IMPORTANT PRAYER CALL TONIGHT! Bill and Marlene Brubaker leading the call. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

Lamplighter family,

As of yesterday, Jolene and I are officially on a long-awaited vacation.Hallelujah! Which means that I wouldn’t be on the call tonight. However, Bill and Marlene Brubaker always take prayer to new levels on our calls. Join tonight with “ma and pa” of the Lamplighter family for breakthrough.

Here are a few prayer topics which are vital to cover throughout the next few days.

First—please continue to pray for the victims of the unprecedented Louisiana flood which devastated many communities in Baton Rouge region. The courage of so many has been so inspiring. Pray for Tony Perkins, the leader of Family Research Council whose home was lost in the flood. Pray for prayer leaders Roger and Sharon Mershbach, Betsy Bilbruck and others as they reach out. Pray for a stream of provision to rebuild. And lets declare the Lord sits as King over the flood!

Second—please cover our precious friend Lana Vawser and her family. Lana’s prophetic words for America have brought great inspiration to us all. When she returned to her native land Australia after her latest US tour, she experienced significant backlash, especially physically. THIS IS NOT OK! I promised Lana that the Lamplighter family would extend our prayer covering over her for speedy healing and fresh breakthrough.

Please pray for us too—for rest and revelation. Unexpectedly, as we began our drive down to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach yesterday morning, the Lord suddenly began to speak to us about the coming season and coming year. So exciting!

I can’t wait to share. And I know there’s more. So please keep us in prayer, ok? For real.

That said, I promised Jolene that we’d take a solid week for just the two of us. So we’ll just let the revelation from the Lord marinate and mature in our spirits until next week. This past week has been strategic beyond compare. So we’ll definitely have much to share!

And until then, just know that Jesus has appointed you to victory in this transition season. We’ve staked our claim for turnaround. Watch now how the Lord begins to crown your “turnaround vav” with His government and glory. Amen! Covenant blessings to each of you. AND NO KING BUT JESUS!