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We shared yesterday a vision that conveys how God is overturning the covenant with death and the culture of death that has paralyzed especially the body of Christ. Today I want to give you some prayer keys to release this turnaround into your world.

Prophets have termed 2015 the year of the whirlwind. That’s for sure! With all that’s transpired, you might be a bit reluctant even to pray whirlwind prayers. But lets take a brief look at what the winds of Holy Spirit actually bring to you and your world. Because in reality, the breath of God’s Spirit restores everything the enemy’s whirlwind has destroyed!

When God Breathes…
Breathtaking… note that when God created man, He breathed His Spirit into  the dust of the earth and created us. In other words, He took pre-existing elements, re-ordered them, and breathed His breath into them. And He called it a new creation!

I want to write this again in hopes you more fully perceive it. When God created man, He took the dust of the earth—in other words, the pre-existing elements of creation—reordered them, and then in a face to face encounter, breathed His breath!

Friends, that’s what transpires every time God breathes on His creation. He is re-ordering elements and making a NEW CREATION.

Lets bring this into the here and now. You go to a service, God moves, and in your spirit you find a sense of fulfillment that completely counters your present circumstances. Why? Because by releasing His breath, He is re-ordering your present circumstances and your future. Making a new creation! Making and defining life.

You might not see it at first. But God is redeeming your time! Once the breath of God is truly released, your miracle is just a matter of time.

God-Breathed Moments
I’m convinced there are moments in every day life that are God-breathed. Where He releases His breath and ushers you in to a moment of His creation. Might be the beauty of a sunset over the ocean, or an extraordinary opportunity at work, or simply the way your son or daughter suddenly captures your heart with a smile you’ve seen a million times before.

It might be a million things that could have gone wrong but didn’t. And you realize that, during your prayer time earlier in the day, a whisper of God’s presence was released into your world.

Many years ago I had a vision. I was at the Gate DC when I saw a tornado descending, rotating counterclockwise. The Lord spoke to us He was releasing His winds to redeem the times! (see Ephesians 5:16).

Many are held captive by grief over lost opportunities. The window opened, you stood still, the window shut.

But as you seek the Lord, He can literally breathe His breath over your time—your chronos time and your kairos time, or windows of opportunities. He can bring these windows of opportunity around again!

Time is living, and responds to God’s breath. Ask the Lord to redeem your times. Then prepare this time to advance through the window of opportunity that He is re-opening!

Come from the Four Winds, O Breath!
We have focused this year on the Turnaround Verdict from Daniel 7:22. Because of Christ’s unimaginable redemption on the cross, judgement has been rendered in favor of the saints. And God is restraining the antichrist forces that hinder your advancement. We’ve explored how whirlwinds, with their powerful rotations, express and manifest His turnaround in our world.

Come from the four winds, o Breath! Breathe on these slain that they may live! (Ezekiel 37:9-10). Suddenly with the breath of God, the dust of the earth is refashioned into arms and legs and eyes and hearts. Resurrection! What has fallen into the ground and died begins to live again. And an entire battlefield breaks forth with the impossible thunder of God’s army awakening!

Where are your battlefields? Where are your slain in war? Time to declare God’s turnaround verdict! And then, in this whirlwind year, pray for God’s whirlwinds to be released into your situations and circumstances. Come from the four winds o Breath! And it’s only a matter of time before earth aligns with heaven, and your miracle takes shape and form and suddenly begins to live.