CONFERENCE CALL REPLAY. Our call with Johnny Enlow yesterday was extraordinary. A landmark time. Playback number: 641-715-3598 access code 552-690. You can also click here to review.

DEDICATING THE NEW DAY, with Dutch Sheets & Lou Engle. January 18, 7pm, Capital Life Church, 1800 Glebe Road, Arlington VA. Inaugural prayer and prophetic release! Hosted by JHOP-DC and Lamplighter Ministries.

CROWN & THRONE ISRAEL TOUR with James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, Ed Watts, Jon & Jolene. March 12-26. Click here for info.

Jolene and I bring you greetings from the National Press Club in Washington DC, where a very potent prayer rally called POTUS Shield is being held. Major leaders from across the nation have gathered a week before the inauguration to intercede for Donald Trump, for our nation, for our military, for Israel. Many, like our friend prophet Lana Vawser, have come sacrificially from across the world simply to bless America.

Our call last night was nothing less than landmark. Thank you again Johnny Enlow for laying new tracks for us all with the Reformation Glory Train word. The anointing of Holy Spirit penetrated my heart deeply many times. You really need to listen and experience the blessing for yourself.

Great things are ahead! And we so look forward to taking the next phase of the journey with each of you.

DC—Babylon or a Burning Lamp!
I mentioned this yesterday, but I want to emphasize it today. Every year Jolene and I seek God afresh for the year ahead, without preconditions. We’ve all been praying for Washington DC—no King but Jesus! And we’ve honestly been praying regarding Washington DC. Because with the turnaround surrounding Trump’s election we have definitely completed one phase of the work here. What’s the next step?

It was incredible to minister in Washington DC at the convergence of Hanukkah and the New Year. Spiritual revolutionaries were released. The New Year was literally dedicated with a burning and shining lamp. Menorah blazing, we prayed this dedication prayer for Washington DC as well.

And down in Brunswick GA, a week after, the Lord gave a solemn reply to my quandary before His Throne. It caught me off guard. During a prayer time, Holy Spirit gently thundered, “DC will either become a Babylon or a Burning Lamp!”

Our breakthrough in Jesus has indeed been established. But it must be sustained. Another way to put it is the lamp has now been lit. It’s up to us whether or not the fire will continue to burn.  Corporately, our job has only just begun!

Washington DC, and indeed the nation, has been summoned by God as a city on a hill and a light to the nations. But the strongholds of Babylon linger in the shadows of this great city. And the warning is clear that we could easily slide into the denigration of Babylon unless His standard is upheld longterm. Christ’s light must shine!

Visionary Confirmation
I didn’t believe I needed any confirmation from the Lord on this word. I knew it was Him. Speaking directly to a Lamplighter.

But confirmation came from Heaven anyway. I had asked James Nesbit to put together some artwork for the upcoming gathering in Washington DC with Dutch Sheets and Lou Engle. And the picture above of Jesus stretching His hand, holding the menorah to reconsecrate the Capitol, brought tears to my eyes.

A burning lamp. It’s nothing less than the miracle of Hanukkah, for the United States!

So pray for Washington DC. Pray for Donald Trump and the incoming administration. Pray for the security of the inauguration and related events. Further, we declare the reconsecration and reconstitution of the governmental thrones of our nation! The Capitol, the Supreme Court, the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, our Intelligence communities, so much more—to You, Lord Jesus Christ. They belong to you by covenant. No King but Jesus!

Help us Lord to be burning lamps, and to keep Your lamp burning in Washington DC! May we once again fulfill our calling to the world as a on a hill, a light to the nations.

Please pray for Jolene and me. For the provision in the Spirit and the natural. Pray for the Elijah anointing. Lets pursue the fullness of Christ’s double portion as it’s offered to us in this hour!

Final point. Now’s your time. Light your lamps and lets go out to meet the Bridegroom. Be God’s Maccabees, His spiritual revolutionaries!

Covenant blessings to each of you…