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What a powerful call last night. Thank you Jesus! And thank you Martin Frankena for conveying such timely revelation on the Kingly identity. The anointing was so strong throughout the call. Many have written us that they were deeply touched. “I felt something shift into alignment personally,” one friend wrote. “Holy Spirit was so strong in my house, I felt like every cell in my body was being changed!” another friend wrote. 

That’s so great to hear. It’s rare that we do this, but we wanted to make last night’s recording available to you. To access the recording click here. Free of charge, as usual. Just remember us as you come into your kingdom! 🙂

It was also great to receive communion together and pray. Friends PLEASE CONTINUE TO RECEIVE THE TABLE OF THE LORD DAILY as part of your intercession through August 1. Press in for the Trump Administration at this strategic time of turnaround. Please especially keep the State Department, Justice, and the FBI in prayer. Holy Spirit is moving. Let there be light!

Breaking the Healthcare Logjam—Vision
Last night’s communion moved into a spontaneous time of prayer in the Spirit. The sense of breakthrough was tangible. During this time I had a surprising vision of a “glory river” flowing into Washington DC. The current was very strong and the river was actually overflowing the banks. 

As I continued to watch, a large log floated forcefully down this river into view. Engraved on the log in big, bold letters was a surprising word: “HEALTHCARE.” 

Through the vision the thrust of prayer seemed more important than the interpretation. The only thing I immediately sensed was breakthrough. It was as though the log in this rushing stream was being sent to break through all barriers, bringing fresh clarity, blueprints, and momentum of unity. 

In short, Heaven’s vision for a national health care plan. I knew intuitively this gift was being released in direct response to the disengagement of a culture of death by our elected officials. As we move towards 5778 and 2018, it’s interesting that in Hebrew the number 18 represents “LIFE.” L’Chaim! 

Kelly Fleming wrote us immediately after the call. “I also felt to pray that the Lord will use the River of Life (L’Chaim) to break up the “log-jam” of Healthcare!” This really bore witness to me. The log in the river represented a breakthrough of the logjam of healthcare. 

I want to encourage our lawmakers in this. Heaven has a plan. You might recall how, during the Continental Congress exactly 241 years ago, our Founders were at an impasse regarding the Declaration of Independence. Tempers were flaring. In the meeting they turned to God in prayer, and shortly afterwards the logjam was broken through. And in their Declaration, they even wrote how they “made their appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world.” 

It’s the same day. Your appeal has been heard! Keep contending and receive the landmark breakthrough our generous God is sending your way. GRACE, GRACE, GRACE!