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Like you, Jolene and I are celebrating through tears today at the passing of Billy Graham. The man who preached Christ to billions, filled stadiums for decades, who guided presidents, who powerfully countered racism and communism, who extended relief to the ends of the earth in Jesus’ Name, carried himself with  a noble purity and humility to his very end. His passing this morning marks a major milestone for the body of Christ—and for the nation.

As I’ve prayed this morning, I was astounded to see a bald eagle circling over the Capitol building then flying over the Potomac River. God’s eagle is soaring!

Throughout our watches and posts during this time, we have emphasized prophetically that this season marks the beginning of a new phase of God’s work in our nation. God’s “Turnaround Verdict” for America is in play. A “burning lamp awakening” is being released. 222, Purim, and now Billy Graham’s passing are all demarcations of this new season. 

For decades, the Lord has highlighted to many prophets that Billy Graham’s journey to glory will signal the release of a new move of God’s Spirit in awakening and harvest. A martyr’s harvest for a living martyr’s seed. Others, including Jolene and me, have been prophesying about how the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth marks the beginning of a new move of the Spirit. 

We are clearly now at this doorway. 

Most of you know how the Lord arrested me this October 31—the 500th anniversary of the Reformation—to write our new book “The Midnight Cry.” It’s all about a midnight awakening where we rise up and tend our lamps with fresh fire. A burning lamp awakening.

Last night at our home group, on 2-20, the Lord moved powerfully with fresh fire. Several friends joined us from across the nation. It’s hard to put into words what happened. But the prophetic expressions were accompanied by impartations of what we were all perceiving. I am not exaggerating when saying that what occurred was at a level beyond what we’ve yet experienced here. Bonnie Frey began to weep and prophesy about the fire of God’s genuine love. Katherine Watsey saw a real-time vision of coals of fire being released. She began to prophesy about prophetic camps and fire being released that will never be quenched. Sue Ekenberg perceived the seraphim were releasing coals of fire as in Isaiah 6. Jolene declared the refining fire. She then made all our hearts skip a beat as she prophesied, “fire alarm!” Jay Cominsky prophesied about the Elijah anointing and the coming harvest. I say this simply to honor the supernatural unity and synergy granted by the Lord Himself. Agreeing that the fire kindled will never go out!

To me it seemed a confirmation that this burning lamp awakening has been ignited. Even to prepare the way of the Lord. Billy Graham carried this torch as a Moses to this generation. And now the torch is being passed.