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Eight years ago, on 08-08-08, a small gathering of leaders made their way across a rain-soaked field in upstate New York and staked their claim to a covenantal heritage that once redefined America. A well of national awakening was re-constituted in the earth. Jolene and I were privileged to be among this company.

Both the journey and the claim were marked severely by sacrifice. Bill and Rita Gamela bought a field from an Amish farmer on Passover 2008 where the church of legendary intercessor Daniel Nash once pastored. Father Nash is buried a stone’s throw away, and the man’s tombstone entirely conveys his purpose in life. “Daniel Nash, laborer with Finney, mighty in prayer.

Nash, Finney, and the Second Great Awakening
It was Daniel Nash who was sent ahead of revivalist Charles Finney, catalyst of the Second Great Awakening, to pray through for breakthrough. Together they saw approximately 95% of upstate New York won to Jesus Christ, as well as igniting fires of awakening through the east coast and nation. They were not merely awakeners, they were social reformers as well—standing against two of America’s great institutions which bound men and women to subservience.

Slavery and Freemasonry. These two institutions actually go hand in hand, because the embrace of idolatry ALWAYS brings subjugation.

Charles Finney was a fierce abolitionist. He refused to preach in churches which did not allow blacks to join alongside whites. Finney also thundered against Freemasonry as a reformer in his day. In fact he would often have two altar calls, one for ordinary sinners and another for those specifically bound by this fraternal idolatry.

Divorce Baal, Heaven Opens!
And he actually attributed the outpouring of the Second Great Awakening to entire denominations recanting of “the Craft.” Amazing what happens when you divorce Baal and return to Jesus!

Friends, we have based our entire Glory Train journey upon the bedrock reality that God honors the repudiation of idolatry by His covenant people, and therefore He is opening a “turnaround window” in this hour of the magnitude that Finney and Nash experienced!

Dutch Sheets Prophesies on Passover 2008…
And it was this very well—of awakening, of forerunning prayer, and of holy conviction—that we sought to reconnect with and release from the solitary field in Lowville NY back in 2008.

Here’s the backstory. The Lord had told the Gamelas that the title deed had to be in their hand for this historic well of awakening to be uncapped and re-released to the body of Christ. So they literally gave all they had to seal the deal. After many negotiations with the Amish farmer, Bill Gamela finally secured an agreement.

On Passover 2008, the final price was agreed upon, and the title deed was secured for this well of salvation to be released. On Passover!

Just read this sentence again. Passover. Full price paid so that the title deed could be secured and a well of salvation could spring forth.

Totally coincidentally, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce happened to be in nearby Syracuse NY. That very night, while this transaction was actually occurring, they literally began to prophesy about the uncapping of an underground river of prayer from the region that would change the face of America!

They had no idea of the Gamelas and their charge from the Lord. But they saw a river of salvation begin to flow—on Passover—the very night of the exchange. You know what I’m going to say here. You cannot make this stuff up.

We were there for this gathering because we came up to pray with the Gamelas while the deal was being negotiated. Because it had fallen through many times before.

Vision—Re-Emergence of the Forerunner Spirit
And the Lord had commanded us back in 2007 to focus on Lowville and this Daniel Nash well for the year 2008. Forerunning prayer for awakening. In a commissioning vision. Dutch Sheets and I were sitting at a table in Colorado Springs. It was a beautiful day, blue skies, amazing view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range. As we were talking, Dutch suddenly stood up and left the table.

When Dutch left, the sky began to turn progressively dark, almost as if by a dimmer switch in the heavenlies. It got so dark that I could not even see my own hands or feet. The only thing that remained luminous was the table, representing the Table of the Lord.

At the darkest hour of the night, Dutch Sheets returned. He sat down at the head of the table and turned towards me. I asked him, “What is the Lord saying?” He spoke in return, “This year the  Lord is releasing apostolic authority in prayer to release the river of God and direct its path.”

It was an amazing prophetic experience. The Lord then began to speak to me about “The Re-Emergence of the Forerunner Spirit.” How a forerunner anointing is being restored to the body of Christ. Forerunners of awakening. Daniel Nash, laborer with Finney, mighty in prayer, was the prime historic example He emphasized.

Vision Plays Out! Can’t Make This Up…
All of which made the experience of hearing Dutch and Chuck suddenly prophesy about the release of God’s river to shift our nation from upstate New York absolutely overwhelming. On Passover 2008, the very day Bill Gamela was sealing the deal to purchase the Lowville field and release this river of salvation.

To see this vision play out over the ensuing eight years has been nothing short of breathtaking. First discovering Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce in Syracuse, suddenly prophesying on Passover about a river of God which would change the prayer movement of America. In real-time, as the field was being bought.

Then unexpectedly, Dutch and Ceci literally got up from the table and moved from Colorado Springs. You can definitely see their departure marked a time in our nation where, for eight long years, it has gotten progressively darker and darker. Open defiance of God has now become the norm for our leaders.

Amazingly, Dutch has quite literally returned to the table this year, moving back to Colorado Springs! He and Ceci ministered with us on 7-22 for our Glory Train gathering. You might remember it as the day the horn fell and judgement was rendered in favor of the saints. It was their first time ministering in the Springs since they moved back.

Awakening & Turnaround
You might ask how the prayer movement shifted after Dutch and Chuck prophesied. We’re going to cover that more tomorrow, and believe me it’s a wild story.

But in brief, two words come immediately to mind. Crown & Throne. The restoration of covenant with Christ nationally apart from all idolatry. The convergence of three fighter jets to see breakthrough in our nation, in Israel, and in the nations.

Turnaround. The restoration of God’s glory across our nation!

Now you have an even greater understanding of why we are gathering here in upstate New York with Dutch Sheets this weekend. I say, let the river flow! I am convinced our nation is now turning from this land. Hope you can get here.

We cannot wait to return to Lowville Thursday for onsite prayer and then connect with each of you for a special prayer call Thursday evening! Please keep us and the Glory Train before the Throne. Covenant blessings to you.

Schedule—Final Week
Aug 3 Wednesday
7pm Bridge Builders Ministries, Rochester NY

Aug 4
2-4pm Onsite prayer in Lowville NY
9pm EST Special Prayer Call!

August 5-6
REVOLUTION Syracuse with Dutch Sheets! Cicero, NY

Aug 6 afternoon
1:30pm Prayer at Oriskany Revolutionary War Battlefield, train Utica to Albany NY.

August 7
Berne NY—10 am Rock Road Chapel with Pastor Jay Francis

Train Albany-Washington DC.

August 8-10 Strategic corporate prayer project, Washington DC