PRAYER CALL WEDNESDAY, 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

We are at a critical time of breakthrough, and your prayers are vital for the Trump Administration at this time. I am declaring God’s turnaround. And on 2-13-2017, I am praying Micah 2:13. The Breaker prepares the way!

Let me share three immediate prayer targets with you, and then close with a vision the Lord gave me a week ago.

  1. Order in the Council! Lamplighter family, we need to adopt the National Security Council for vigilant prayer. The NSC forms policy and strategies of implementation so critical to the security of our homeland. They are the fountainhead of actions in diplomacy, intelligence, the military, homeland security, etc. 

    The Washington Post broke a story that is now causing great controversy surrounding NSC head Lt. Gen. Flynn. It’s too long to explain but prayer is needed. Further, one of his top NSC picks was refused a security clearance. This as North Korea and Iran have both heightened tensions by showcasing their missile capacities, and debate rages on regarding the imposition of travel restrictions on nations from which known terrorists have already sought entry into our land.In prayer yesterday I saw a flashing red light, like on a police car. RED ALERT—PRAYER FOR NSC STAFF NOW! Lord we decree Your turnaround for the NSC, according to Daniel 7:22. Shut all gates of sabotage and restrain every usurping force in the spirit realm. Open Your gates of blessing. Grace to the watchmen, policy makers, and staff. Loyalty, collaboration, synergy which accelerates the effectiveness of the staff. Again, Lord, we declare Your order in the Council!

  2. Order in the Court! Lets continue our vigilant watch for God’s covenant favor for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch—among Republicans and Democrats. Lets also continue interceding regarding the restriction of travel for internationals from nations deemed a threat to the US at this time. President Trump has a clear constitutional responsibility to protect our nation in this regard, and the 9th Circuit Court refused to even reference this in their ruling.
  3. PM Netanyahu Wednesday! Pray for favor, friendship and a clear pathway forward which both Netanyahu and Trump can agree upon regarding key issues. Last week the Israeli Knesset approved a controversial settlement bill, sparking international furor. Other issues possibly on the table include moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, ISIS penetration into the Sinai and even Gaza, the Syria crisis, strengthening relations with Jordan and Egypt, and more. Pray beginning right now for Wednesday’s meeting!

Dream—a Shark, a Bull, and Higher Ground
OK. Let me close by sharing a key dream I had regarding the Trump administration. I will probably delve into this more in a future posting.

In the dream I saw a shark and a bull in the ocean near a beach. The shark made some sense—the bull not so much. The shark was moving at an extremely high rate of speed right towards the bull’s legs. Clearly it wanted to destabilize the bull and indulge in steak for dinner.

The bull thrust his horns into the water while violently retreating. The bull backed its way right up a nearby sandbar! In a dramatic turnaround, the bull suddenly took the higher ground. Momentum from the shark’s pursuit propelled it onto the edge of the sandbar, stuck and stranded and vulnerable! In the last part of the dream, the bull lowered its horns again and stabbed the shark.

You guys know I usually post significant dreams or visions from the Lord immediately. I delayed and continued to seek the Lord simply because I didn’t feel I had the right interpretation. The oceans clearly represented people—the “ocean of humanity.” But my first impression of the shark and bull was wrong, as I originally thought the bull represented “Baal.” But as I prayed into it more, Heaven’s revelation came.

It’s important to understand that one of the living creatures before God’s Throne is fashioned in the image of a young bull. In the spirit, this bull in my dream does not represent Baal but actually God’s Throne room antidote and opponent to the Baal principality.

And in the natural, the bull represents a man with the strength and the bull-headed persistence needed to shift our land. My best understanding is that the opposition coming against President Trump is causing him to seek and secure the higher ground the Lord desires for him to attain.

Pray this turnaround… now!