MONDAY CALL! TAKE BACK YOUR LAND! LIVE FROM PROMONTORY, UTAH. 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

Today we leave from Sacramento, traversing the nation from west to east to seal the covenant Jesus has granted. Very glad to have awesome friends traveling with us. Ed and Lynn Alderson have been instrumental in making this trip possible from the very beginning. Now we ride the Glory Train together!

Fourteen hours on the train will bring us to Salt Lake City UT at precisely 3:00 am. What a way to begin… Glory!

A Time to Stake Your Claim
Remember that this is the “Year of the Vav.” The Hebrew letter Vav looks exactly like a railroad stake! Vav is a connector, both as a letter and in Hebraic symbolism. It’s fascinating that the first time this letter is used is Genesis 1. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Heaven vav earth!

So lets put this another way. The reason there is such a Conflict of Thrones is because Heaven is at our gates. By verdict of Heaven’s court, God is staking His claim! And He is commissioning you to do the same. As in the days of Gideon, covenant with Christ apart from idolatry has been restored. Now it’s time for His covenant to be established. The angel armies are being recommissioned for this, and so are you. It’s time for you to stake your claim, and take back your land!

A Time for Union
It is very clear how the enemy has sought to divide us. But in this Year of the Vav, He desires us to be covenantally connected—with Him, and in Him with each other.

When the Lord spoke to us to circle the nation in prayer and revival, we knew He desired to restore a supernatural unity to this divided land—especially to the body of Christ. He wanted to restore His glory from state to state, connecting us with His very Throne. He wanted to connect us with each other, from state to state across the nation. And He wanted to connect each state and capital covenantally to Washington DC.

We have all seen the horrific denigration that has come as our land has been connected to Washington DC via the enemy’s powerlines. But now it’s time to connect in covenant… in glory.

And remember how, in Oklahoma City, we saw a disconnected bride connected again with herself. Three years ago Chuck Pierce saw the head of the Bride of Christ separated from her body. This launched a three year HAPN prayer project which culminated with a very significant ministry time in early June to see this reconnection.

That’s when Jolene received the dream where the Lord brought her close again. The Kiss of the Reconnected Bride!

Heaven vav earth. It’s time to stake your claim. It’s time for union. It’s time both personally and as a nation to get back on track! That’s the mandate the Lord has given us together. So for the prayer call tomorrow launching the “Stake Your Claim Prayer Project” we’re going to a very historic place to VAV our nation.

The Golden Stake—Promontory Utah
Boston… Philadelphia… Los Angeles… if you were to list the prominent cities where historic occurrences defined our future, Promontory Utah might not come to mind. But what occurred in this town on May 10, 1869 makes it almost as important to America as July 4, 1776.

Because on that date a golden spike was driven into a railroad tie on the outskirts of Promontory, Utah. And with this spike, the rails from the east coast became connected to rails from the west coast for the very first time.

Please keep in mind that until America took flight in the 1950s, railroads were the primary mode of transportation for lengthy travel. Major rail lines were built from city to city across the east coast, midwest, west, and west coast.

But until 1869, they were never fully connected.

Can you imagine the engineering feat of connecting two separate rail lines from two coasts thousands of miles away! The collaboration must have been incredible.

That one golden spike redefined America—culturally, politically, and economically. New Yorkers could now feasibly journey to San Francisco or even Seattle for business or an extended vacation. West Virginia coal could now fuel homes in the American West. Exotic goods from China and India could now be distributed with much greater efficiency across our nation.

Presidential campaigns could now make use of whistle stop tours to conquer the entire nation… God help us all.

And when the wheels of our locomotives were given free course, they pulled the freight of freedom’s vast expansion at a magnitude never before seen in history.

Spreading Holy Fire
But one aspect of this historic freedom of movement has eluded most historians—the spiritual impact on the nation. Largely because of this newfound freedom of the rail, moves of Holy Spirit in our land could much more easily spread from coast to coast. Horsepower, not horses, now propelled firebrands and circuit riders from city to city with the fresh fire of Freedom’s call. And when God moved in a particular city, hungry seekers and sojourners could now traverse even the entire nation to experience the outpouring.

This is no more apparent than with the historic Pentecostal movement after a mighty, rushing wind and tongues of fire descended upon the little Azusa Street Mission in downtown Los Angeles. When lightning struck, and fires quickly spread across the entire nation. Pentecost—God’s glory is being restored! Christianity in America soon became completely redefined—by rail.

Vav! Connectivity and Collaboration
The power of one golden stake! Vav. Just as a railroad spike connected east to west historically, so Heaven’s vav is now connecting His covenant people across the land. Every race, every social strata, every movement.

We’ve all been working to establish the visions entrusted to us within our specific spheres. We’ve been working hard at laying new tracks and preparing the way for the future. But Heaven’s engineering is now drawing us very close together. And as the tracks finally connect, it will be astonishing to discover the great precision and care with which the Lord has built us all to synergize.

Prepare Now to Stake Your Claim
So now it’s time. Stake your claim, and take back your land! As we prepare for this prayer project beginning tomorrow, here are three questions for you to answer.

  1. How is God calling you to draw close to Him during these three weeks? What is He calling you to lay aside—to fast?
  2. What ground does God want you to stake?
  3. What sphere is He calling you to take back for His glory?
  4. How is He leading you to pray for our nation?

Maybe He wants you to stake your claim again to that quiet time which once defined your morning. Maybe you’re called to claim a wayward son or daughter, or a teetering marriage. Maybe a wayward nation, like Turkey or France. Or the seats of authority on the school board.

However your promised land is defined, now’s the time to prepare. Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow God is going to do great things! Lets join together tomorrow evening, 9pm EST, to begin our journey and stake our claim together.