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TURNAROUND TUESDAYS—Beginning June 22! Focused prayer for sons and daughters as well as for God’s shifts in government across the land.

June 17-19 Key of David House of Prayer, Ft. Myers FL
June 22 Victory Church of His Presence, Sarasota FL
June 24 Centro Christiano El Shaddai, Clearwater FL
June 26 Victory Church of His Presence, Sarasota FL

BEGINNING 7-22! Ancient of Days Tour—Alaska, West Coast

“SHAKE THE SAND OFF! It’s time to move forward again. It’s time to rediscover your Father and the inheritance He has for you…”

Every Glory Train tour has been defined by a specific manifestation of God’s nature, character, and promise He is now releasing to His people. This promise, from a posting one week ago today, is launching us into the next phase of our journey together. The Suncoast is arising! The Father is drawing you close. And He is moving you He is beginning to move you out of a wilderness season into a season of spiritual growth and possession of your inheritance. This is both on a personal level and a national level. And that’s really good news. 

Here’s a prophetic swirl that conveys the extraordinary tapestry the Lord is forming. 

Out of the Wilderness—Bob Jones Prophecy Over Us!
Sunday marked Lamplighter’s 14th birthday. Jolene and I launched Lamplighter Ministries on June 6, 2007, stepping out on a prophetic word from Bob Jones about coming out of the wilderness! 

The date June 6, 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of the restoration of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. And a year beforehand, Bob Jones spoke over Jolene and I that, beginning on this date, He was going to move His Bride OUT OF THE WILDERNESS AND INTO THE SPIRIT. 

In Bob’s word he compelled Jolene and me to focus on this date for our own transition into this coming movement. Out of the wilderness. Divorced from historic idolatry and restored covenantally to Him. Because He taught us that covenant restoration unlocks the release of His glory in the land and the inheritance He has called us to possess! 

We’ve seen the Lord move powerfully according to this focus ever since. But what we are about to experience is even greater!

Out of the Wilderness! Dream on 2-22-20
On February 22, 2020, I had a dream where Jolene and I were moving down a highway towards my father’s house.  The dream clearly conveyed a coming season where the remnant of the wilderness season is removed from us, and we deepen our relationship with the Father while moving into the inheritance He has for us. The word shared last Wednesday is literally the completion of this dream. 

I’ll share the full dream with you in a moment. But lets fast forward to today. Jolene and I are traveling now in Florida to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday. Like many of you, time with family has had to be pushed way down the road due to the coronavirus crisis. Which makes today the first time we will see my Dad in a year and a half. 

The date the dream was given, 2-22-2020, is an intentional reference to Isaiah 22:22, which conveys God’s covenantal shift from evil rulership to godly rulership. The Key of David is given to a godly ruler named Eliakim, who is summoned as a genuine father to his land. Further he is given the prophecy that he “will become a throne of glory to his Father’s house!” 

The Father’s house a throne of glory. That said, is it any coincidence that we begin our “Suncoast Rising Tour” at the Key of David House of Prayer? 

I didn’t make this up. In the first place, you simply can’t make this up. But keep in mind that most of this Suncoast tour, including our first stop, was actually set up by Chris Mitchell. And this prophetic swirl is so fresh I haven’t even gotten the chance to share it yet with Chris.

As I said, the intersection of time regarding this dream is super intentional on the Father’s part. The window is opening for us to move out of the wilderness and into our covenant destiny with Him! From the original post:

Dream: Highway from Wilderness to the Father’s House
In my dream on 2-22-2020, Jolene and I were going to meet my Dad. It was very foggy out. I turned right on to a large highway, following the route I would normally take on our regular visits. We were headed to meet Dad by the ocean. Note that in the natural, he does not have an oceanfront home. Yet, at least…

A road block block was ahead which forced me off my normal route. It directed us to the right, on a very wide arc. The pathway on the road was lit with flares because of two separate accidents, one on either side of road. Though they had just occurred, firemen were already on the scene treating the wounded. The arc detour continued to direct us across the road on to the driveway of a white service station, through the service station and on to the highway again. 

(Note that in this 2020 dream, dense fog and two accidents mandated we pull off of two highways and into a rest stop. The imagery conveys the obstacles of this past year with pretty high accuracy).

I pulled into the filling station and decided to refresh and get gas. Jolene got out of the car to get us both drinks. I called my Dad to let him know I would be 15 minutes late. Because the route through the filling station was a parallel road to the regular route, just not the highway. 

When I opened up car door to get gas, all of the sudden large amounts of sand fell out! It was as if the sand appeared out of nowhere. Looking around the car, I discovered another massive pile of sand piled in the instrument panel with the speedometer. I had to clean the car of piles of sand I did not even know were there. Where had all this sand one from? 

While praying over the dream, the word of the Lord came to me:

This is a time where I am bringing to the surface unseen consequences of your past disobedience which have accumulated without you knowing, so that you can be internally cleansed and refreshed. I desire to cleanse you from the wilderness! Even the dimension of the wilderness where you have dwelt. Therefore I have offered you a stopping place for cleansing, refreshment and a fresh start. 

For as you have prophesied I am bringing my people through the cleansing waters into their inheritance at this time. Passover 2020 marks the true beginning of the season to possess the land. In this season I have called many to return to the secret place for rest and refreshment to conquer in the days ahead!

For many decided to press forward when I told them to stop, says the Lord. They understood the times but disregarded aspects of their condition tied to the wilderness. Therefore a hard stop was mandated. 

And the Lord is saying, your rest stop becomes your gateway out of the wilderness!

Eliakim—Establishing a Throne of Glory
As mentioned, the dream was given to me on 2-22-2020. The date is significant for many reasons. First, it was the birthday of George Washington, known as the father of the nation. Second and perhaps more importantly, Isaiah 22:22 conveys the passing of keys of rulership from an evil ruler named Shebna to a man of integrity named Eliakim, son of Hilkiah. 

“I will hand your authority over to him, and he will become a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. Then I will put the key of the house of David on his shoulder; when he opens, no one will shut, when he shuts, no one will open. I will drive him like a peg in a firm place, and he will become a throne of glory to his father’s house” (Isaiah 22:22-23). 

Eliakim was hand-selected by the Lord as a  father to the house of Israel and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. You could say he was a leader of a fathering movement in his day, even for his nation. And he was given authority to establish his sphere as a “throne of glory!”

Maybe it’s not a coincidence the name Eliakim means “God of arising” or “God of awakening. Mark my words. In this transition, the Lord is raising up many Eliakims to inherit seats of authority now occupied by rulers not honoring God or serving the people entrusted to them. We are entering a season of sonship and fathering. This is all part of the restoration of God’s governmental glory in a new season of awakening!

My final point on this is perhaps the most important for this season. Note that Eliakim was called by the Lord to establish a “throne of glory” to His Father’s house. This is exactly what the Lord is calling forth at this hour. We’re not looking any more just for a momentary visitation. Instead we are seeking for God’s governmental glory to abide! And He is granting us authority. He is granting us capability to establish apostolic centers, resting places along the highway, for His glory to be enthroned and magnified in our land. 

A Signpost on Your Highway
In many ways this word is a signpost along the highway we are now all re-entering. Even the seeming “coincidences” are meant to show you the destination ahead! Again, for the first time in a year and a half we are right now traveling on a literal highway to see my father. This is occurring right around the anniversary of the date we stepped out on Bob Jones’ word. Out of the wilderness and into the Spirit! This defines our transition…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Lets close with the prophetic word from a week ago, when the Lord first began to help me see the extraordinary tapestry He has been weaving together. The time for His release is clearly now at hand.

The Father is issuing you an invitation to know Him better. A season of cleansing from the wilderness is literally culminating right now with a transition anchored in sonship and fathering. 

Shake the sand off! It’s time to move forward again. It’s time to rediscover your Father and the inheritance He has for you, which even transcends time. Promotions into your Eliakim calling will occur. Covenant pathways will become clear. You will receive new keys of access. Your times and seasons will become more fully aligned. You will even see the Lord redeem time for you that seemingly was lost. Always remember that your Father’s house is a house of glory. And it’s time for God’s “Eliakim company” to arise!

A move of Holy Spirit long promised is now absolutely at hand. You’re coming out of the wilderness and into the Spirit! You’re entering into a greater, wholistic relationship with your heavenly Father. He is so good! And you are entering into a new season of possessing the inheritance the Lord has sworn to give you. 

Now arise to glory! 

Prayer for Release from Wilderness
Father it’s time for Your covenant people to be cleansed and fully released from the wilderness. I say with You, LET MY PEOPLE GO! Lord now bring a season of revealing, cleansing, refreshing and re-strengthening for all who are reading this. Get the sand out! Revitalize and refresh Your people. Send them through the gateway of their stopping point on to the highway of the Father’s house and their covenant destiny. In Jesus’ Name!