Friday the 13th has now become France’s 9-11.Paris is under martial law after a devastating, coordinated terrorist attack stole the lives of at least 158 people. At least 118 were killed in a concert hall alone, with Islamist terrorists shouting “This is for Syria! Allahu Akbar” as they struck down multitudes fleeing for their lives.

Grenade explosions were also detonated outside La Stade de France, a packed soccer stadium where France was playing Germany. President Hollande was among the attendees.

According to police, an unknown number of armed terrorists are still at large in the city.

Please take time immediately to pray for France. Pray for the body of Christ in the nation as they reach out. Pray for the intelligence, military and law enforcement communities. Pray for President Hollande and the top leaders of France, that the Lord lead them clearly through the next steps.

Immigrant Wave
This tragedy breaks as hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly Muslim, are flooding Europe from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Many are fleeing for their lives. Unfortunately many known jihadists have been found among them.

Our assistance towards those who have lost everything due to Mideast travesties must only grow. But wisdom and compassion mandates that our gatekeeping capacities rise to a new level, to root out those Islamist militants who would usher in the same devastation that the multitudes are trying to escape. As Governor Bobby Jindal recently observed, “Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.”

Pray Against Wave of Terrorism in America
“American blood is best—and we will taste it soon”—Jihadi website after Paris terror strike. 

It goes without saying that we need to pray for our homeland as well at this time. Just this morning, President Obama declared that ISIS is now contained” as famed ISIS terrorist “Jihadi John” was taken out by a drone strike.

Obviously the narrative has now changed.

We need to seriously ramp up prayer for President Obama in this moment of trial. Pray for his top security advisors, and for our military and intelligence communities. Pray that the enemy’s plans of sabotage and terror be completely exposed and dismantled, however and wherever they are in play.

I want to be clear about the potential of this threat. We have prayed for the security of our homeland for years. But this July 13, everything changed. Holy Spirit warned in a dream of a massive wave flooding Capitol Hill and Washington DC. Details of the dream made clear the potential challenges could begin on or around September 11. We felt strongly that the dream was a warning regarding the Iranian nuclear accords, which were announced by John Kerry just a day after I had the dream and posted on it. The accords release unprecedented funds into the hands of the very nation that has supported Hamas and Hezbollah in their respective terrorist efforts against Israel.

Warning of Intifada
Remember how Gary Beaton warned that the wave I saw represented a potential Third Intifada. Further, he warned and called us to pray so that this wave would not hit our own shores as conveyed in the dream.

To our utter astonishment, a Palestinian uprising actually began on September 11, on the Temple Mount. Attacks continue across Israel today.

And now Paris. To honor the dead, the Eiffel Tower has gone dark. The lights have now gone out in the City of Lights.

Please keep your fire burning for the Lord. For America and France. And of course, Israel during her extraordinary trials.

Covenant blessings,

Jon & Jolene