Did you know the Pilgrims launched their mission on 7-22?

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FIRST—WE ARE NINE DAYS AWAY from the 7-22 gathering at Faneuil Hall! Please keep the gathering, including speakers and all who are attending, in prayer. It’s an honor of a lifetime to return to Faneuil Hall to host the gathering. 

And it’s no coincidence the 7-22 gathering is being held during the three weeks of repentance, fasting and prayer known in Jewish tradition as “Dire Straits” or “Between the Narrow Straits.”The time of mourning commemorates the destruction of the First Temple by Babylon, and Second Temple by the Romans, whose global governance was largely seen as a recurrence of Babylon in their time. The time concludes on Tisha b’Av, the date which marks the time God’s people initially rejected God’s call to take the Promised Land, and were disciplined with 40 years in the wilderness. It is extraordinary that the destruction of both temples came within this same short period of time! 

The word of God declares that this time of fasting and mourning will eventually be turned into blessing and feasting. We want to help prepare the way for this occur—first through repentance! But it is VERY important to understand that repentance means to “turn” or “move in the opposite direction.” 

Because in our day, America stands between Babylon and a Covenant Nation. We have indeed made progress. If we do not more fully turn from Babylon, similar to the covenant land of Israel we face the prospect of being given over to Babylon and its judgement. 

The Pilgrims—Exodus from Babylon of their Time
“Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord” (2 Corinthians 6:17). America was dedicated to God as a beach-head against anti-christ dictatorship. The founders of this Nation discerned Babylon’s corruption within the globalist monarchies of their day. Derided as Pilgrims and Separatists, the founders launched an exodus from such empires to forge a freedom nation in covenant with God. And miraculously this covenant of freedom has been passed on, from this ground, to every generation since. 

Yet in our generation we have largely acquiesced to powers seeking to impose the spirit and values of Babylon upon our land. Our covenantal foundations are being rejected in favor of open defiance of God’s heart and law. God forgive us! 

The Commitment of our Fathers…
As President George W. Bush noted after 9-11-11, the commitment of our fathers is the calling of our time.Our forefathers risked all to protect us from Babylon and establish a Covenant Nation empowering freedom, where societal injustice could be corrected and every tongue, tribe and nation could flourish. We acknowledge today that the commitment of our fathers is the calling of our time. WE HEREBY EMBRACE THIS CALLING AND RESPONSIBILITY AS OUR OWN.

The Pilgrims Launched on 7-22!
Here’s a fact that is both astonishing and encouraging, especially to this “son of a Pilgrim.” According to historical documents, the Pilgrims launched their exodus from Holland to the “new world” ON JULY 22, 1620! 

You got it, 7-22. 

I had no idea of this fact when, while praying in the shower in spring 2014, Holy Spirit spoke to rent Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22 because on that date the Lord would release His Daniel 7:22 verdict in favor of the saints of America. Talk about a full-circle moment! From the very beginning, the Lord has ordered our journey as a living witness to “complete the turnaround” begun by the Pilgrims, and thereby perpetuate His covenantal legacy in our land. 

And that’s really good news as we move between these narrow straits. Babylon must not, and will not prevail!