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Tomorrow we depart Seattle for Alaska on the final leg of our West Coast tour, joining Kathleen Liska, Candy Sunderland, and many other friends for an incredible weekend conference. It will be so exciting to minister on this next phase of God’s turnaround in the state prophesied by Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets as a throne for the Ancient of Days. Judgement in favor of the saints! That said, please we need your prayers. 

Last week the Lord began to compel us to pray for fresh collaboration and teamwork within the Trump administration. More on this below. But things are definitely TURNING in this regard in Washington DC. Today it was announced that Rex Tillerson has been shifted out of his role as Secretary of State, with Mike Pompeo leaving the Directorate of the CIA to step in as President Trump’s new Secretary. This is a very wise decision. Former Secretary Tillerson did a solid job breaking ground for the transition of the Department of State into its new season. As Pompeo takes the helm, he is being widely hailed for his clarity on Russian threats, North Korea, longstanding support for Israel, his fostering of solid, collaborative teamwork within the Agency, and for maintaining a solid working relationship with President Trump. In a world where intelligence and diplomacy consistently intersect, his reputation for competence and teamwork is an amazing gift to our nation. 

And history is being made today as veteran intelligence officer Gina Haspel has been tapped by President Trump to replace Pompeo, becoming the first woman ever chosen to direct the Central Intelligence Agency. This is a really big deal. The fact that she was promoted from within the ranks over prospective candidates from the political world is also a really big deal. Haspel’s competence as a career agent is legendary. According to news reports, she has received several prestigious awards, including the George H. W. Bush Award for excellence in counterterrorism, the Donovan Award, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the Presidential Rank Award, which recognizes individuals for “exceptional performance over an extended period of time.”

We congratulate both new CIA Director Gina Haspel and new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Lamplighter family, lets commit to undergird them in constant, fervent prayer for their respective offices. 

Spring Training—New Teamwork for Turnaround
As mentioned before, last week the Lord began to really compel us to pray for fresh collaboration and teamwork within the Trump administration. Lets continue with this focus. Here’s the back story. 

Last Tuesday Jolene was on a private call where Chuck Pierce’s recent encounter regarding angelic councils and apostolic/prophetic roundtables was discussed. This is dear to our hearts as we have long felt a call to facilitate roundtables in Washington DC, and have hosted many. Chuck apparently sensed the Lord speaking about these new roundtables emerging this spring. 

Immediately Jolene heard the Lord speak about “Spring Training.” That in the spring we are beginning to launch into fuller training for a new season of war. More on this in future postings. But in Jolene’s own words:

“The Lord put ‘spring’ and ‘training’ together for me, and just like spring training have to get lighter, more disciplined in their lives, to prepare for whats ahead.” It’s time for new training centers to get off the ground. No more delay. And it’s time to get up off the couch and back into ultimate fighting weight, to get strengthened.”

We are staying with Bill and Marlene Brubaker, and they added: 

“What you do in spring training will determine your entire performance the rest of the year. This training is designed to sharpen the skills that you already have. Spring cleaning, removing clutter, letting go of cloaks tied to past identities and what we were doing in the past. It’s time to throw off things of past that would hinder us from moving forward into the new season.”

Great insight to take to heart and act upon. As the prophetic swirl stirred up, I also remembered a dream from 2016 conveying the great potential the Lord was offering the Trump Administration in this season. There’s apparently been a lot of chaos and subversion in the past. However it doesn’t have to remain. As you’ll see, the Lord is calling for a new season of teamwork, collaboration, and ultimately victory. 

This dream, featuring spring training for a baseball team, was received on May 21, 2016. But it absolutely speaks into our time. We posted it in its entirety the same day, and released it several times since, even including it in our new book “Midnight Cry.” I wholeheartedly believe it prophetically conveys the potential opening for the Trump Administration to attain in this season. 

That said, I believe the dream also conveys some of the challenges we will be entering into very shortly. Dream is below. 

Hey! Today I have good news for you. Great news. I awoke this morning from an incredible dream from the Lord. The dream conveyed a major aspect of the “turnaround window” God is making available to all of us personally, and our nation. 

Amazingly, the dream included Donald Trump. The beginning of the dream had something to do with a train station, but I cannot remember the details. Then Jolene and I were in the stands of a baseball field for batting practice. The team seemed to be owned by Donald Trump, but he was also one of the players. 

