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SCHEDULE SHIFT—PRAYER CALL THURSDAY! The Supreme Court decision on abortion is coming tomorrow. In light of this, our weekly Lamplighter call has been postponed until tomorrow evening. 


Speaking of which, let me share with you again the this very word, which the Lord gave on Resurrection Day (Passover) 2022. Keep in mind that few people believed the Supreme Court’s repudiation of the constitutionality of abortion would be so thorough. And nobody anticipated that the leak of the Supreme Court verdict would come around the time this word was given. The lid comes off! 

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Passover 2022 Word (Resurrection Day)
During worship I saw a vision of a giant lid, covering a pot of water that looked like it should be boiling over. But while the lid was on, it affected the water by causing it to cool. In other words, it became LUKEWARM. I knew this represented many regions of the nation, and the nation itself. 

I then saw a hand pick up the lid and pull it off. And what was beneath it suddenly came to life! Rivers of water burst forth. All that was quenched beneath the lid sprang forth. And I knew that as of Passover, the Lord was beginning to remove the lid off of His people, off of structures and off of movements.

Maybe it wasn’t coincidence that just a day later the national “mask mandate” was finally removed by a Florida judge! You can’t make this stuff up. Consider it a sign of an overarching move. 

This is the “Exodus Movement” that the Lord is bringing forth as of Passover 2022. THE LID COMES OFF! The window of opportunity is open for you to advance. Note that your primary key to unlock this miracle in your life is repentance of all toleration of this lid. Pray about it. And then make your decree.

Come Up Higher!
Note that lids are meant to keep whatever lies beneath them from bursting forth or ascending! What is seeking to keep you down? To prevent you from coming to full stature? How is the enemy seeking to keep you from ascending before the Lord? The lid comes off. We decree the Breaker breaks open so you can now COME UP HIGHER! 

Demonic Cover-ups Exposed
Another purpose for lids are to cover over, or cover up, all that is under them. We all know there are prolific, demonic coverups in play right now. But the Lord is not fooled, and nor are the American people. The lids come off. We decree that HIGH-LEVEL COVERUPS ARE NOW EXPOSED (Isaiah 28).

Enshroud Yourselves in God’s Covering
(This time period is key). And the Lord is calling you and me to engage. Remember that Jesus instructed His disciples to remain in Jerusalem and tarry in prayer until endued with power from on High.

Tarry ’til endued. How we need this! I feel compelled that there’s a new place in God to attain in this season. You might think it’s selfish to pursue a new level, but actually the opposite is true. Be a breaker and break things open. Multitudes will benefit as a result! 

As we’ve shared before, it’s now time to ascend the mountain of the Lord. Lets secure the secret place of the Most High! Lets abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Lets recover the covenant covering!


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