9PM MAY 17—SPECIAL CALL SUNDAY—TOWARDS PENTECOST! With Chris Mitchell, Jamie Jackson, Briskilla Zananiri leading communion and Jamie Fitt leading worship. Please make plans to join us. (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

CALL REPLAY—UNRAVEL THE SHROUD! One of our most important calls. Please make it a pivot point for continual intercession! With special guests Pitts Evans, Lynnie Harlow, John Benefiel, Willie Jock. (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

WE ARE ON THE PRECIPICE OF A DELUGE. Chris Mitchell Jr mentioned to me yesterday he felt this Pentecost, Shavout 2020, will be the most historic seen since the Book of Acts. Very simply, the new era we are stepping into is that extraordinary. 

I’ve never known Chris to exaggerate. If anything, he is very careful with his words and very prone to understatements. We both sense that Shavout 2020 will be a defining moment. It is demarcation for the “now” move of Holy Spirit, joining the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. “Let My People go” with “Let My Church Arise!” Passover and Pentecost in one new move.

Defining Move of Holy Spirit
We’ve tasted a measure of this already. Going into Revolution 2019-2020 we “knew” the Lord was setting the course for this new era through New Years Eve. For three months we prayed for Jesus to frame our new year and decade during the gathering. And we prayed for a defining move of Holy Spirit. The keys the Lord gave our team absolutely framed our future. And a move of His Spirit came that, for us at least, was without precedence.

Then the finger of God literally hit the “pause button.” In some respects time was frozen. On 2-22 we got to taste of the movement again. But the “play” button is being pressed again. We believe the resurgence begins over Pentecost 2020. 

This morning I had a dream on this. Not going share much now. But in the dream Jolene and I were overlooking Israel from a watchtower by the Jordan River. The river began to swell. And water filled top of the watchtower which created an infinity pool. This water came supernaturally. I knew God was conveying a great increase of this move of His Spirit for Israel and America. Probably the UK and the nations too. 

There’s so much more to this. Coming later this week!

Shavuot 2020 also marks a time when we, like Joshua, begin crossing the Jordan to to posses our inheritance in a whole new way. In this spirit, America must more fully transition into the freedom from restrictions and into the spiritual and economic resurgence the Lord is granting. Will the transition be perilous? Probably. We’ve never been this way before. And truthfully what we are facing may be more challenging even than what we’ve just walked through. 

By no means should we be careless. But nor should we compromise our freedom. In the spirit of Exodus and Acts, it’s time to move out of confinement and into the fullness of the promise He is granting.

Directive—Prepare for Pentecost!
Now it’s time to prepare for what has been prepared for us. During early morning prayer yesterday I saw how the Lord wanted to position His body for Pentecost 2020. I would go so far as to call it an apostolic directive. If you know me you know I am reticent to use such descriptions. Like Chris, I’d rather understate than overstate. But though the plan is simple it is of that magnitude. And we are being called together to engage.

Remember how King David positioned himself at the threshing floor when faced with a pandemic of his time. By revelation from the Throne, David’s response is our prototype to prepare for Shavuot 2020. Over the next three weeks the Lord is summoning us to consecrate. To prepare a costly offering. And to receive His kabod—His glory, His holy fire. 

And He is asking us all to engage.

Note we will have special conference calls each Sunday… as well as a few extra surprises for you! 

Week of May 17: Consecration. Repenting and returning (teshuvah). As part of this, it’s really important to bring out again your altar stones of covenant with the Lord. Study two chapters recounting Davids’ encounter: 1 Chronicles 21, 2 Samuel 22. Study also Joel 2 and Acts 2.

Week of May 24: Costly Offerings. Leading to Shavuot (May 28-30). Note that in the “divine exchange” of tithes and offerings, God promises to open the windows of Heaven and rebuke the devourer. Present your offerings on His altar of mercy! Study Malachi 3.

Week of May 31: Kavod (glory) on the altar. Fire of Shavout. Revival.  Holy fire. The sign of the lampstand! Study Zechariah 4. 

Remember Your Altar of Mercy
Remember the covenant reset at midnight when New Years Eve ushered us into the opening moments of 2020. We consecrated the nation, as well as the new decade, in covenant with the Lord. We built an altar of mercy to Him out of stones from every state, adhering to the vision Clay Nash had received where the angel of the Lord was seen outside the Trump International Hotel declaring mercy over the nation for a seventh time. Mercy that secures God’s covenant!

And it’s why attendees took consecrated stones back with them to form the cornerstone of covenant altars over their respective spheres. Never in a million years would we have guessed these stones would soon form altars of mercy granted by God to mitigate a global pandemic. 

The Plague Stops at the Threshing Floor
But on March 10, Chris awoke at 1:30 with a clear word from the Lord. We are in a season similar to David. An unstoppable plague is devouring lives and livelihood. Every state of the nation is being threshed. As with David we are being summoned to build an altar at the threshing floor and cry out for mercy. Just as in David’s day, the plague stops at the threshing floor. Amazingly, President Trump announced a national day of prayer to counter the virus just three days later. 

In the revelation Chris received, repentance and consecration was strongly emphasized. Just as with David, God was calling us to become vulnerable and honest with the Lord. Immediately the angel of the Lord withdrew the sword outstretched towards Jerusalem, representing the release of the plague. 

Secondly, Chris emphasized how David presented on that altar a very substantive offering. When Ornan suggested he would simply give the land and the cattle for the offering, David refused. “I will not give the Lord that which cost me nothing!” Chris and I both felt at that time just to mention the offering but not to emphasize it. This was right for that time. But honestly it was a missing part of the corporate presentation of our altars of covenant with the Lord. Now as we are preparing to experience this next phase of restoration, it is time. 

The Fire Falls
Here’s an aspect that Chris did not cover at all in our post. When David humbled himself, prayed, and presented his offering—THE LORD RESPONDED WITH FIRE. 

And that is what is coming at Pentecost. 

So please take the next 21 days as preparation to shift you into this season of resurgence. Please join us tomorrow evening as we begin this great adventure. No King but Jesus!