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It’s early morning on the train. Jolene and I, along with the Aldersons, got on board from Salt Lake City at 3:00 am. Daybreak came a few hours later. I made the mistake of glancing out the window, and the majesty of the canyons, mountains and mesas held me captive ever since. A boundless sky and the boundless creativity of our great Creator. Glory!

For a while it was just myself, an Amish guy and a few others in the observation car. As of 7:30 am there’s not a seat to be found. Nobody wants to miss the most beautiful portion of the journey so far.

VAV! Utah Breakthrough
I am so stirred by the “Stake Your Claim” prayer project. Our call from Promontory Utah was, for me at least, nothing less than historic. Even though we are in this “year of the vav,” we had not felt led to put a stake in the ground during our entire Glory Train journey. Until Promontory. The place where a golden stake connected east and west with the transcontinental railroad, and also north, south, east and west with the telegraph. It was amazing to literally see the Lord pull up the enemy’s stake and then stake His own claim to our nation!

It was an incredible convergence. I have to say, I haven’t felt the weight of Presence and authority in onsite prayer like this since July 4, 2011 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. We felt enemy’s claims to many spheres, including travel, commerce, and communications, were literally being unravelled.

If you were on the call, you know that very powerful corporate prayer was often accompanied by dramatic shifts in weather. Out in Promontory, rain came from nowhere, followed by sudden, powerful winds. We later heard reports that the weathermen were literally baffled by the weather. It reminded me of James Goll’s legendary encounter with God in Herrnhut, praying Ezekiel 37 and then experiencing a rushing, mighty wind!

Did I mention they are were in the middle of a drought? Can’t make this stuff up.

Our meeting last night was powerful. Thank you Jan Dillard, HAPN  and RPN Utah leader, for making this dream come true! Holy Spirit moved mightily, and the entire room responded to God’s call to be spiritual revolutionaries.

Colorado! Secret Purpose of Our Journey
We are now crossing the border into Colorado. Friends, as determinedly as you prayed for Utah I am asking for you to intercede for Colorado Springs. We’ll share more tonight and tomorrow, but we are here on purpose on 7-22 to see Daniel 7:22, what we like to call God’s “Turnaround Verdict,” established for Colorado and the nation.

More on that tonight and tomorrow. Today let me share with you a secret. After circling the nation, we are taking this journey back from west to east for one primary reason. Connecting with a life-defining prophetic vision the Lord gave back in 2000 of a coming move of prayer and revival.

We wholeheartedly believe the time is now! And we believe the Lord is breathing fresh life into the movements conveyed through this vision.

Vision—Three Fighter Jets
Our book Crown and Throne shares the fighter jets vision in-depth. While working for Mike and Cindy Jacobs in Colorado Springs, I had a vision of three fighter jets taking off and converging together. I found myself on a runway in Colorado Springs and saw a fighter jet launched. Then suddenly I was on a runway in Kansas City, and a fighter jet took off from there. Finally I saw a fighter jet take off from the mid-atlantic region of the East Coast, I believe from Washington DC.

These three jets shot into the air and then converged over upstate New York and New England. They shot across the Atlantic and Europe to fight for Israel in this nation’s most desperate hour.

I knew immediately the three jets represented three separate prayer movements.

  1. Spiritual warfare and governmental prayer from Colorado Springs.
  2. Harp and Bowl twenty-four-seven worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David from Kansas City.
  3. And then a movement that, as of a decade ago, had not yet been birthed from the mid-Atlantic region. We have since come to refer to this movement as “Crown & Throne.” Launched I believe on July 4, 2011, confirmed with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake which cracked the Washington Monument.

As we saw from Promontory Utah, it is now time for key movements to connect and converge to establish God’s covenantal purposes in America, Israel and many nations. And it’s time for God’s manifest glory to be restored, unleashing awakening and reformation! We feel this journey through Colorado Springs, Kansas City, upstate New York and then down to Washington DC is called to bear witness to the connection and convergence of these movements at this hour.

I’m mentioning all this for your understanding to be secured and enhanced as we move forward on this Glory Train journey. Look what we get to see and experience together! And friends, this Glory Train movement is unstoppable, by the grace of God alone!

Turnaround! Glory Restored!
It is really important to note that Dutch Sheets has just returned to Colorado Springs. I believe this is itself a sign that God is restoringHis covenant purposes at this time.

Re-constitution. Glory restored! We’re seeing this miracle at Seattle Revival Center, we’re seeing this in Colorado Springs, and we’re gonna see it in Syracuse and upstate New York, the epicenter of the Second Great Awakening. Turnaround! Ultimately we are going to see this miracle wherever God’s people welcome Him in.

This train is bound for glory… and from sea to shining sea, we’re getting back on track!

As we close this posting… can I share with you just a small sign of this for Colorado Springs? Truly a full-circle moment. For almost two weeks our friend Terri Brown sought for a place to host the Glory Train meetings with Dutch Sheets, Jolene and me. No door opened. After much prayer they decided to check on an amazing retreat center near the Garden of the Gods, owned by the Navigators.

The Glen Eyrie castle. Where exactly 20 years ago, Cindy Jacobs convened leaders across the nation to birth a fifty state prayer movement called the US Spiritual Warfare Network. Fighter jet launched!

And for the Glory Train gathering this weekend, we are actually returning to the very facility where the US Spiritual Warfare Network was launched. Note that this network birthed several other networks now collaborating across the nation. Networks that have for almost a decade collaborated on divorcing Baal and restoring covenant with the Lord apart from all idolatry, with the ultimate intention of welcoming in again the manifest Glory of God to our land.

7-22… Full circle moment! Can’t make this up. Pray with us to see the full restoration of God’s glory, and the full reconstitution of His covenant purposes for Colorado Springs and the nation. In Jesus’ Name!