness of His freedom movement for 2020, securing our inheritance generationally. 

And tonight lets engage together in a prayer assignment, called forth during Revolution, which still needs to be fully completed so as to be legitimately entered into the scrolls of Heaven’s Court for Revolution and for 2020. We touched on it during the covenant service in the first few moments of 2020. But I felt convicted afterwards we need to fully complete the declaration for it to be fully accepted by Heaven’s Court. No more delay! 

Oh—and there is a big surprise coming Thursday. It has everything to do with securing our covenantal inheritance for future generations, especially related to religious freedom. The completion of this declaration is actually MANDATORY in context with this surprise. 

So looking forward to connecting tonight. Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene