CALL TONIGHT! 9pm est. On the eve of the National Day of Prayer, we will be praying together for our Nation. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!


BY MY SPIRIT, SAYS THE LORD! Remember that tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. I’m excited to say that, from the halls of Congress to churches across our land, our nation will be erupting with intercession for America! Lets declare together, NO KING BUT JESUS. Further, lets release Holy Spirit to move in power! Lets declare that HOLY SPIRIT IS THE SPIRITUAL UNDERCURRENT AND OVERARCHING INFLUENCE IN OUR LAND.

‘By My Spirit’ Prayer Watch
I feel strongly the Lord desires us to launch into a new prayer project tonight. From tomorrow, May 1 and the National Day of Prayer, through Pentecost this June 4, lets press in fully to what God has for this season. Since returning from Sierra Leone, I have been hearing the simple instruction of the Lord being emphasized again and again. Neither our politics, our fortunes, nor our military might can cause us to prevail through this hour of peril. It’s “‘By My Spirit,’” says the Lord.

Interestingly those were among the first words out of Jolene’s mouth when I asked her what the Lord has been showing her the previous few weeks.

Five Requests
So tomorrow we begin the “By My Spirit” Prayer Watch. To fully engage, I am asking you to respond to five simple requests.

Daily Keep Watch. I suggest you carve out an hour or two in the morning or evening and keep watch faithfully through Pentecost. Maybe you can only commit to consistently doing 15 minutes—that’s fantastic! The point is to meet with the Lord consistently during this period, retaining and obeying what He shows you.

Daily Receive the Table of the Lord. Between tomorrow and Pentecost, receive communion every day. Spend time actually communing. Talk with the Lord as if He were actually with you at the Table. Because He is!

Daily Invoke His Presence. Cultivate the Presence of God in your own heart and in your environment. Worship. We strongly suggest playing praise music 24/7 in your home. Spend time reviewing Zechariah 4—by My Spirit—and Acts 1 and 2 especially.

Daily Pray for God’s Move. Remember how the disciples were commissioned by Jesus to pray until the power came! Pray for your region. Cover Washington DC and the Nation in prayer. Cover us! Pray until Holy Spirit begins to move in power.

Weekly Engage in Corporate Prayer. Get on our conference calls! Go to the weekly intercession meeting at church. Invite some friends over for a meal and prayer. Take the time to meet with God together, because in this season He wants to release corporate prophetic experiences, where we discover His glory together. That’s really the blessing of the Upper Room!

Keep Watch
It’s important to note that we usually call these focused seasons “prayer projects.” But this time, I felt the Lord emphasizing a different terminology. He wants us to watch with Him. Watching to restrain what the enemy is doing—and more importantly in this season, to birth and empower what the Lord is accomplishing! So from the National Day of Prayer through Pentecost, lets be like the Sons of Issachar and KEEP WATCH!

Covenant blessings to each of you,

Jon & Jolene

Note: Jon & Jolene are dedicating May to focused prayer for DC and the nation, with ministry engagements purposefully limited. Please believe God with them for full financial provision to meet their budget during this time. Donations are totally appreciated! [click here]