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New Years OWL Prophecy
Our 12 day vigil til Martin Luther King Day continues. Thanks for all who joined in prayer Wednesday evening; it was an incredible call. In addition to covering the Israel tour, by the burden of Holy Spirit we called the Lamplighter family to immediate intercession for both Donald Trump and our nation’s intelligence communities. Here’s why.

During the New Years Day service at Whole Word Sunday morning, the Lord spoke to me clearly in a very surprising way. “There’s coming a restructuring of the intelligence communities!”

People might have wondered why, immediately afterward, my eyes grew big and I was groping for words. I realized what I had just said. This was real-time, fresh revelation, in that I didn’t have the “heads up” from the Spirit to bring it forth in a more refined way.

For context, I was sharing prophetically on a word I did have some time to meditate on and pray over. Operation OWL is Pastor Pitts Evans’ project to reach nations in Africa for Jesus.  The Lord gave Pitts a vision of His owl and then spoke to him it was the acronym for “Operation Win the Lost.” Being inherently suspicious of owls, I took this revelation to the Lord. And to my surprise He began to expand it to refer to the “owl” ministry, or watchman ministry, at the church.

So I was prophesying about the watchman facet of God’s “intercessory owls” coming to a new capacity at Whole Word Fellowship. Watching by night and day. Protecting, defending, sharing wise counsel. A really good word!

That’s when Holy Spirit spoke, “And even regionally, the intelligence communities are going to go through a restructuring. There’s a restructuring coming!”  I need to get the audio to transcribe it, but it was something like that. I felt God’s call for restructuring served both a sign to Whole Word’s own restructuring in the watchman ministry as well as a clarion call for intercessors to rise up and immediately pray for the intel world.

I seriously hope I conveyed that same urgency Wednesday night. Praying for Trump and praying for the intel world. Because all at once news began to break about how Donald Trump wants to bring a restructuring to the intelligence communities! Further, one of his top advisors in this realm, former CIA Director James Woolsey, just quit the Trump transition team.

And all this occurred just as Donald Trump receives today the top secret intel briefing on Russia’s interjection in the American elections. President Obama received the same briefing yesterday.

So I would say the warning and call to prayer were both pretty accurate. And they were completely by the Spirit.

Prayer Points
As it stands, both Trump and the intelligence communities are at risk of losing credibility—with the American people and with each other. That said, please intensify your vigil over this aspect of Trump’s emerging administration these next 10 days. Lay down a highway through prayer for the pathway forward God desires. Pray for a realignment in the spirit away from any thrones tied to idolatry etc, so that the Lord can comprehensively rest on the thrones of the intel communities.

Because except that the Lord watch over the city, the watchmen labor in vain.

Please pray for any agents of intentional sabotage of our government to be exposed and removed. Pray for cooperation, connectivity and synergy. Pray for God’s restructuring.

The Russian Controversy—Points to Ponder
Tall order, I know. That said, lets take a breath and dive into the Russian controversy. Here are five points.

  1. The CIA, DIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, ETC seem to all be in agreement that Russia intentionally interfered with America’s election process to promote Donald Trump. Friends, it must be fact; because they can’t all be wrong. And we must take seriously the impingement of an outside government on the American election process.

    As covered in a previous posting, if this is true, then Russia’s unusual covert technique was something so daring that even the most seasoned analysts probably scratched their heads in utter disbelief. Such a novel idea that Daniel Silva, David Baldacci, and the late Vince Flynn are all taking feverish notes to formulate future bestsellers. What did the Russians do? Apparently, their primary strategy was to expose the truth.

    And as covered in a previous posting, we must keep in mind our hands are not really clean regarding election meddling. Remember our own impingement on the Israeli elections two years ago. With an overt push from the highest levels of government to topple Netanyahu, funded by American taxpayer money channeled to his opposition. As embedded in the wall of the CIA, the truth shall make you free…

    *ETC, btw is the acronym for the secret black-ops program so elusive that even the strongest pillars of our nation’s defense don’t know the details of its existence, nor the location of it’s its ever-changing headquarters. Yet the program is intuitively familiar to every American. ETC… Et Cetera.

    Trying to keep this light, folks. You probably already missed the hidden message embedded in a previous paragraph, a joke about a novel idea for famous novelists. Never mind. The following 3 points will be much more brief and humorless.

  2. It is largely unprecedented for the US intelligence community to be so forthright in public regarding top-secret issues. Especially when it directly influences American politics in a way that seems to favor one political party over another. This is another reason we must take their warning on Russian imposition seriously.
  3. That said, by divulging their information in this manner they are running a huge risk of compromising their credibility. Why? Not because of what they are exposing, but because of other key issues they have largely remained silent on. It could easily be concluded—probably falsely—that the intel communities themselves could be influenced by a political motive. Their silence on two key issues constitute the focus of my two final points.
  4. Why were our intelligence agencies largely silent publicly on Hillary Clinton’s private email server? Why the silence on 33,000 emails bleached out of existence after a Congressional subpoena demanded their review? To publicly warn about the Russian interference and their alleged benefit to the Republican candidate, while remaining silent on one of the most grievous breaches of intelligence protocol in recent history by the Democratic candidate, could be perceived as conveying political bias.
  5. Why were our intelligence agencies largely silent publicly on the ISIS takeover of Iraq? Especially after President Obama blamed our intel communities for not providing accurate intelligence? Because news reports afterwards clearly showed that clear intelligence was on President Obama’s desk long before ISIS initiated the invasion.

These are points to ponder as we pray into the Russia challenge and seek God to repair apparent breaches with the intelligence communities. We must forge a new way forward! And as watchmen on the wall in the Spirit, we must continue to stand in prayer for our watchmen on the wall in the natural.

Final point. ISIS has publicly issued a threat regarding the upcoming Inauguration. Lets keep our intelligence agencies in prayer as preparations continue to secure the Capitol, White House, parade route, and really all of Washington DC. Please cover also the Secret Service, the Capitol Hill police, and the Washington DC police department. Pray for any terror threat to be exposed beforehand and taken down.

Covenant blessings to each of you, and thank you—seriously—for your vigilance before the Lord.