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A PROFOUND SHALOM is saturating the atmosphere in Washington DC this weekend. The holiness of God can actually be felt! Jolene and I declare God’s covenantal blessings over you today. May His peace envelop you, His goodness mantle you. May your eyes behold the Lamb, the Lion, the King of glory who gave everything to redeem you fully to Himself. No King but Jesus!

The all-encompassing scope of this King’s salvation is breathtaking. As chronicled Thursday, Christ’s redemptive justice is tangible even through today’s current events. Heaven’s Court has ruled against the Accuser and in favor of those called to steward the Vineyard of Prophetic Destiny of this nation. Period. Was there a broad-based secret collusion with a foreign system seeking to sabotage our freedom? Absolutely. Only it seems to be more in play with the accusers than the accused. As with Jezebel v Naboth, the full scope of the vast infrastructure behind many false accusations is now beginning to be exposed.

And the implications are terrifying. 

My resolve is only strengthened to pursue the genuine freedom movement only Christ can bring. We must return to the freedom covenant with God which has defined us from the beginning. My friends, this train is bound for glory!

Storm Warnings in Stereo—Jolene, Lynnie Harlow
OK. Part of our call is to share with you real-time prophetic revelation from Washington DC. Below are three prophetic warnings. Please pray into them immediately. We will cover them briefly tomorrow as part of our special “Threshold Covenant” call, but I want you to be ‘read-in’ ahead of time. 

You remember a few weeks ago Jolene and I both had a sense of foreboding over Washington DC. I felt it might have to do with some kind of attack on our Capitol, maybe by Iran. But there was no clarity. 

This Thursday evening—Passover eve, the evening of Revere’s ride—our home group gathered to celebrate Jesus, pray, and receive communion. I asked our friend Lynnie Harlow what she was sensing from the Lord. Whereupon she did something she never does. Immediately Lynnie took evasive action! She stammered, smiled, and completely dodged my question.

Until the next morning. We were still in bed when Lynnie called to share a sobering warning about a potential storm. Amazingly, Jolene were just talking through a dream had just received about a terrifying storm. 

Lynnie in my left ear, Jolene in my right. Storm warnings in stereo. A sobering way to start Good Friday! 

Jolene’s Dream—Global Storm
In Jolene’s dream, a storm enveloped Washington DC. A group of seven women including Jolene were standing arm and arm, praying. Their lives were in danger and they were terrified. A very large man came behind her and assured her it was going to be ok, though the danger was very real. 

Upon awakening the Lord showed Jolene the man represented an angel which had been assigned. His name was very simply “Global.” A GLOBAL ANGEL CONFRONTING A GLOBAL STORM. 

Beloved, James Goll’s prophetic warnings through the book “Prayer Storm”—and prophetic mandate we are carrying through—are always before me. More storms are coming. And we need a Global Prayer Storm to confront and overcome the global storms now being perceived. 

Lynnie’s Dream—Cloud Over DC
That said, here’s what Lynnie Harlow sent us to describe her vision: 

Last night during our prayer we had some worship music playing. I had my eyes closed and was getting undone in the beautiful song the artist was singing. All at once the music faded and I went into a vision. What I saw was a black cloud coming over DC. It was moving in a similar motion as a snake slivers and I felt startled in my spirit. I opened my eyes after first seeing it but every time I closed them again I would see it again. 

As the night progressed I felt very strong in my spirit that Tom and I were to go home and place the blood of Christ over the entryway of our home. In our 40 years of marriage we have never done this. We’ve always anointed our homes with oil but last night was different…I felt like something was coming and we needed to place the BLOOD at the doorpost. I felt an urgency to making sure it was done so as soon as we stepping into our house we were obedient to do it. I called the Hamills this morning to process this with them and was blown away when I heard the dream Jolene had last night and that she also saw a black cloud coming.

Note that tomorrow evening, Resurrection Day, we are going receive communion together from coast to coast. As part of establishing His threshold covenant, we will be receiving communion together and applying the Blood of Jesus over the thresholds of our homes, our families, our spheres, our nation. Whatever the challenges, know that the Lord is preparing you ahead of time for victory and life in this freedom movement! Please join us, with wine and bread prepared. 

Please ponder these warnings in context with Passover. The overwhelming scourge came as the Lord executed His judgements, manifesting His annulment of covenants with death and hell. Let My people go!

The ultimate Passover comes to mind as well. Imagine the Saturday between the Cross and Resurrection. Fear overcame many of His own. Love had literally been crucified. The noblest hopes and aspirations of Christ’s disciples seemed nailed to the cross as well. This was even worse than the fear of being targeted or hunted. 

By the next morning the storm had literally cleared. Christ the King, resurrected! The powers of hell had been defeated. And their noblest aspirations, crucified with Jesus on the cross, had been resurrected as well! Now I’ve got some good news for you. 

Redeeming Your Scrolls of Destiny
The final prophetic revelation from the Lord we want to share today is both sobering and encouraging. Recently the Lord gave me a visionary experience. In the vision I was ascending through the sea of glass before God’s Throne. As described in Revelation 15, it was mingled with fire. 

I thrust my head above the waters and saw Him! Interestingly, I immediately ducked back under the water. My immediate, intuitive reaction was actually holy fear and awe, both to see and be seen. While praying into the vision, the baptism waters of Brunswick came immediately to mind. I sense the Lord is wanting us all to experience both profound cleansing and renewed vision of His holiness and majesty. This will be a major focus of this year’s Glory Train experience.

When I looked again in the vision, I immediately found myself on the other side of a large table being used by Jesus as a desk. He had regathered a large stack of crumpled paper which had obviously been thrown away. One by one, Jesus took the crumpled balls of paper and placed them with care into the sea of glass. I kept watching as each scroll unfolded in the waters. Faded, smudged ink was restored to precision. The messages of these scrolls were literally being reconstituted before my eyes and then released through the sea to the earth.

Jesus baptizing scrolls? This may seem strange until you realize that He considers your life to be a scroll. And in your baptism is reconstitution!

“YOU are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men; being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts” (2 Cor. 3:2-3).

I also sensed the scrolls being reconstituted represent invitations and commissions from Jesus which had been thrown away. Some had been trashed intentionally, simply rejected by those who received them. Some had been trashed by people in authority over the ones who were supposed to receive them. Some were clearly sabotaged by the enemy. Some ended up in the trash bin simply out of neglect, unbelief and disobedience. Some, like Jeremiah’s title deed, were sown as seeds to establish God’s legal precedent through the future.

And some scrolls represented portions of Scripture which were rejected because they were either offensive or beyond the revelatory paradigm of those who read them. 

Whatever the case, know that the Lord is re-releasing many scrolls to the earth that had been crumpled up and rejected. Many revelations, commissions and invitations are being re-released as the Ancient of Days redeems the time on your behalf. Watch how many missed opportunities come full circle in this hour. Your reconstituted scroll is the TITLE DEED to many re-constituted windows of opportunity!

Again, the comprehensiveness of our salvation in Israel’s Messiah is simply astonishing. This Resurrection Day, it’s time to again receive your resurrected deed from your Covenant King. Do not reject the scrolls of your redemption!

No King but Jesus…