Let My People Go! A Glory Revolution is now taking hold in America and the nations. The night before the Brexit vote, Jon shared with unusual candor on both recent breakthroughs and key revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ. Playback: 641-715-3598 access code 552690

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Glory Revolution in the Nations!
The world’s shaking with the love of God… Great and glorious, let the whole earth sing… God is bigger than the air I breathe, the world we’ll leave! God will save the day, and all will say, My Glorious! Glory, Glory, SEND YOUR GLORY…. (My Glorious, Delirious?)

Beloved, a Glory Revolution is truly taking hold–not only in America, but in the nations!

Remember how Bob Jones prophesied the miracles of Exodus would be married to the miracles of Acts to form a significant end-time move. Acts… the restoration of God’s Glory! Exodus… Let My people go!

And we are now seeing this reality playing out before our eyes.

Jolene and I were lost in worship on December 20, 2003, during the opening moments of our wedding. Delirious. Glory, glory, send Your glory! And it was during this song that God miraculously set our menorah ablaze. Lighting our unity candle in front of all of our guests, again on the first day of Hanukkah, as we were literally singing “Glory, glory, send your glory!”

Want to know why I have such confidence that God is restoring His glory, and catalyzing a turnaround? Look no further. Because God forged this dream into the depths of our beings from the moment we were married.

Conflict of Thrones! Great Britain Rejects Globalism
And this same anthem resounds in my spirit today. Brexit! A British exodus from the European Union. It didn’t look like it could happen, but God has brought a miraculous turnaround. A true sign that a Glory Revolution, a freedom movement even from global governance tied to idolatry, is now taking hold in the nations of the earth.

Was it the immigration issue, or the heavy taxation, or simply open defiance by Brits of President Obama’s open threats to punish England if Brexit becomes a reality? I dunno. A great article by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius makes clear the tangible faults of the European Union which drove ordinary British citizens to make the break. To read his article, “To Be Fixed, Europe Needs a Wrecking Ball” click here. 

But I know the primary reason for Brexit. Behind the scenes the Lord is reclaiming England as His own. Even answering the Queen’s prayers that Great Britain remain a nation under God—a Christian nation. LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Please note that the concept of a European alliance is not inherently bad or evil—unless the union itself is inherently aligned with idolatry as a driving force. Then we have a problem.

And beloved, just a quick look into the foundations, decisions, directions, and even the symbology of the European Union makes it clear—we truly have a problem.

Israel’s Defiance
It’s important to note that England is not the first nation by any means to openly defy globally-broadcast threats by the Obama administration’s push toward global governance. Many nations in Africa have refused to comply with his globalist agenda, even if it means funding is cut off.

But the most notable example of open defiance came in 2015 with the nation of Israel. The Obama administration imposed a heavy hand upon the Israeli elections, all but insisting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be deposed. Jolene and I were asked by the Lord to remain onsite praying in Jerusalem for the 10 days leading up to the elections. And just as with the Brexit vote, nobody locally or nationally actually thought a genuine turnaround was possible.

But the impossible has now occurred. First with Israel, now with England. A double portion turnaround!

And with all my heart, I believe America is next.

Which Track is Best?
It’s a major reason why the Lord has brought forth this Glory Train journey in this hour. As we wrote in Wednesday’s posting, “To me the elections this year demarcate the tracks we roll on for decades to come. Which track is best—remaining one nation under God, or yielding our nation to the downward spiral of global governance? Nationalism under Christ or globalism under an antichrist spirit, these are the two tracks before us. And it’s a primary reason I feel that only a move of God’s Spirit has the potential to dislodge the extraordinary evil that has become embedded in our land.”

You might remember the primary themes we felt the Lord was emphasizing for this year. We are in a national and international Conflict of Thrones. At the same time, Heaven is at our gates!
A limited window of opportunity for national turnaround has now been opened.

And now the downward spiral of global governance has at least been put on pause. Beloved as the body of Christ, it’s our time. THIS IS OUR WINDOW! Lets continue to give our all towards God’s “underground turnaround.” Lets see Jesus Christ receive the rewards of His suffering—in Israel, America, and in the nations of the earth.

The Rise of Glory Revolutionaries
I want to close where we began. One of the clearest words the Lord gave for 2016 was His calling for Glory Revolutionaries to arise. For years we have been conveying that this new move of God is a spiritual revolution, which deals covenantally with the thrones of our hearts and the thrones of governance in the earth. NO KING BUT JESUS!

And this year the Spirit of God made it clear His Glory Revolutionaries would arise. We were in Israel celebrating our 12th anniversary when God lit our lamp, our menorah, a second time.

It was the first night of Hanukkah. On our way to the airport we felt led to stop at a memorial site to the ancient warrior priests called the Maccabees. They were the spiritual revolutionaries of their day. And it was the Maccabees who forged the miracle of Hanukkah when they broke through an army holding their temple captive.

Watch this now. Against all odds, they saw a miraculous turnaround as they struggled to reclaim their covenantal heritage.  It is exactly the same in our day—whether in Israel, England, or America.

So the Maccabees retook their defiled temple and reconsecrated it to the Lord. A fire was lit on the menorah for the rededication. Only enough oil for one day, but the lamp burned supernaturally for eight days straight!

And on the first night of Hanukkah this past December, we surreptitiously ended up at their memorial. Quite literally due to a missed turn which sent us on a secondary route to the airport in Tel Aviv. Never been this way before…

When we saw the Maccabim sign we knew we had to turn. There were no lights for guidance; it was completely dark. But as we drove up a lonely hill on a dirt road, the monuments became visible.

And to our surprise, someone had come by and lit tea lights at the base of these memorials to the ancients. Jolene and I knew immediately what the Lord wanted us to do. On our 12th anniversary, He wanted us to take the fire of the Maccabees and relight the flame of our menorah.

In the spirit, a torch was passed. Offered not just to us, but to all spiritual revolutionaries who love Jesus Christ, who remain devoted to catalyzing His turnaround in our world.

Arise, shine, your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. In the world there is gross darkness. But the glory of the Lord is risen upon you! (Isaiah 60).

As prophetic signposts, that’s how our year began. And now we are seeing the global advance of His Glory Revolution. This is your time! Feels so good to say it… NO KING BUT JESUS!