Dear Justice Seekers,

Last “Turnaround Tuesday” we released a posting on “The Horsepower of God’s Turnaround.” Sharing a compilation of prophetic perceptions, including Chuck Pierce’s word on the Turning Point winds as well as our own word on Donald Trump and the immediate release of Heaven’s “horsepower.”

We shared the dream where Donald Trump was walking off of a baseball practice field alone. The sky was dark with a coming storm.  Suddenly two white horses came roaring from Heaven towards me—the horses of God’s turnaround. Revelation 19:11, where Jesus is pictured riding a white horse,  “judging and making war,” helps us understand the symbolism conveyed in the dream. We wrote last Tuesday: “Therefore the white horses are CARRIERS OF GOD’S VERDICT OF JUSTICE, MOVING TO ENFORCE HIS JUSTICE IN THE EARTH. It is essential that you see this.”

Three days later, on Friday morning, FBI Director James Comey brought the entire nation into a turnaround regarding a key justice issue. The Clinton email case was reopened. It was quite literally a last-minute “underground turnaround” which nobody saw coming!

Can’t make this up. Truly.

An Example for the Nations
Many have derided this Presidential election as the most corrosive in history. I see where they are coming from. But to me, we are also seeing the “better angels of our republic” at work. Before a global stage our leaders are now being held accountable for their actions.

We are seeing a revolution against dictatorship, with accountability mandated. That’s actually a great example for the nations. As we hold to our own Pledge of Allegiance, “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice FOR ALL.”

Jolene’s Word—Benghazi—“Every Household in America”
Remember Benghazi. While we were in Vermont, Pastors Janet and Allan Bishop treated us to a screening of “13 Hours.” The movie provides a historically accurate chronicle of the horrendous terror strike on our US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

It was in the Bishops’ home in Newport, Vermont that Jolene heard the voice of God warn about the events that would soon unfold with Benghazi. We were ministering there in May 2012. Jolene awoke to the Lord giving a clear warning, “World War Watch—and I mean it!” She then heard Holy Spirit say, “Something is coming on September 11 that will affect every household in America.”

Every household in America. That’s a big one. We spent much of summer 2012 mobilizing prayer for September 11. Culminating with a prayer gathering at an apartment overlooking the Pentagon on that sacred date.

You might remember it seemed like nothing happened. Jolene was even criticized for sounding the alarm. Every household in America… was she a false prophet, or had our prayers for the nation fully averted what the enemy intended?

Then came the news about Benghazi. You remember. Some guy in Florida put out a YouTube video that was critical of Islam. Provoking uprisings in Egypt and a spontaneous protest rally in Benghazi, Libya which suddenly turned violent. Christopher Stevens, our US ambassador to Libya, was even killed. Three security contractors were killed as well. Ten wounded.

Big news. Tragic, folks would say. But as a spontaneous protest, it didn’t even qualify as a real terrorist attack. And it certainly didn’t affect every household in America.

Benghazi Investigations Expose Clinton Server
A few weeks later, the Presidential debates carried through the “narrative” that Benghazi was the fault of this YouTube video rather than a planned terror strike. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even blamed the Benghazi attack on the video creator when she personally addressed the families of security contractors who lost their lives.

After the 2012 elections, the “Benghazi narrative” was exposed. It was a total fabrication. A lie. Yet there seemed to be little consequence to this overt and purposeful deception of the American people. Obama had already won the election and secured the presidency, and Hillary Clinton had already resigned as Secretary of State.

But the Benghazi coverup brought on the House investigations. And in the midst of the House hearings, the fact that Hillary Clinton was using a personal email for all her communications—public and personal, State Department and Clinton Foundation—was discovered. In process, emails were withheld. More than 30,000 were scrubbed.

This summer brought a move that astonished America. FBI Director Comey, after presenting clear evidence and even admitting classified documents were passed via Hillary’s unprotected email server, granted her a free pass.

Director Comey a Sampson?
Yet now, just a week away from the US Presidential Elections, Director Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails has catalyzed a last-minute turnaround. Not just for the elections. For the issue of justice itself.

What’s my sense about Director Comey? I sense we really need to pray for him. I personally see him as following the way of Sampson.

You might remember how Sampson served as a protector of the nation in his day, somewhat similar to Director Comey’s role today. At least until his interactions with Delilah. Behind the scenes, Delilah literally “cut a deal” with him. And when he sold out, it cost him his anointing, his integrity, his power to protect the nation.

Sampson asked the Lord for one more chance. And the house of cards came tumbling down. That’s a genuine turnaround, as recorded in the Bible.

I know nothing of the circumstances, and I know nothing about Director Comey other than how colleagues continually convey him as a good man and a person of integrity. I know nothing of any deals that were cut, though it seems most of America suspects something transpired when Comey’s boss Loretta Lynch took the extraordinary step of meeting covertly with Bill Clinton during the final days of the investigation.

On an airport tarmac. To talk about the grandkids.

Perhaps, similar to Sampson, Director Comey was haunted with a conviction that his integrity and values had been compromised. Perhaps he even felt that the integrity of our democratic process had been compromised. My guess is a measure of intimidation had to be overthrown in order for Director Comey to reopen the case—even after discovering the new cache of emails which mandated the investigation. I sincerely appreciate President Obama emphasizing that he did not believe Comey did anything to intentionally influence the election.

Whatever the case, America has received a turnaround. And Jolene’s word is proven true. Every household in America has now been affected. Lamplighter family, thank you for your diligence in keeping watch over these many years. Like Daniel, you are now seeing turnaround.

“I kept looking, and that horn was waging war with the saints and overpowering them 22 until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the kingdom” (Daniel 7:21-22).