Revolution DC 2016! Dec. 8-11, 2016. Thrones of Glory! With Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, Martin Frankena, Abby Abildness, Jamie Fitt, more. Whole Word-the Gate, Oakton VA. More information at


TUESDAY PRAYER CALL! 9pm EST. TONIGHT we will be sharing strategy and mobilizing prayer for Revolution 2016. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

Dear Jesus Forerunners,

God is moving! It seems like a divine spark has suddenly touched a great many hearts. Throughout this past week we’ve been receiving calls and emails from friends across the nation that they’re coming to Revolution. That’s great news!

We could not be more delighted. Revolution this year feels very different, in our priorities and even in how we are approaching the gathering. Today I want to share with you what we sense the Lord is emphasizing for a new way forward.

Turnaround 2016, Glory 2017
Remember that last year with the Glory Train, the Lord focused us on national turnaround. Bonnie Jones prophesied to us, “Turnaround for 2016, and the restoration of God’s glory for 2017.” She recounted to us how March 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the date her late husband Bob Jones saw “Ichabod” written over the church. Of course, there has always been a witness of God’s glory through these years, but not of the magnitude we have longed for. Bob always carried with him a private sense that this season of discipline would be lifted in March 2017, and that the Glory of the Lord would begin to be more fully restored.

I don’t think anyone could argue that we have received God’s intended turnaround this year, at least in its genesis. And according to this same prophetic directive, today He is compelling us to focus on seeing His glory restored. It’s time for “Ichabod” to be erased over the doors of the American church. It’s time for a move of the Spirit to sweep through our land!

Summoned to See Jesus
And we are structuring the Revolution conference accordingly. There’s something sacred in God’s heart for this gathering, provoking a strong conviction among us not to touch the Ark of His glory with the arm of the flesh.

Even to stabilize it.

It’s almost like the shepherds watching in the field the night Jesus was born. They were summoned to an amazing gathering—life changing— by God, not man. They were summoned to see Jesus.

So as we invite you, we have also felt a restraining hand from striving too hard in our own promotion or persuasion. We plan, but with a conviction that the breath of God and the birthing of His purposes must have free course. Our success this year is ultimately dependent not on the speakers or the crowd but on the Lord moving in our midst. Establishing His Throne of Glory.

Some would say, to focus a conference this way isn’t revolutionary, it’s nuts! And don’t think I haven’t sought the Lord on this. The good news is that if God decides not to show, there’s always a great Mexican restaurant right down the street. Best queso you will ever taste. And it’s actually not too expensive…

But I have full confidence He will show up. He will move in our midst, and we together will experience His glory! The worship will lift us, our speakers will enrich us. And we will be surrounded by a collaborative community from throughout the region and across the nation, united in heart and purpose. Receiving together real-time prophetic revelation and apostolic synergy that sets the course for the future. We are being summoned to see Jesus.

Lamplighter family, whether you’re able to join us or not I do ask that you stand with us for God’s visitation, His enrichment in the lives of all who attend, and His provision for the gathering. Please be in faith also for minimum budget of $12,000.

A New Way Forward—Five Distinctives
OK. Here are just a few thoughts on key distinctives of Revolution this year—and really the “crown and throne movement.” Together they constitute a new way forward.

  1. Throne of Glory. Empowering individuals, families, churches, etc. to establish their spheres as a Throne of Glory through covenant alignment, worship, and Throne Room synergy. James Nesbit and Jamie Fitt will be leading us in prophetic worship that connects us to God’s throne, and to our own hearts. Abby Abildness has given her life to see our government restored according to the kind intentions of our founders as a Throne of Glory. Rick and Patti Ridings have ministered into Washington DC and Jerusalem Israel with a prophetic focus to see His Throne of Glory established!
  2. Covenant Alignment. Welcome to the year 5777! Hebraically, seven is the number of covenant. And the journey of these past seven years as been all about the reconstitution of God’s national covenant with our land. Through the Glory Train last year with Jon & Jolene, we’ve seen the turnaround window open nationally. And as we continue to align with His covenant, we’re going to see His glory restored!
  3. Collaborative Community. Both the guest ministers, the host leaders and most who are gathering are united in heart and purpose. We’re family. And something amazing happens when we connect in our friendship and in our authority. Collaborative community is a major prophetic invitation from the Lord this year. By this we can become a Throne of Glory!

    Bill and Marlene Brubaker have exemplified this for the Lamplighter family. Our host pastors Pitts and Mary Evans, David and Tracy Ruleman, Yooshik and Suna Seo lead their respective communities together at the Whole Word campus to harness this potential.

  4. Personal Breakthrough. All of us need a fresh cleansing from the spiritual intensity of recent engagements. Heaven’s court is ready to grant us freedom from present challenges and generational bondages. Friday’s seminar with Martin Frankena will impart and equip you for this reality. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a day can make!
  5. Real-time Prophetic Revelation. It’s not by might nor by power but by God’s Spirit that the real victories of the Kingdom are secured. James Nesbit often teaches about the sons of Issachar, who were gifted to understand the times. And that’s exactly what we need—real-time prophetic revelation that positions us for success!
  6. Israel and the Nations. We can’t effectively stand for God’s covenant to be established in our own nation without first aligning with God’s covenant with Israel, and his heart for the nations of the earth. I have gained great inspiration from Rick and Patti Ridings, Pitts Evans, Ed Watts, Bill and Connie Wilson and others for This will be a major focus of our onsite prayer Friday as well as a theme throughout the conference.
  7. Throne Room Synergy—Heaven’s Court. You might remember Jolene’s recent vision of the Lion of the tribe of Judah shaking His mane. It was literally a picture, in real-time, of a Throne of Glory!

    The Lord was moving with and responding to the dance of worship and intercession with His people who surrounded Him. We are now entering a dimension of creative collaboration with the Lord, with Heaven’s Court, that will become very real to us. Lets experience the majesty of Throne room synergy. No King but Jesus!