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Patriot Act—Turnaround!
“In a remarkable TURNAROUND, Senate Republicans have agreed to debate a House bill that would overhaul the National Security Agency’s handling of Americans’ calling records while preserving other domestic surveillance provisions…” (Associated Press this morning).

The deadline for the Patriot Act’s phone data collection expired at midnight last night, largely due to Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s efforts on the Senate floor. Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader and fellow Kentucky senator, decided to promote the “USA Freedom Act” yesterday in order to preserve the bulk of the NSA’s counterterrorism capabilities. This was itself a major turnaround, because he helped lead the charge to reject the bill just last week after it was passed overwhelmingly by the House.

Thanks so much for praying and responding to Saturday’s post on this! If you haven’t yet read it through, click here.

Last night Sen. Paul essentially blocked the Patriot Act, and its proposed revisions within the USA Freedom Act, from going through immediately. Missing the deadline has opened the way for more much-needed debate on balancing liberty and security before the bill passes.

Praying Onsite!
Thanks to the leading by the Lord, we were onsite praying in the Senate chambers as this historic moment played out! Literally praying the Daniel 7:22 “turnaround verdict” with the “Reconstitution of the United States”.

Here’s how it happened. Jolene and I felt impressed yesterday to venture towards the US Capitol for a prayer walk during the Senate debate. Actually I felt really impressed to go, and Jolene kindly yielded to my gentle persuasion.

Fitness prayer is what we both had in mind—we needed to pray, and we needed to exercise! But our walk around the Capitol was interrupted by a brief conversation with a police officer, who suggested that we should actually go and watch the debate “live” from the US Senate galley! At his suggestion, we ended up in Senate the grandstands for the first time ever, watching the very debate we had just sought your intercession for on Saturday.

Can’t make this stuff up.

In the galley, we were immediately flooded by a sea of red-shirted college students with their “I Stand with Rand” tee shifts on proud display. Interestingly, when Rand Paul took the floor, virtually every one of his Senate colleagues departed, leaving us, the press, and the red-shirts of Team Rand as the only remaining witnesses.

What followed was akin to Rand Paul’s Gettysburg Address. The Kentucky senator and presidential candidate has received a lot of public criticism from colleagues, Republicans especially, who accused him of grandstanding for political gain. But my guess is that privately there is widespread relief that this “shotgun wedding” has been postponed in order to allow more breathing room for much-needed debate.

One way or the other, Rand Paul has surely captured the imagination of cutting-edge college students, who are far more educated on the dangers of warrantless electronic intrusion than most older Americans.

Watchmen Prayer for Watchmen
For us this gives more breathing room for prayer. I have asked veteran watchman Bunny Warlen of Kentucky to engage with us on our prayer call Wednesday night. Please join us!

And as part of your intercession now, I am asking each of you to take some time now and pray through the “Re-Constitution of the United States” personally and on behalf of your state. Click here for this verdict.

Pay close attention to the fact that the thrones of our governance have been established by covenant with Jesus Christ. We must not allow the spirit of Pharaoh, of dictatorship, to claim the throne in the spirit over our intelligence community. Instead of an evil eye, we need the AYIN of the Lord Jesus Christ enthroned!

And always remember our intelligence community consists of dedicated watchmen in the natural for our welfare, just as we stand as watchmen in the spirit over our nation.

Securing Freedom and Security
The security of our homeland must be preserved—absolutely! But our liberties as Americans, secured by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, must remain uncompromised. One thing stood out during Rand Paul’s speech last night, which I haven’t seen any of the media covering. The abuse of warrantless searches became a primary reason America fought the Revolution! And after the Revolution, the Fourth Amendment was intentionally worded by our founding fathers to protect the privacy of Americans from warrantless intrusion by government.

Why? Because warrantless intrusion is dictatorship in practice. The American people revolutionized our world through digital technologies. There is surely enough ‘revolution’ left in us to innovate again! This time, to prove to the world that our Constitutional liberties can be preserved and enhanced while winning the war against the adversaries of our freedom, foreign and domestic.

Otherwise, honestly, why are we even fighting? As for me, NO KING BUT JESUS!