PRAYER CALL TONIGHT WITH TODD LAMPHERE & DAVE KUBAL! Todd Lamphere, Chief of Staff for Paula White, and Dave Kubal, the legendary director of Intercessors For America, join us for a special call tonight introducing the One Voice Prayer Movement. Conference call number: (605) 313-5156 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us! 

ONE VOICE PRAYER MOVEMENT LAUNCHES NOV. 5! Paula White Cain will hold a special call Tuesday at 12:00 pm. Special guests will include administration officials as well as national prayer leaders. More information on Lamplighter call tonight.
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REVOLUTION 2019-2020! December 29-31, Trump International Hotel. With Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, Chris Mitchell Jr, Jamie & Redonnia Jackson, Gideon Group, more. REGISTRATION: $150. To register on Eventbrite CLICK HERE. 

“If you woke, then you need to wake up!” It’s just a little after 6am. Though work kept me up past midnight, I’ve been awake for an hour already, weeping into my Bible. Thank you Jesus! 

And thank you to the revolutionary Kanye West. If you don’t have his new album “Jesus is King,” you need to download it. It is prophetic, with great substance in both its heights and depths. In a forerunner kind of way, has the capacity to draw every aspect of your being into an experience with Christ.

That said, soaring to “Jesus is King” this morning, I sensed the Lord resounding the summation of the goal we are pressing towards through 2020, the goal we’re pursuing even tonight. 


One Voice—Call Tonight to Prepare for Launch
As we prepare for the launch of the One Voice Prayer Movement, it is an incredible honor to host Todd Lamphere, Chief of Staff for Paula White, and Dave Kubal, Director of Intercessors for America, on tonight’s call. 

We are looking forward to introducing you to leaders who have become true friends. You know that Dave, Jolene and myself were be asked by Paula White and Todd Lamphere to lead the OVPM with them through 2020 and beyond. Nationally, we have a lot to gain, and a lot to recover. Obviously this makes tonight one of our most important calls. Please get the word out! Please tell your friends to join us. 

As we shared yesterday, exactly one year from next Tuesday, America will vote. The stakes have never been higher. Either we choose to complete the turnaround the Lord has granted us, continuing to shift our nation towards constitutional governance empowering clear biblical values, or we see the momentous gains made during the past three years depleted. We cannot let that happen. 

Overcoming the Deficit of Justice
You might have seen headlines today that Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy was more consistent with homicidal strangulation than self-inflicted hanging. In other words, he was taken out. One thing’s for sure. Many powerful leaders had a lot to lose through his testimony. But Epstein’s murder by no means ensures their sins will continue to be covered over. 

Actually, the opposite. By verdict of Heaven’s Court, their covenant with death and hell has been annulled. Which means their justice will be catalyzed, not evaded.

I’ll never forget when the Lord spoke to me last year, “I will overcome the Deficit of Justice in the nation!” Tonight we enter into a two week window to intensively cover the release of God’s redemptive justice, including within our government. Dave Kubal will have a lot to share on this. Lets enter into prayer, even travail, for this word to be birthed in our midst. 

Come Up Higher—Soar Above the Storms
Home group last night brought home just how intense the battle for justice even within government actually is. One of the most effective leaders we know, a Trump appointee, was unexpectedly dishonored by a boss with a different worldview. In front of peers. 

This friend’s labors on behalf of the poor have been ceaseless and selfless over three entire years, literally nonstop. In no way did our friend deserve this. 

Needless to say, we felt the pain. Praying for direction from the Lord, a charismatic quick-fix eluded us. But the word of the Lord eventually came. An African American leader, an apostle over her sphere, spoke only seven words with a gentle firmness that confronted all of our hearts. 

Come up higher. Soar above the storms.

As we approach this volatile season, Jesus is genuinely giving us 2020 foresight. Here it is. We have no viable option but to soar above the storm. We have no option but to come up higher.

Prophet Lana Vawser heard the Lord say almost the same thing recently: She declared.

“You are coming up higher. In so many different ways, you are coming up higher. Lean in close to Him, gaze upon Him, delight in Him. The days of wearing that “shame-face” are over. The days of walking in confusion are over. You are coming up higher in your authority as you walk by faith. You are coming up higher in encounter with Jesus and the power of His Word as you seek Him. You are coming up higher in vision and clarity as you keep your eyes on Him. You will walk out of 2019 not UNDER but ABOVE. 

“I heard the Lord say: “You will soar out of 2019 in the revelation that you are the HEAD and NOT the TAIL!!!!”  (to read Lana’s full post CLICK HERE).

Beloved I agree. His word is your invitation. Lets come up higher. We are grateful for your prayers—for our nation and for Jolene and me. Join us for an exceptional call tonight. Please get the word out!