“Only through this process can we genuinely secure government of the people, by the people, and for the people”—Jon. 

CALL REPLAY—BREAKING THE POWER OF FALSE DOMINION! Conference Call Replay: (605) 313-5155. 

WHITE HOUSE WATCHMEN—VITAL to understand the times. To purchase CLICK HERE.

BREAKING—US SENATORS DEMAND EMERGENCY AUDIT! According to Fox News, Congressional leaders led by Ted Cruz are planning to object to the Electoral College certification on January 6, demanding an emergency audit. Please pray! 

PLEASE COVER PRESIDENT TRUMP against attempts on his life. A senior leader in Iran has threatened President Trump’s life in retaliation for last year’s assassination of terror mastermind Quasem Soleimani. No matter what we need to cover the President in prayer extensively during this time, given the challenges he is dealing with.

And given that so many are coming to pray in Washington DC during the Congressional hearings over the Electoral College, we really need to cover the Capitol region as well. First against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How do you pray? First, take these things to the Lord and pray in the Spirit! Then pray and declare as directed. Governmentally we set the watch!

IS A TRUMP ELECTION TURNAROUND POSSIBLE? Absolutely. One of the primary keys is for the Department of Justice to finally validate the extraordinary evidence now thoroughly documented. Pray this occur. Pray even that a special counsel be assigned to cover election fraud. 

Looking back to the year 2000, when Al Gore challenged the election results due to potential fraud, the evidence was far slimmer than in 2020. Yet his case went to the Supreme Court. The evidence already presented is by far more compelling this time around, and needs a far evaluation and hearing simply for the balance of power to be validated as being upheld. 

Balance of Power—Original Intent
For perspectiveI thought today I’d share an excerpt with you from White House Watchmen on this. Actually many hidden prophecies within its pages are coming to pass before our eyes. A prophetic word on the balance of power, including exposing evil and retaining ungodly agendas of political parties, is below. 

(White House Watchmen, 20 Prophecies for 2020s)
Keeping watch from our perch recently, I was amazed to see a bald eagle soaring over the Potomac. This majestic symbol of our nation spread its wings and glided past the Supreme Court, the Capitol and the White House. All of the sudden the eagle caught an updraft and shot up higher, circling the area from a height I could barely see. 

Note this wasn’t a vision, it was real. Nevertheless I sensed the Lord speaking prophetically through the experience. A clear word of warning to the Democratic Party—really to both parties—followed.

“The Lord says, RETURN TO ME! Dive into the cleansing water of My blue wave. Let My revelation cleanse you. Let the current of My river redirect you from the sewer your platform is spiraling headlong into. Open your eyes underwater and let me wash all defilement from your vision. Let Me release My waters and birth you anew. 

For I desire a left wing and right wing for My eagle of this nation, pure and strong, so that I may thrust this nation higher. But know that I have already rendered My judgement against the evil intentions and immorality you have propagated even to my children in this land. Therefore I will not allow your defiled waters to redirect the course of this nation any more.”

Hear God’s heart in this. He wants all of us—whatever political party or affiliation—to return to covenant with Him, and return to the biblical values which provide the infrastructure for our greatness. He wants a left wing and a right wing centered in Him so we can soar higher. The other option is to fly aimlessly in circles and eventually be devoured by each other. I believe the challenges of the coronavirus made this clear. 

Final point. God wants the prophets to return to this same plumbline of covenant consecration to Him. We are not to be owned by the left wing, nor the right wing. Instead we are to be the EYES OF THE EAGLE. With clear vision to guide and direct the nation higher.

How Georgia Can Save America
Remember, the Lord spoke to me years ago that Georgia is the Re-Constitution State that will uphold, protect and defend the US Constitution in a time of turmoil and crisis. Georgia can save the nation!

Given our graphic, a few good people responded that Georgia cannot save America, only Jesus can save America. Which is absolute truth. Obviously Jesus alone has the capacity to redeem us personally and redeem our nation. Yet in an unusual way, He has allowed Georgia the opportunity to make the choice on whether or not to uphold the balance of power in our nation so as to preserve constitutional integrity, and keep the window open to complete the turnaround that He desires for our nation.  

The Lord is calling the Re-Constitution State, and especially saints within the state, to rise up and take possession of your inheritance, and our nation’s inheritance. Please put aside the harsh rhetoric from both sides and simply take a look at what is truly at stake. If Georgia votes for the two Democratic Party candidates for the US Senate, a Democratic majority in both the House and Senate would be secured. A Trump presidency would be waylaid. A Biden presidency would open the door for “court packing” in the US Supreme Court, completely destabilizing the democratic process established by our founders. Socialist agendas could flourish virtually unchecked. 

Right now we’re all being summoned to “rule from the precipice.” Lets pray for Georgia to preserve for America this opportunity!

Covenant blessings…