SPECIAL CALL SUNDAY—BREAK THE IMPASSE! 9-11pm EST. With Anne Tate of Glory of Zion, HAPN national director Lynn Alderson, HAPN Kingdom Culture leader Yolanda McCune, Jodi Wood of New York Intercessors, Audrey Pannier, Sharon Stone, Judy Wade of CA, more. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

PLEASE JOIN US TONIGHT for an important call. It’s time to break the impasse regarding the border wall! Too much is at stake for this to continue. Especially when you consider how many government workers are now struggling to make ends meet. 

Our government is being paralyzed by a few leaders who have seemingly agreed never to negotiate with the Trump administration. It was amazing to discover these same leaders supported the border wall just a few years ago as part of a broader strategy on border protection.

Now an ungodly alliance, forged by an ungodly covenant, sealed by an ungodly handshake, is holding America hostage to their will. 

I know it sounds like a bad gangster movie. And for a bad gangster movie, doesn’t it seem kinda like a rerun? From just a few months ago? Like, slightly different scenario but all the same actors as the Brett Kavanaugh hearing was hijacked using the same tactics? 

Here’s a word over this situation as we pray. Once again the tables will be turned. The cause of competent, humanitarian border protection will indeed prevail. Maybe even within a week. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

I want to remind Lamplighter readers that restoring homeland security is perhaps the most important calling of the Trump presidency. I’m not being political here, but prophetic. The first dream I ever had from the Lord regarding Donald Trump, in January 2016, conveyed him winning a contract to restore homeland security. I saw black and hispanic women dancing through the gates, shouting praises to the Lord for His goodness! 

Trump was later voted into office with this very platform as the will of the American people.

It is clear to all that as we restore our gatekeeping capacities through increased border protection, we must also fix our broken immigration system. This is only just. Time for a new way forward!

So join us tonight for an important call. Lets see the Lord break the impasse. Lets see Him break the shake, and establish this new way forward for America.  IT’S TIME!