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THRESHOLD WATCHMEN. That’s just such a great way to describe your work through this Passover season, isn’t it? Arise, cross this Jordan, this threshold, into the fullness of the promises the Lord has spoken into your life and this nation!

And lets remember the border crisis in prayer. We will host a special call Wednesday night to accelerate the turnaround God desires to bring. So important to understand that our borders and boundaries are established by covenant. Lets be prepared to receive communion together!

Remember how God called Gideon to make a threshold covenant with Him, tearing down the altar to Baal his father had erected! He then restored the altar of the Lord. Only then was Heaven’s Court satisfied, and the Angel of the Lord was re-released to partner with Gideon to recover Israel’s porous borders. 

Today I want to share prophetic insights from Chuck Pierce, a true threshold revolutionary. His word on border wars and covenant resetting, shared at Revolution 2018 in the Trump International, is scary timely for this hour! 

I transcribed this word personally just a few days ago. Note that this is kind of a rough draft, with areas I still need to fill in. To see the complete message CLICK HERE .

But while transcribing, I suddenly realized there was so much Chuck’s this message I only vaguely perceived. Including words totally prophesying into the upcoming Glory Train project as well as the current border crisis. It is absolutely for this time period. How Chuck does this is beyond me. I’m learning!

That said, please focus in and receive a revelatory perspective which will advance you through this Passover season. And especially to fuel your prayers as we stand for border turnaround. Time for a covenant reset!

Revolution—Whirlwinds—Border Wars—by Chuck Pierce
Revolution is an interesting word. Because it can mean overthrow. Revolution can have an interesting meaning. It can have a meaning with connotations of rebellion. Our nation without it having revolution in its bloodstream, I don’t think we would have ever changed. There’s a cry of revolution that’s rising up in body of Christ, I’m not sure it’s just a governmental cry. Because revolution can have another meaning also. It can mean a whirlwind that creates a new cycle. Look at someone and say lots of whirlwinds on the way!

Revolution says to us there are lots of incredible whirlwinds on the way. And remember Job heard the Lord in the whirlwind. So we’re going to have to listen for the Lord in ways we have never listened for Him before.

This is the year the apostolic woman arises. What the bride of Christ looks like in this season. Understanding times and seasons is key for victory. We are given opportune moment to create. What we do here is creative. What we do here is creative, key for victory! 

Hanukkah—We are grafted into this celebration, and it becomes very important to understand the timing of fifth day of Hanukkah. Grace today to break into our future. To break into future of nation in new way.

Bush’s Passing
Former president George HW Bush is going into the ground. When a seed goes into ground, lots of things begin to come up from it. Thing thought about most was his tenure as CIA director. Lot of things he knew about that are about to rise up.

Russia thing going to shift. We’re going to start to see things happen that will realign the world.

Daniel 7—Seating of the Ancient of Days
Time to break out of conventional ways of thinking. Lot of intense conflict. Intensity going on. Daniel 7 there’s this amazing conflict going on in atmosphere. Ancient of Days beginning to come into His position. Enemy speaking and wearing down saints. Causing mind, way of thinking to grow weary. Then all the sudden ancient of days comes in. 

We had to be worn out! Too much understanding of what we wanted. Therefore without us being worn out, we won’t be able to see Ancient of Days make His judgement. In process to see new decrees come into position. Came from a wearing-down season of thought processes. 

Media has about worn us out. Trials we’ve been in have about worn us out. You’re going to think in ways you never thought before!

You might be worn out tonight for what you’ve gone through these past three years, but things about to shift for you.

Birthing New Glory Structure for DC
This is what’s hard with DC. We have to see a glory structure get established. Something representing His people established in city. So wine forming 7 yrs pressed out, we can go into fields we’ve never going into before. 

Hebrew year 5779 70 season key. TET can look and see things. This year looks like a womb. Birthing year at end of season for what God is ready to birth. Look at what gone through, cut losses, allow you to strengthen me in new way, because time for birthing. 

Snake. Lot of conflict. Best way to understand this year is Revelation 12, in midst of issues and travails we triumph! 