I wasn’t on the field. But we were friends with Trump and helped guide the team to advance. More on this in a moment.

We were observing batting practice, talking with another friend named Julie. She and her husband are mighty prayer warriors who are also successful in business. I commented to Julie, “It’s incredible that the man is 70 years old, yet hits almost every ball so strongly.” She replied “Yeah, that is so true.” I then said, “He doesn’t always hit the ball out of the park, but he always hits in the outfield, and always gets on base!”

I felt it was important to introduce Donald Trump to Julie, so I walked on the field to summon him. Only to look over and see Donald Trump already talking with Julie! I noted how he intuitively recognizes and connects with success. 

Heaven’s Horses—Resolve of Fierce Delight
In the final part of the dream we were leaving the field after batting practice. I heard and felt the ground shake. Looking up I saw two white horses, strong steeds galloping right towards us on the field! One especially was looking right at me, with a look in his eyes I can only describe as a resolve of fierce delight. 

My instinct was to get out of the way, but they were coming so quickly. And before I even could move, this one horse raced right to me and thrust his head into my hands and chest. I intuitively embraced him. 

At that time, Donald Trump was walking by, wearing a blue blazer, tan pants and a red hat like the one he always wears which says, “Make America Great Again.” He seemed completely absorbed in thought. With the team, but walking alone. 

Trump came over, nodded, smiled and said very simply, “You gotta keep praying for me.” Then I woke up.

This is the second dream the Lord has given me about Donald Trump. The first, on January 5, conveyed that he had won the presidency and was transforming Homeland Security, even hiring back Christians who had been fired by previous administrations. Black americans especially who had been fired for their faith. 

Team Effort—Advancing Others to Score
Let me share with you a brief interpretation from what the Lord has shown me so far from this second dream. Trump is a figure-head for a new thrust of victory the Lord is granting our nation. This thrust of victory, this season of victory is a major facet of the “Turnaround Window” He is now opening for our land.

I believe the batting practice represents the current presidential campaign. It’s actually practice for the much greater responsibility of governing. A team is coming together, and though in the dream Donald Trump is leading it, his goal is to get on base and get others on base. Achieving victory largely depends upon the capability of the team together—the strength and synergy of each team member with each other. Gaining this victory mandates a team effort.

This was clearly shown and emphasized to me in how Donald Trump hit the baseball. He was not known so much for home runs as for his capacity to get on base—consistently advancing himself and others to score and win.

Friends, we as a nation and we as the body of Christ are being positioned by Heaven to win. Turnaround. A new thrust of victory! Breaking the cycle of paralysis where we never really lose, but never really win. 

It’s time to taste victory again. It’s time to dream again about what this looks like for you. And it’s really time to embrace the synergy of a team effort for success. 

Running the Race to Win
By no means am I implying we are not going to suffer setbacks or challenges. We’re probably going to face some of the most significant challenges since the days of Churchill. 

But I am declaring prophetically we shall overcome unto victory. It’s now in the atmosphere! Heaven’s momentum will propel us. Difficult situations will turn for the good. 

In order to win we truly need to run together. And as we run, a resolve of fierce delight is overtaking our hearts

Jolene and I have personally experienced this again and again on the Glory Train journey. We are so grateful to be running with the Lord, with His angels, and with you!

Remember we are commanded to run the race to win! (1 Corinthians 9:24). As God’s glory continues to be restored, the biggest setback for many is going to be our own mindsets. Many corporately have embraced a theology of the absence of God instead of the Presence of God. Many have embraced a theology of mandatory paralysis. Therefore many don’t really run to win. Like a hamster on a wheel or a steam engine on a treadmill, many are working hard but not really going anywhere. Dreams from the Lord seem to be forgotten, the vigor of their freshness abated.

This is all changing now. Heaven’s horses are released and running! The angelic hosts of the Lord Jesus Christ have been re-activated for breakthrough in the land. We are in a recovery of momentum by the Spirit of the Lord. So run to win! 

Arise and shine, mighty men and women of God. Your light has dawned. And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you! Yes in the world there is indeed a new threshold of darkness. Gross darkness. But the Lord is rising on you. And His glory will even appear on you! Kings will come to the brightness of your rising (Isaiah 60). 

And they will discover, just like you, that there is truly NO KING BUT JESUS.