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24” and Donald “Jack Bauer” Trump
What in God’s name is going on in Washington DC? It’s like “24” all over again! This time in real life.

You might remember Jack Bauer, from the real-time television thriller “24.” He saved his life, saved his marriage and kids, saved his colleagues, saved the economic infrastructures of our land, saved Secretaries of State and Presidents, saved major American cities, all the while tracking down ruthless terrorists resolved to destroy our way of life.

Jack Bauer could accomplish more in 24 hours than anybody—without slowing down. That is, until the Trump presidency began…

Just within the first few days, Donald Trump halted American taxpayer funding for abortions in foreign lands. He rescinded the Trans-Pacific trade deal, which violated American sovereignty. He freezed all US government hiring. In separate meetings he connected with the heads of business, the heads of the US auto industry, and the heads of major trade unions. He restarted the Keystone pipeline project.

Trump visited CIA headquarters. He met with top Congressional leaders in a social gathering designed to build rapport and break down walls. And later today he is visiting Homeland Security headquarters to announce plans to build the Mexican border wall.

Donald “Jack Bauer” Trump has also allegedly dismantled the White House’s Islamic prayer room, which previously qualified our nation’s highest throne to be listed among the mosques of metro DC. No King but Jesus…

So tonight we’ll pray for the Trump Administration. We’ll share insights from the inauguration and these first few groundbreaking days.

The Figure 8—Sealing Covenant at White House
Let me close with two prophetic insights. For the past few days I’ve strolled and prayed around the White House. Now I don’t want to make more of this than it warrants. But the Lord conveyed to me in a very unique way His affirmation of the covenant restoration that has occurred, releasing American into a “New Birth of Freedom.”

Call me seasoned or skeptical, but as a veteran of many prayer journeys I am aware of intercessory tendencies to make more of something than it really is. That said, During Trump’s first Monday I felt unusually impressed by God’s Spirit to walk the grounds surrounding the White House in a “figure 8” fashion. You might remember that the Lord sealed His covenant with Abraham in similar fashion, with a smoking fire pot and a burning lamp moving in a “figure 8” pathway around the elements of His covenant on the altar Abraham built. By this I knew the Lord was emphasizing His covenant with the land, with Washington DC, and even with the White House has been sealed.

When I returned home, I stood dripping in the doorway while Jolene excitedly told me all the news that had just transpired. By Executive Order, American taxpayer funding for abortion in foreign lands had ceased. America’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal had been rescinded. It was this trade deal the warned me about two years beforehand in a dream. Researching the deal, I discovered Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, both warned how it established a trans-national government with authority over the sovereignty of America.

The Lamplighter family has been praying ever since.

It is my conviction these two orders were as first-fruit offerings to the Lord, pleasing to His heart. They both dealt with primary challenges to America’s covenantal relationship with the Lord, stemming the tide of both abortion and the globalist agenda that has so infiltrated our ranks. This may be a stretch, but it was no coincidence the Lord led me to walk and declare His covenant at this very time.

Red Carpet Inauguration—Extraordinary Confirmation
That evening a dramatic confirmation literally walked through our doors. We host a deliberately small home group on Mondays. But this time we were unexpectedly flooded by intercessors. Maureen Bravo, a leader from the Orlando area, led the group. They came from Australia and Hawaii, Romania, Los Angeles and Kansas City. Their sole assignment from the Lord was to declare the sealing of God’s covenant with America during the Inauguration.

Can’t make this stuff up.

These intercessors even brought with them to DC a red carpet, which they rolled out for King Jesus at David’s Tent immediately following the inauguration.

Now everything up to this moment could simply be explained as coincidence, a common pursuit which intuitively joins people of like, precious faith. But the red carpet you cannot make up.

We launched the Glory Train from Hawaii on March 4, 2016 with a conference call to the Lamplighter family. Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs shared. And our friend Martin Frankena, a high level prophet gifted in healing and deliverance, also joined us. Martin prophesied on the call launch the Glory Train about a red carpet being rolled out for the King of kings. This red carpet would be unravelled in each city we went to. He admonished us to stay with Jesus on the red carpet and not to venture beyond its boundaries.

Red Carpet. What are the chances that a pastor from Romania would hear from the Lord that He wanted a red carpet to welcome His glory into Washington DC? Or that this red carpet would be rolled out for Jesus on Inauguration Day at David’s Tent on the National Mall?

You cannot make this stuff up. Serious. I just want to share with you the extraordinary intentionality of God’s heart. As we’ve shared previously, the inauguration of our 45th President coincided with an even greater inauguration, that of a King who likewise makes no apologies about his power. Covenant with Christ has been restored, and now covenant with Christ is being established.