But the year is also linked with goodness. Goodness means I will get you on the right path and meet you in some supernatural way. I will get you on right path and goodness and mercy will follow you because already on that path I have established what you need.

Vision we’ve been praying into starts becoming reality. Think about things you’ve trusted Lord for but not able to touch them and pull them down

Visitation, Faith, Watchmen, Whirlwind
Note my first Glory Train vision showed a whirlwind coming from the smokestack of a train. We are journeying through NY, PA, MD right to DC. More soon!

This is a year of Holy Spirit movement. Coming into new move Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit moving in new way. Multitudes valley of decision, great choice over movement ahead. In conflict over choosing the movement. Now that’s a word for what this nation is going through. We’re in a conflict over choosing the movement, and I don’t think we’ve determined how we’re going to choose yet.

What the Lord brought me here for was two things in the new testament. If I came back to earth today would I find faith? God is looking at Faith element of how we are in operation. Luke 12:37. Blessed are those servants whom the master when He comes will find WATCHING. Looking for Faith and looking for watching. What the Lord is telling me is there has to be an initiation of a whole new watchmen movement. WE are actually at the end of an era. Decree a new watchman movement has begun.

We are at the end of an era but not sure focused on what we’re looking for. And every time God brings us to a place like this I think God refocuses us. And that’s what this gathering is all about. Getting us refocused so we can move into what He is saying. 

And then remember He has a time where He visits. Now that means the bishop comes to audit. That’s what the word means. He visits cities. And He visits people. And so we’re in this incredible time of visitation. You can expect visitation this year. He’s going to surprise you. Right now He’s looking at us and He saying get certain things in order. I’ve watched your assignments from the past, I’ve watched how well you’ve done with them and I’ve watched where you haven’t done well with them. Now I’m auditing what’s going on, I’m sending you back and I’m sending you forward. I’m doing both at the same time. That’s part of the whirlwind. Creating cycle of moving from past quickly from areas you were almost worn down and got lost in your faith in, into an explosion of new faith and new vision. 

How many feel a whirlwind swirling? You feel a whirlwind going on. But I’m here to prophesy when you See that whirlwind come across Pennsylvania this year, into Maryland and into DC. Your going to know that God has said I have come to secure My pathway for the future.

Lazarus. Resurrection power was theirs for the future. Mary and Martha were both questioning. How long are you going to be with me? He wept. And then He demonstrated. Time of visitation. That’s what this time of year always reminds us about. 

Hovering power of Spirit of God visiting Mary. Think about that. Think if you got visited like that. You’re going to have to try to explain some things. Zechariah visitation. God shut his mouth for six months. That might be what we need here in DC. Lord shut mouths!

Watchman Movement for New Era
Watchman call in both old and new testament. Every time key place of alignment see this new watchman call coming, people don’t really know what to do with it. Herod structure cut of James’ head. Have to be careful political religion. Working many times to stop what God is doing. I don’t see that window right now. I See window of opportunity to see a movement. So it becomes very very key that we see this movement.

Acts 12. People watched, not really sure what praying for. Peter released, angel shows up. Looking for whole new watchman movement see kingdom begin to be expressed. That is what were have been watching for. It’s time! 

Border Wars! War Over Covenant, Harvest, Inheritance
Now this new day new era is breaking in America. He said From state to state border wars are beginning. Not just along Mexico Texas border, and not just along south border of America. He’s saying borders of states are now going into warfare. Now what that means to us is this. You have a portion you’re called to secure. And it means that along your borders of your state, there are structures that do not want the inheritance of God to be established in those states. 

And so you’re seeing states now, a whole new move of God has to come into our state networks, has to come into our state movements. And I think the bipartisan rule that we saw, and I believe Mr. Bush was so honored for bipartisan ability, but I think that’s shifted. I think you would be naive to think everybody’s going to start working together. They’re not. And somebody needs to say that. Things are going to get more and more realigned. 

