REPLAY—CONSECRATION PRAYER CALL. Clear, vital prophetic revelation on Shavuot and new era! Many keys to prepare. The Messenger of the Covenant is on the move! With Chris Mitchell, Jamie Jackson, Lynnie Harlow, Jon & Jolene. (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute.

WEDNESDAY 9PM TOWARDS PENTECOST! Please make plans to join us. (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

Note Sunday, Wednesday calls continue through June!

WE HAVE SOME EXCITING THINGS TO ANNOUNCE TODAY. But first, Jolene and I just want to thank everybody for an incredible launch last night to this forerunning prayer project. Week one has begun! Consecration and teshuvah, repenting and returning, in preparation for all that is ahead. 

Through these next three weeks, we are connecting Sundays and Wednesdays for special calls. In addition, as we move into Pentecost next week, we have some great surprises for you! Jolene and I are partnering with Jamie Fitt for special afternoon zoom sessions with Rick Ridings, Briskilla Zananiri, and other leaders from Israel and America.

The schedule is below. Please use it as a reference! 

Week of May 17: Consecration. As with David at the threshing floor, we begin by reconsecrating ourselves to the Lord through repenting and returning (teshuvah). It’s time to establish your altar of covenant with the Lord. Please review two chapters recounting Davids’ encounter: 1 Chronicles 21, 2 Samuel 22. Study also Joel 2, Acts 2 and Zechariah 3.

Sunday eve May 17 Consecration Call: Replay number (605) 313-5155

Wednesday eve May 20: 9pm call. 

Week of May 24: Costly Offerings. Seeking mercy at the threshing floor, King David declared “I will not give the Lord that which costs me nothing.” Leading to Shavuot (May 28-30) we as a community will do the same. God promises in turn to open the windows of Heaven and rebuke the devourer! It’s time to present your offerings on His altar of mercy. Study Malachi 3.

Sunday eve May 24 Costly Offering Call.

Wednesday eve May 27: 9pm call.

Special Zoom Calls
Wednesday 2pm-4pm May 27 Shavuot Zoom call! Facebook live, link on Jamie Fitt’s page CLICK HERE. 

Thursday 2pm-4pm May 28 Shavuot Zoom call with Priscilla Zananiri! 2pm-4pm Facebook live, link on Jamie Fitt’s page CLICK HERE. 

Friday 2pm-4pm May 29 Shavuot Zoom call with Rick Ridings! 2pm-4pm Facebook live, link on Jamie Fitt’s page CLICK HERE.

Week of May 31: Kavod (glory) on the altar. The fire of Shavout. Revival. Deluge. Outpouring. The sign of the lampstand! All will meet us as we move through the “time gate” of Shavuot 2020 and into this new era. 

Sunday May 31 Kavod Call—receive His fire!

Wednesday June 3: 9pm call.