DEDICATING THE NEW DAY, with Dutch Sheets & Lou Engle. January 18, 7pm, Capital Life Church, 1800 N Glebe Road, Arlington VA. Inaugural prayer and prophetic release! Hosted by JHOP-DC and Lamplighter Ministries

CALL WITH JOHNNY ENLOW! 7:30 PM EST WEDNESDAY. Note time change! Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

7:30 PM Tomorrow—Call with Johnny Enlow
First—Don’t forget our call tomorrow night with Johnny Enlow. He’s going to share on his amazing word for 2017, the Reformation Glory Train! Note that we’re having the call at a special time. Join us at 7:30 pm Wednesday.

Jan. 18—Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle in Washington DC—
Dedicating the New Day!
Here’s some last-minute breaking news for you. Two days before Inauguration Day, Dutch Sheets and Lou Engle want you to join together for a night of inaugural prayer and prophetic release.

Are you coming to DC for the inauguration? Are you a leader or intercessor in the metro DC region? If you’re like us, by God’s orchestration you’ve been on an incredible journey to see His turnaround realized for the nation. Now like Josiah of old, we together get to stand for God’s covenant to be fully established in our day!

Dedicating the New Day! I believe this time of worship, prayer and prophetic declaration will be one of your most impacting events of the entire inaugural week. Wednesday evening, 7-10 pm, Capital Life Church, Arlington VA. With Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle. Worship by James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt and the PTOD team.

“Dedicate the New Day”—Prophesying to Inauguration
Vision intuitively impacts you. And over the past month James Nesbit’s work has prophesied deeper into my own heart than any words can convey. “Jerusalem, Your King is Coming” became a prayer focus over the convergence of Christmas and Hanukkah as we stood with Israel after the horrible UN resolution. And it remains the essential portrayal of a Throne of Glory. Really, THE Throne of Glory.

And now, his work “Dedicate the New Day” is prophesying deeply into the destiny of Washington DC this Inauguration Day. James was already crazy busy so he sent me the Photoshop file to complete. Photos and promotional headlines so cluttered the image itself I didn’t really even see it.

And when I did, I wept.

Jesus reaching out with a burning lamp to the Capitol. In the very same way He compelled Judah Maccabee to relight the flame and reconsecrate the temple after it had been desecrated by Baal. Restoring covenant. Restoring it as a Throne of Glory. Dedicating a new day!

And that’s exactly what God is doing in our nation today.

The Hanukkah Bridge
Remember we shared how this year Hanukkah formed a bridge between 2016 and 2017. While ministering I literally felt a portal open for the redeeming of time. More accurately, for the re-constitution of God’s covenant purposes in our own lives, in our spheres of authority, and in our nation. God is restraining the opposition in the spirit realm. He is redeeming the time!

And the grace for God’s turnaround carries into this new year and expands. We’re going to experience this dimension of God’s power and provision together on January 18. Again, please make plans to join us!

07-07-07 to 5777
Final thought. Remember in this Hebrew year 5777 God crowns our vav, our covenant commitment to Him, with His glory and His government. Almost a decade ago, Lou Engle held a Call gathering on 07-07-07 in Nashville TN. Dutch Sheets and Lou Engle unleashed a global movement to divorce Baal and restore covenant with Christ apart from all idolatry. Dutch spoke then on the Hebrew meaning of the number 7, which stands for completion and covenant. In Jewish tradition, bridegrooms and brides would even describe their covenant as “sevening themselves to each other!”

We have been on an incredible journey of covenant restoration from 07-07-07 to 5777. I personally believe the turnaround the Lord is granting America directly corresponds to this reconsecration to Him. We have made our appeal to Heaven—that America remain one nation under God. Judgement has now been rendered in favor of the saints. And truly a new season of awakening and re-constitution is being inaugurated!

So it’s only appropriate to gather with Dutch Sheets, Lou Engle, and many others for a time of dedication, prayer and prophetic release at the outset of this historic Inauguration. 07-07-07 to 5777. Grace! Completion and covenant. A new birth of freedom.

We’re glad to be co-hosting the gathering with Matt Lockett and JHOP-DC, who for more than a decade have kept vigil at the Supreme Court and in Heaven’s Court through their house of prayer. An unrelenting witness of Heaven’s ultimate justice! I know in this season their cries are going to be met with Heaven’s turnaround.

So exciting also that James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt and team are joining us to lead in worship and prayer. Amazingly, they were planning to be in Washington DC already to culminate their worship journey through Ivy League colleges—on the eve of the Inauguration. So when Dutch touched base with Matt Lockett, Jolene and me, it was like the table was already set. Can’t make this up!

Covenant blessings to you…