And it’s necessary. Because see at Harvest time as we started, you have to see there has to be separations occur. You’ve got to watch the separations occur so you can see the new unity and the new remnants rising up. 

God’s Judgements and Turnaround
And it’s important that we see that as we move into this church era that we’re in, which really isn’t a church era but a kingdom era. That’s why you see more and more people in our nation, seeing in our nation in a way they’ve never seen it before. Because we’ve come into a kingdom era. You can hear all naysayers talking about dominionists but that has nothing to do with anything. God gave us this land, God will judge us according to stewardship of this land, He will judge us based upon righteous rule we bring into this land. He will judge us on how we multiply resources of this land. God looks at that!  When you look at judgement in New Testament, judgement usually revolves around resistance of Holy Spirit, and when you’ve been given resources and don’t multiply them. 

The Lord says, we must see turnaround in multiplication of resources, find resources that have never uncovered, and we must bring down the sound of heaven to uncover the resources. And you’re going to see a lot of new coming. 

Warning on Demonic Confederations
Now. Here’s one of the things I want to say to us tonight. WE are now battling confederations of demonic structures. We’re Not just dealing with a stronghold. And if you think you’re just dealing with a stronghold, that was last season. This is a confederation where you see Strongholds have aligned together forming chord of resistance. It’s just like a resistant strain that antibodies won’t touch. And you have to understand we must define our confederations. 

State to state what He was going to be doing. States in alignment, states not in alignment. What take to bring states into alignment. Move off God in every state. Freedom outposts, glory gatherings, when this movement would hit freedom outposts, come in one way come out seven times brighter. Strongholds state to state to state. 

New Jersey Visitation—Trump Card—Reset Course of Covenant Worldwide!
Note: covenant reset major focus Glory Train 13 Colonies this year as we go into 400th Anniv of Mayflower Compact in 2020

Four hour visitation Liberty Park NJ. How will this nation change? It must learn to play the Trump card. I come from a long line of trump card players. And then all the sudden I began to realize the change that would have to come to bring us back. Lord began to give me a timing frame.

Luke 12:6-9. Being here at this time is key, why I feel I had to come in December this year. Because the Lord caught me into the future and showed me what was ahead. We’re in time in 2008, all the sudden he shows me 2016, 2019. In midst of this, here was passage Lord gave me.

Fig tree planted in his vineyard, owner seeking fruit but found none. Said to keeper, look for 3 years I have come seeking fruit, found none. Cut it down! Why should it use the ground? Key Native gatherings must go this year. 

Let it alone this year also. Until I dig around it and fertilize it. And if it bears fruit? Well If not, then you can cut it down. 

When the Lord visited me, He said there’s three years ahead. Because remember now it’s 2008 but I’m in 2016. God is not in time and you don’t have to be. That’s why we’re prophetic. You can remain bound by time or you can allow Him to show you what He wants to to show you. Because when you are in the right place at the right time like it says in Acts 17, all of the sudden that word He predetermines, it means He pro-horizons your vision. He shows you beyond what you can see. This is what makes us a prophetic people. 

And he showed me After Mr Trump came into office, never was a question, because there was a determinedness by the Lord to RESET THE COURSE OF COVENANT WORLDWIDE—using this nation which has been the strongest covenant nation in the world. Whether you like it or don’t like it it has been.

So it was amazing to see the realignment of Israel, Jerusalem from America actually. What the Lord said was that Mr Trump would have 2 tremendous years of conflict. And we’ve been up here where we’ve said if he can make it through 10 months he can keep going. 

And it’s really Not a man being dealt with here it’s a structure being dealt with. Doesn’t matter to me who is running the structure, I’m not real political. It’s key that we understand that we have entered into season of demonic confederacies. You from other states you’re going to have to understand the confederacies of your states and your regions and how they’re working together. And I’m here to say, once you understand it you can start dethroning it. 

And the Lord said there would be three years of opportunity for this nation. Now this is the end of two years. And we needed to gather here. That’s why you had to go through what you had to go through to get us to this place. Thank God He used that bible group to get us in place. Because what we are about to decree now is the next year of acceleration of covenant. Covenant realignments. Realignment of remnant of God which is way beyond race. 

