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Please keep vigilance for America and Israel. Pray for continued glory covering Davids Tent! Psalm 91.

Awesome! Faithful and True. Another word from the Lord has come to pass! Our general response to the fulfillment of prophecy, whether from us or others, is celebratory. But I wish the words below could have never seen any manifestation in the earth.

And my sense is that we’ve entered a season where many such prophetic warnings, generated by the Spirit of God, are coming to pass. Whether engraved on the scrolls of Scripture or shared recently under the inspiration of the Spirit of prophecy, the testimony of Jesus for this hour clearly conveys both the great and terrible day of the Lord.

Below are three warnings shared by our friend and prophetic statesman James Goll just two weeks ago. Two of these astonishing warnings have just been confirmed by news reports within the past 24 hours.

Chemical Weapons from Syria Greatest Threat

Two weeks ago, James Goll shared a sobering warning on our prayer call. When the eyes of the world are focused on Iran’s nuclear capacities—as they should be—that’s the very time Syria’s chemical and biological weapons will pose the greatest danger.

James has been trumpeting this warning for at least the last seven years. Guided by James, our Lamplighter family has been praying over this very issue for at least two years.

James also shared a vision he received around the same time, where a boiling cauldron began to spill out over the Mideast. He “knew” by the Spirit this would be coming in the fall of 2014, and believed that Yom Kippur 2014 would become a clear point of demarcation.

This was prophesied long before ISIS raged across Iraq from Syria. Not since the Nazis have such barbaric atrocities been committed against humanity. And chemical weapons in their arsenal could literally unleash hell itself—not only in the Mideast but in Israel, Europe, even the United States.

ISIS May Have Obtained Chemical Weapons

Yesterday the Huffington Post reported that ISIS may already have chemical weapons. “The Islamic State militant group may possess chemical weapons that it has already used to extend its self-proclaimed caliphate, according to photos taken by Kurdish activists and examined by Israeli researchers,” according to the article by Akbar Shahid Ahmed.

“The group, making gains in Iraq and Syria, may have captured chemical agents in Iraq in June and used them in July to kill three Kurdish fighters in the strategically important region of Kobani in northwest Syria, suggests a report released Sunday by the Global Research in International Affairs Center, a branch of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.”

Iraqi WMDs Now Accessed in Syria

On the call two weeks ago, James openly declared perceptions that he had shared privately with us before. Iraq indeed possessed weapons of mass destruction when President Bush made his fateful decision to invade. Think of the implications of this. They may not have been nuclear—but chemical and biological weapons.

Further, based on the prophetic warning about chemical weapons from Syria, James believed that much of the chemical and biological weapons already used in Syria were actually smuggled across the border from Iraq.

ISIS Chemical Weapons May Be From Saddam’s Arsenals

This morning Fox News reported the same. “Disturbing new photos of ethnic Kurds killed by Islamic State fighters are stoking fears the terrorist army may be using chemical weapons seized from Saddam Hussein’s old arsenals, according to a Middle East watchdog.”

According to the Fox News article by Paul Alster, “…bodies of Syrian Kurds… appear to have been gassed by ISIS in the besieged Kobani region this July. That fighting came just one month after Islamic State forces surged through the once-notorious Muthanna compound in Iraq, the massive base where Hussein began producing chemical weapons in the 1980s, which he used to kill thousands of Kurds in Halabja in northern Iraq in 1988.”

Is Israel Their Next Target?

When the Spirit of God showed James the vision of a boiling cauldron spilling into the Mideast, the Golan Heights was actually highlighted.

Clearly, Israel and general and the Temple Mount in particular represent the ultimate prize for ISIS and radical jihadists of all creeds.

Here’s a point that needs to be made. He “saw” clear specifics of this emerging crisis seven years ago. Further, back in 1987 the Lord showed him three Mideast wars that America would become involved in—one in 1991, one in 2002, and one 2014.

Why would the Spirit of God convey such warnings? Because James isn’t first a prophet, he is an intercessor. Clearly the war and its effects can at least be mitigated through prayer.

FireWall Prayer! Now Thru Next Wednesday
For this reason I am calling for a week of ramped-up intercession beginning today. FireWall Prayer—for America, for Israel, for Iraq. For breakthrough on all fronts where we are engaged in prayer.

For I, declares the Lord, will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst (Zech. 2:5). This is the ultimate expression of “homeland security.” And we have the honor of serving as watchmen on these walls, our lamps blazing with holy fire for Jesus and His purposes in the earth.

Looking forward to praying with you tonight.