NATIONAL PRAYER FOR TRUMP, called by Franklin Graham. Lets consecrate Sunday to pray for our President! 

PRAYER CALL SUNDAY! 9PM EST. Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

FANEUIL HALL JULY 22! With Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, others. Save the date!

TURN THE TABLES! Daily communion through Pentecost. Pray Ezekiel 37. Call for God’s awakening winds to blow!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

GLORY TRAIN OFFERING! Sowing into Israel & England Tour, Glory Train launch at Faneuil Hall. We are believing God for $22,000 between 4-22 and 7-22. Only $7,000 to go! Lets stand together to receive His miracle provision. To contribute please CLICK HERE.

FIRST—JOIN US TOMORROW EVENING and lets engage together in fierce, fervent prayer for President Trump and the administration. A few prophetic perceptions from our journey will also be shared. One thing is clear. From Jerusalem to London to Washington DC, a fierce conflict of thrones is shaking the highest seats of government in three strongest freedom nations in the world. This is no coincidence. And you, my friends, are the turnaround agents set by God to secure the freedom of our future. 

That said, lets contend.

As I write this sentence, we are now soaring 40,000 feet over Boston. Somewhere below is Faneuil Hall—Face of God Hall—where a freedom movement was birthed which secured the destiny of our nation, and ultimately redefined the world. Our Glory Train 2019-2020 officially launches from Faneuil Hall on 7-22. 

Let me take a moment to briefly share on the commissioning journey the Lord required for this movement. For two weeks we were in Jerusalem, the footstool of God’s Throne, stepping in to the footprints of our forefathers who established covenant with God, laid apostolic foundations, welcomed His governmental glory, and prophesied by His Spirit even into this very hour. Remember King David, Isaiah and Jeremiah, the disciples, the Apostle Paul. And most of all, remember Jesus, who died on the tree and rose again to forever redeem us to God. 

For one week we were in the United Kingdom, stepping into the footprints of forefathers who catalyzed apostolic reformation, founded and evangelized nations, and birthed movements of Holy Spirit awakening which lit the entire world. Remember St. Patrick,  John Knox, William Tyndale, John & Charles Wesley, Evan Roberts, William Wilberforce. Remember Queen Elizabeth today. Remember the intercession of Rees Howells and the Bible School of Wales. They thrust forth the fire of travailing, governmental prayer which ultimately turned World War II and preserved the freedom of our world. They also ushered Israel into her miraculous rebirth. 

And some 400 years ago, a ragtag group of spiritual revolutionaries nicknamed Pilgrims launched from Plymouth, England on a journey which ultimately redefined our world. They were sons and daughters of the covenant. Sent apostolically to establish this freedom nation in covenant with God.

Once again I ask you—as we approach 2020, is it a coincidence that the thrones of each of these freedom nations—Israel, England and America—are now shaking in such an overt conflict of thrones? Yet in the midst of this the Lord is initiating a new freedom movement which will once again frame our future. Please remember to join us Sunday for a very important call. 

Commissioning Sealed in London!
Let me conclude this post with a story of how God sealed this commissioning journey for us. Jolene and I were invited by Apostle Betty King to return to London on Friday and minister at her prophetic school. I personally just wanted to be refreshed again from the genuine apostolic stream flowing from her church. We had no idea until we arrived that this was their final evening of classes before graduation. By God’s orchestrations, our entire journey of commissioning was suddenly culminating… with a commissioning.

Jamie and Redonnia Jackson were with us, and did a phenomenal job sharing on the stream of miracles bursting forth from the Brunswick Baptism Revival. The Lord then ushered us by His Spirit into this holy time of commissioning. We explored how Jesus commissioned His disciples, sending them before His face into every city He was about to visit. We explored Elijah’s call to stand before the face of God and restore his nation’s ransacked covenant with Him.

And we finished by exploring Isaiah’s commission through an unveiling of the governmental glory of God. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts. Here I am, send me! 

Heaven came down. And I became solemnly aware that what we were seeking from the Lord these past three weeks, from Jerusalem to Wales to London, had been sealed in that moment by Holy Spirit. Sacred mantles had been passed. The commissioning had become complete. For us as well as the students, it was graduation day. 

Chuck Pierce—Sending You Back to Send You Forward
Sometimes you don’t really even understand your journey until you’ve been through it. You might remember the prophetic word given by Chuck Pierce at Revolution 2018. He prophesied about Revolution as a whirlwind. He even warned that whirlwinds were coming to the nation. Seeing how more than 500 tornadoes have been recorded within the past few months, I’d say that was a pretty accurate word. 

But the completion of the whirlwind word is “I am sending you back to send you forward.” In other words, in order to be sent apostolically into your destiny, I must send you back to the places where saints met the challenges of their hour with victory to frame the future you now call your own. Sending you back to send you forward. 

Mayday Prophecy—Jolene—Isaiah 6
That said, I want to draw your attention to Isaiah’s sacred commissioning. Because it speaks volumes into our own hour. 

Isaiah 6 records how Isaiah received a revelation of God’s governmental glory and was commissioned from the Throne as a governmental prophet. He saw the Lord seated upon the Throne. The thresholds of earth shook at the sound of worship and declaration from the Throne. Isaiah saw the holiness of God and was simply undone. An angel came and cleansed his lips and heart with a fiery coal. And he was commissioned into office.

Friends, I believe this awakening will be defined by a similar unveiling of God’s governmental glory. In England and the United Kingdom, in Israel, and also in America. England was founded by God to display His majesty, His royalty, His excellence. So was her mother, and so were her offspring. And the unveiling of the majesty of God will shake our nations in a way that propels us into expressions of His Kingship and redeems our covenantal foundations. The unshakeable Throne is being revealed. The holiness of our King is being unveiled!

And Isaiah 6 is a prototype for the awakening now being initiated. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the chapter begins with the simple description, “In the year King Uzziah died…” While ministering on this I suddenly saw how Theresa May’s resignation as Prime Minister was actually a sign that God’s move was now at hand. 

More than a month ago Jolene shared a very key word on our Lamplighter call. The Lord spoke to her, “Mayday!” We did not fully know what this meant, except that storms are coming. Then suddenly, a day after we landed in England, Theresa May announced her resignation. 

And Mayday took on a whole new meaning.

What are the chances that Jolene would receive a word from the Lord about a coming “Mayday,” only to have Prime Minister Theresa May resign a day after we arrived? Here’s what the Lord spoke to me. She did not so much resign as yield her throne to Him. In the Spirit I saw her whispered prayers for the land that she loves, and I saw how she told the Lord that only He could save the United Kingdom. I saw how she stepped away with the clear intention that He now take the throne!

I for one believe He will.

Shortly after her announcement, new elections in Israel were announced after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a ruling coalition. This is unprecedented. 

About this same time, Franklin Graham called for an unprecedented day of prayer for President Trump.

Beloved, we together are in a Mayday season. The seats of government are shaking as a “conflict of thrones” of a magnitude we barely perceive is being waged. Yet at the same time, a move of God has now been commissioned—from Israel to England to America. God’s governmental glory is being released—now through 2020. His governmental prophets are being cleansed and commissioned afresh. 

And from Israel to England to America, Holy Spirit will hover over our respective nations, and the light of Heaven will overcome the greys. The King will reclaim the seats of authority, the thrones behind the thrones. We will see Him in His glory! The thresholds of resistance will shake at the voice of him who cries, and the earth will be filled with the glory of God. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY will become our uniting anthem as covenant nations join together. And as in Rees Howells’ day, freedom will be preserved.