So Angela you’re going to see a lot of racial issues in Chicago which brings you in to a new place. Cities in alignment. Top 10 populous cities in region, decree realignment. Set some down put others in. Went to Chicago decreed this is time of change for city. And you’re going ton have to get into process of change. This year more change than ever before occur. Divine realignment penetrate earth, going down into ground of nation. Sahking nation. Shakie it like Alaska, St Louis, Ok, up through NY into Maine there will be a shaking. You will see great sharking this year because heaven is penetrating.

Watchmen decreeing nations in multitude of nations in realignment season of choice. Lets end with 2 Chron 20. 

Strength to Turn Battle at the Gates!
You must loose new strength for year ahead to turn battle at the gates. We are in a ware of securing our boundaries. Restore and redeem what family had lost. But God knows what it takes to redeem a bloodline. And He is about to start redeeming this nation. Any nation influence over, call nation into redeeming time for days are evil. For harvest beginning to rise up in the earth.

Angel of War Over Covenant Harvest
Last December visited by angelic host. In room standing there peering into future was an angel. Has happened with dark angels but not something like this. Had to make sure was not dreaming. Stood by being and looked at what he was loo0king at. Peering out, world was flat. All the sudden see shafts of glory, wheat with diamond looking tops coming up from place sin the earth, could see states come up in, it’s going to be amazing when you hear of Iran breaking forth into incredible harvest. I finally had enough nerve 

Angel of war over God’s covenant harvest plan. Seven point plan for our training, going into second year of that training. Being trained by what going through. Every circumstance look deeply into it. God wants us to understand in new era, in this nation he is bringing great changes. Key people in place because multitudes in valley of decision. 2 Chronicles 20:20.

Breaking Demonic Confederacies—2 Chronicles 20:20
Border wars going on. Doesn’t matter if you are in a landlocked state border wars going on. We will define that as we go into year ahead. Ammon, Moab, Mt. Seir coming and confederating against Jeshosephat and all Judah. Jehosephat feared, set himself to seek the Lord. I think you are going to hear it is time to seek the Lord. When you hear that don’t poof it away! Say Lord how do you do that! 

Joesphat feared. From all cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord. There’s remnants Im calling forth from city to city this year ahead. Begin to watch, begin to say what they see. More times assembling here in DC. This is inheritance we have warred for. Why would you let this confederation come to take away our inheritance. Confederation of demon hosts aligning against God’s inheritance this year. God show us how to pull them apart one by one and dethrone these hosts. Dig around ground and fertilize it. 

Spirit fell on prophet, prophet prophesied. Battle not theirs, but the Lord’s. Stand at certain place and worship. You got a lot of people saying battle not our s but Lord’s. Stand at the right place and worship! When you worship I will produce confusion that will bring My order.

Since He orchestrated us to be here at this place, worship, all of the sudden this confederation that’s trying to stop move of God, opportunities of God, all fo the sudden this confederation is going to be addressed, what looked like chaos is going to take a turn. 

Fertilize, Dig, Bring Forth in a New Way!
Praise the Lord His mercy endures forever! God came down, l inhabited them, started to work on confusion that was in atmosphere. Father we thank you that you brought us here. Thank you we are here to stand and worship for dethroning, for Ancient of Days to be seated in this land. Now in the midst of it all the supply that the enemy was holding captive, all the sudden, when all this started to break, new supply! Took them three days. To gather it all in. Thank you that this is beginning. Digging around nation border by border, fertilizing it in new way, we are going to see harvest spring forth, inheritance secured, we’re going to see what enemy threatening to hold captive given up!

Lift up your offering for Lamplighter. Wave. This represents a portion of My work you will fertilize, you will dig, you will bring forth a new way! 

Father we say Your goodness is about to rule across the land form this city. We say let realignment penetrate! Your mercy endures forever! Father we thank you for this gathering! WE stand and we worship. And we say, start invading that threefold cord of confusion over this city!