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This morning proved very revelatory. Which is such great news. We have been in an intense time of contending here in Washington DC. As in the days of Daniel, a storm of spiritual stagnation blockading clear prophetic revelation is finally beginning to break. Throne Room revelation is beginning to flow. Thank you Jesus! 

First on God’s heart—lets connect tonight to help pray through the revelation He is giving. This strong sense to pray tonight came even before the Lord showed me the word we would be praying about. So it seems important. Join us tonight! 

The word this morning came in part in answer to my desperate pleas to Him over the duration of this past week, and especially late last night. Keep in mind I’m working on our new book. Which means that new scrolls of revelation are in the travailing stages of being birthed. 

It’s coming. But so far there’s been a battle for literally every word. 

I’m well aware that this resistance has not just been for me. Probably a lot of you have sensed it as well. The greatest resistance is over the governmental word and direction for Washington DC through 2020 and beyond. I know this by revelation, and also by the subject matter I’m dealing with. Because the working title of our new book is “White House Watchmen.”

Authorized to Possess—A Governmental Word
That said, I awoke this morning with a governmental word in my spirit. The word needs to be guarded, prayed through, and carried through. It will be a major focus of Revolution 2019-2020.

In this season the Lord is granting an anointing to possess your inheritance. This is both for you personally and for the nation through 2020. But not just through 2020, this anointing to possess will be carried through the entire Pey decade. With the heart you believe, and confession is made unto salvation. Unto possession of the promise.

Crossing Over to Possess
Here’s what I saw by the Spirit. Jacob wrestled at Phanuel until he became Israel. He was commissioned—legitimized and authorized—to possess the promise he had gained by inheritance. THEN HE CROSSED OVER TO POSSESS IT.

Watch this now, it’s important. Because in that Phanuel moment before the face of God, Jacob became a prototype for all of his descendants. Even Jesus! And even us. 

At Phanuel Jacob was commissioned—legitimized, authorized, and anointed—and then he crossed over into the inheritance he was legitimized to possess. When is descendants were summoned to possess their inheritance what was the process? Just look at Joshua. Exact same experience. Joshua was commissioned, and then he and his people crossed over into the inheritance they were legitimized and authorized to possess. 

When Elisha was commissioned what happened? Elijah brought the budding prophet back across the Jordan and entered into the process of transferring the mantle. Elisha saw the prophet in the whirlwind. The mantle fell. Then the Jordan parted as he crossed over into the inheritance he was legitimized and authorized to possess. 

This very pattern was repeated when Jesus came on the scene. John the Baptist was his forerunner. How did he prepare the people? He brought them right back to the very point where their forefathers crossed the Jordan. Where the waters parted with Joshua, Elijah and Elisha. Then they were baptized and released to possess their inheritance.

Note that even Jesus went through this process of baptism. That’s when the fullness of Holy Spirit came upon him like a dove, anointing him! That’s when a voice from Heaven thundered His legitimacy to possess His inheritance. “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased!”

The Baptism Movement is a Sign
Even the baptism movement of God’s Spirit this year bears witness to this. Tremendous cleansing and healing has come through meeting God in the waters of this baptism revival. I’ll never forget the date Todd Smith Jamie joined Jamie and Redonnia Jackson at their church in Brunswick Georgia. Because it was February 22. In other words, 2-22. 

Not only is 2-22 a reference to the Isaiah 22:22 Key of David. It is also George Washington’s birthdate. And it was on this exact date that a new dimension of national cleansing began. Like Jacob, like Joshua, like Elijah and Elisha, like John the Baptist, by the Spirit of God we are being ushered across the threshold to secure our inheritance!

Revolution—A Phanuel Moment for America’s Crossover
Revolution 2019-2020 will mark this “Phanuel moment” for us, for the Lamplighter family, and to a measure for America. There is a covenantal inheritance awaiting us to possess. And He is releasing His anointing to possess the inheritance He swore to our forefathers.

Warfare Over Trump
What has the warfare over President Trump been all about? For three years the accusation of Russia collusion hung like a perpetual hurricane over the White House. That didn’t work. So a new accusation was trumped up against Trump—oh dear—“quid pro quo.” A sanctimonious court was held leaders renown nationally and internationally as experts at the very crime Trump was being accused of. 

Did you notice that the decision to impeach—in other words to legally retract the authorization to rule—was announced and formalized on HALLOWEEN?

What’s this battle really about? In its entirety, the four years of trauma inflicted on the White House and on the American people has been over Trump’s legitimacy to rule. And as Evangelicals ushered him into power, the battle has really also been over the legitimacy of Evangelicals to rule. Beloved this war is about more than legitimizing our right to influence American government with our faith and values. It’s about our legitimacy to receive God’s covenant shift in the cornerstone upholding these governmental institutions. From the occult to Jesus. From an occult cornerstone to Jesus as THE CORNERSTONE. From a demonic undercurrent to Holy Spirit as the spiritual undercurrent and overarching influence of our governmental structures. 

Verdict—God’s Cornerstone Prevails! Complete the Turnaround
Remember we launched the One Voice prayer call on November 5, a year to the date of the US elections. We then prayed through the White House, the Supreme Court, and the Capitol. 

Most of you know that on November 5, while praying at the Capitol cornerstone, the Lord showed me a vision of His gavel coming down. Judgement had been rendered—at the cornerstone. This is the verdict He was decreeing! 

The lifelong war for Jacob’s legitimacy was settled by an encounter with God. He prevailed in a midnight wrestling to receive a midnight shining. In similar fashion, forty years of wilderness wandering was settled by a verdict from Heaven’s Court validating a generation to possess their promised inheritance.

I have been asking, seeking for three months what the American Turnaround looks like for 2020. I know the need. I know the mandate. Complete the turnaround! But what does it look like? How do we walk it out?

As of 2020, by verdict from Heaven’s Court we are being legitimized, authorized and anointed to possess our inheritance. As with Jacob and Joshua and Jesus, a fresh anointing is coming upon us that simply was not there before. At least in the magnitude God wants to release it! An anointing to possess.

Jolene—From Wilderness to Wildness!
There’s so much more, but I’ll end with this. Your wilderness mindsets must shift. Because it’s now time to possess!

I love the word the Lord gave Jolene on this. She saw the word “WILDERNESS” in large letters. The “ER” suddenly fell away. And she realized the “ER” aspect of life in the wilderness was shifting as we entered the Promised Land. We’re moving beyond the crisis mentality of Emergency Room living. We are being healed even as we advance. And our WILDERNESS mentality is being replaced by a holy WILDNESS! 

We must go from simply breaking through to stewarding the advancement of this breakthrough longterm. We must go from simply securing our seats to stewarding our seats longterm. In other words, to competently govern our respective spheres.

But first things first. Watch how over the next month the Lord secures His people in legitimacy. Watch how He frees us from the wilderness mentality and restores a child-like, Holy Spirit empowered WILDNESS. You are being legitimized, authorized, and anointed to complete the turnaround. To possess your inheritance!