VIGILANT WAIT night watch prayer call, 12 am-6am EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

The call last night was life-changing. I actually lost sleep over it. And after reading this posting, you probably will too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

We shared a sobering vision yesterday, a warning by a high-level intercessor of a potential strike in DC during Memorial Day. I received a call shortly after sending the posting. It turns out that the mystery woman behind this vision was actually Sara Ballenger, the legendary director of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners!

Sara joined the call last night, and shared with the Lamplighter family her prophetic vision warning of potential violence. She emphasized again and again that the Lord rarely communicates with her in visions. The fact that He brought this to her with such clarity is a clear indication we all need to take seriously the call to pray.

Call to the Night Watch
Sara’s perceptions began to come with ever-increasing rapidity and clarity as we discussed similar warnings from the Lord. In fact, I had the distinct impression she was somehow transforming into a whirlwind! And it didn’t surprise me when a voice suddenly came forth from this whirlwind…

Night watch! As much as I tried to duck and dodge, I found this projectile was still hurtling straight towards us. Best I could do was bow low and prepare for impact 🙂

Memorial Day is Pentecost!
Sara’s word to engage in a night watch through Memorial Day is actually very wise. So much is at stake! And it’s humbling how she’s always the first to volunteer.

So Lamplighter family, here’s your invitation to “Vigilant Wait!” Lets get on the wall “until the day breaks” for Washington DC and the nation.

Below is a schedule. Many of you are able to pray through the night for 4-6 hours straight. Most all of you can take at least one 2 hour watch one day.

Let me leave you with an extraordinary thought. Saturday through Memorial Day is actually Shavuot, or Pentecost! Not only are we contending for our land to be protected and defended by the Lord, but we are contending for the full release of this “sound of a mighty, rushing wind” in our era.

And just like the early disciples, you have now been summoned to the upper room to watch and pray until the Spirit of God moves. Come on, that is totally worth the wait!

Vigilant Wait Prayer Project
Schedule: 12:00 am-2 am, 2 am-4 am, 4 am-6 am
Thursday, May 21—Monday morning, Memorial Day/ Shavuot.

Covering—protection by the Lord from violence, specifically Memorial Day in Washington DC according to vision given to Sara Ballenger. Memorial Day activities in DC include a concert Sunday evening on the West Capitol Lawn, and a Memorial Day parade Monday afternoon on Constitution Avenue by the White House.

Also covering—protection by the Lord of metro highways, targeted prayer for other cities highlighted by the Lord including New York City, New Orleans.

Significantly covering—repentance and prayer for a sweeping move of awakening and revival this Pentecost!

Participants in the call are encouraged to be continually empowered by Holy Spirit and seek clear revelatory direction from the Throne. Lamplighter Ministries is offering the conference line as a service to the Body of Christ, and is not responsible for the content of these participatory calls.

As shared yesterday, the prophetic promise articulated by Rick Ridings in 2012 remains at the forefront of our hearts and actions. “God is riding on a swift cloud, and the gods of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt are toppling… There shall be one throne after another that was set in the gates that shall crumble before My presence, says the Lord… And in these next ten years, as I have restored the harp and the bowl, I am going to further restore now the walking with the throne and the crown. I’m going to restore to My people walking in governmental intercessory, kingly authority. That what you proclaim on earth shall be that which you have already heard proclaimed in heaven!”