TURN THE STORM TOUR—13 COLONIES—growing itinerary below our posting!

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DEAR FRIENDS,FRIENDS, A STORM IS COMING. We are fast approaching a defining moment in history. I personally believe it will be similar in this regard to 9-11-01. But the good news is, we together can TURN THE STORM. 

Two mornings ago I awoke to a strong sense of God’s presence. Revelation began to flow, and a question was answered. For almost a year I have been seeking the Lord about a coming 13 colonies journey, including the name of the tour. 

“Turn the Storm” was the whisper from the Presence. I sensed the Lord saying, “You cannot avert the coming storm. But you CAN TURN IT so the winds blow you, and the waves take you, in the right direction. Turn the ship and turn the storm!”

With this, we are excited to be launching the “Turn the Storm Tour” September 1-13, with a pre-launch commissioning in Jacksonville Florida beforehand. Make plans now to join us! 

Below are a few more of the revelatory insights on the coming season. I hope it resonates with what you’re hearing. And thank you for praying!

Thirteen Dynamics of Coming Season
The coming season marks a defining moment in national and global history. You are already moving through the threshold. In this new season:

1. Circumstances will demand an awakening from complacency. 

2. Your light gets refined so that it shines even brighter. Much brighter. 

3. The Bride becomes a House of Prayer. First love devotion to Jesus will be restored! 

4. Leadership transition marks the beginning of an exodus.
—Like Elisha—follow me into the cities I am about to visit!
—Like Elisha—pick up the mantle I have prepared for you by the Jordan. A double portion awaits! 

5. Prepare the Bride for Israel. Hanukkah key.

6. Repair your lampstands! I have redeemed your times so that My bride does not miss her appointed hour.

7. I AM HERE. Fellowship with Holy Spirit restored. Resurgence of Gideon anointing and calling! Marks restoration of Revere calling.

8. Embrace new season of personal discipline. Spiritually and physically.

9. Conception leads to birth. New birth of freedom, even in midst of peril. Like Miriam & Joseph. New Birth of Freedom tour 2023. 

10. Return to daily Communion. Leads to Communion with Holy Spirit.

11. Your RESTORED IDENTITY becomes your NEW IDENTITY that I can expand upon. Upgrades in identity!

11. You will KNOW THE TIMES ahead of time.

12. MOVE DC through prayer. The year 2023 will bring a renewed focus on prayer for Capitol cities. Prepare the way of the Lord! 

13. Times of peril. LOAD YOUR WEAPON! In other words, prepare, train with, and use the weapons of spiritual warfare I have given you.

Note: times, dates, locations subject to change. Please see posts for updated information. No King but Jesus!

August 26 Commissioning, Jacksonville FL details TBA
Sept. 1 Thursday Launch, 7pm Remnant Church, Brunswick GA
With Jamie & Redonnia Jackson
Sept. 2 Friday Charleston SC, details TBA
With Judy Jackson
Sept. 3 Saturday Jacksonville (Camp LeJeune) details TBA
With Mary Medford
Sept. 4 Sunday Virginia Beach VA details TBA
With Chris Mitchell Jr
Sept. 5 Monday (Labor Day) Yorktown VA details TBA
With Chris Mitchell Jr
Sept. 6 Tuesday Ocean City MD location TBA
With Robert & Annette Stagmer, Randy Walter
Sept. 7 Wednesday 7pm Destiny Church Dover DE
With Dale & Luanne Mast
Sept. 8 Thursday 7pm Valley Shore AG, Old Saybrook CT
With Janet LeBoutillier
Sept. 9 Friday morning Providence RI details TBA
Sept. 9 Friday evening Kingdom Awakening, Kingston NH
With Myles & Leza Milham
Sept. 10 Saturday Boston MA details TBA
Sept. 11 Sunday Boston to NYC details TBA
Sept. 12 Monday Trenton NJ details TBA
Sept. 13 Tuesday 7pm Philadelphia Tabernacle of David PA
With Jamie Fitt